World Record Chapter 64

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64. Tamamo Gozen



Iwato yakuza kicks the Unknown in front of him.
Of course the Unknown died in an instant, and the Unknowns behind the corpse were blown away by that.

[Haa…… There’s really a lot of them]
[Enough that I am getting sick of it!]


At the next moment, several shadow swords are created around Tsukie, and each swords are shot to the Monster class Unknowns.
–Shadow Clone.
It’s one of Tsukie’s 『Shadow Magic』 ability. An ability that creates your own clone using the energy called mana.
However, the power of the clone is half weaker than the real body. The current Tsukie only has a Battle Rank similar to a C rank, but it doesn’t have any meaning as Iwato is here.
In such situation, Iwato squints when there’s a new presence.

[Sacred Beast……? No, maybe a Divine Beats……?]


Between Sacred Beast and Divine Beast class.
At most a lower Divine Beast class.

[Huh? D-Don’t tell me a new Divine Beast class appeared?]
[Ah, un. It seems so]


Iwato said so while drop-kicking the Unknown in front of him. And, the pitiful Unknown that dies. It’s like a job already.
While doing so, this time, Iwato opened his eyes wide.

[Oooh, the one that appeared where the strong one is, was instant killed. The weak Divine Beast class]
[……There’s a lot of part to be retorted, but first, why can you sense the presence in so detailed……]
[Well, it’s because someone put her own son through a hellish training ever since he’s a kid]


Tsukie holds down her heart by those words.
Iwato who felt that the place is close, clenched his fist.

[Yosh, let’s blow this off]
[Eh? W-Wait……]


At the next moment, Iwato’s fist raise a roar as the wind pressure annihilated the Unknowns.




Going back a little in time.
About 10 minutes after Iwato and Tsukie’s clone entered the building, Tsumugu and the rest finally got used to deal with the advancing Unknown army.

[『Soueiga』] (TL note: The kanji is 影蒼牙(Blue shadow fang) and read as そうえいが(Soueiga))


At the next moment, a blue shadow stretched from Tsukie’s hand.
She swings it towards the Unknowns, and the Unknowns are severed.
And, Karen and Ayame gulped by the magnificent movement.
As expected of the top of the Special Forces.
Clearly on par with an A rank–no, maybe higher than that.
When such Tsukie turns around, she said this to Tsumugu.

[Tsumu-chan! Cover me!]


Tsumu replied so to her, and pointed her hands towards the front.

[『Hell Fire Destruction』]


The next moment, divine flame gush out from her hands, and swallowing the Unknowns in the passage together with Tsukie.

[[!? What are you doing!?]]


Karen and Ayame raised such voice upon seeing that.


[Even though it’s not hot, it’s quite tough that I can’t breathe]


The two opened their eyes wide when they heard such voice from the flame.
When they looked at the flame, Tsukie came out of the divine flame unhurt, and she breathes in.
Upon seeing that, Tsumugu canceled her superpower.
At the same time as that, the divine flame extinguish completely, and the passage became open–and it’s exactly a picture of Hell.
Most of the Unknowns have been 『burnt』 and died, but there are probably some Mythical Beast class that have fire resistance. The unpleasant smell of a burnt meat.
By that, Secretary-san frowns, and recalled the great compatibility of her superpower–with Tsumugu.

[『Heat Nullify』……wasn’t it? Although you are using a quite unusual ability……you still use that ability]
[Of course! That’s my superpower after all!]


–Heat Nullify.
That’s Tsukie’s superpower.
Flame, heat, vapor. All of these are included in 『heat』, and it’s an ability that nullifies it. The ability can also be shared by touching.
That’s why, she managed to stay unhurt in Tsumugu’s 『flame』, but flame needs oxygen to continue burning.
Therefore, inside the flame, she couldn’t breathe, and she have to stop breathing while moving.
However–still, the compatibility is too good.

[For me…it’s the worst compatibility]
[Geez! Tsumu-chan always say such cruel thing!]


Tsukie pouts upon hearing Tsumugu’s words.
Certainly, for Tsumugu, Tsukie’s superpower has the worst compatibility with hers.
Her taijutsu is better than her, her divine flame has not effect at all, and above all, shadow magic is stronger than her ogre’s arm.
Even though Tsumugu’s Battle Rank is 20 higher than Tsukie’s, if they fought each other, Tsukie will probably win.
–That’s as long as it’s not a serious battle.
Tsukie said so because she knew it, and turns away–


Upon hearing the sound of destruction resounded suddenly, they opened their eyes wide.
The sound was heard from the building, so Tsukie who share vision with her shadow clone–sighed.

[Haa……it feels like it’s inevitable that we are fighting down here once seeing this]
[……Nn…clearly…it’s Nii-san]


Tsukie nods on Tsumugu’s words, and she looks up towards the direction where Iwato and her shadow clone are.

[Iwato……please be careful]


She muttered so in worry.




[Un, here]


Iwato stopped in front of the room.
When he looks upwards, the name of the room is written down.
–General research laboratory.
Upon seeing that, Tsukie had an unpleasant guess.

(Researcher……General research laboratory……Silent warp hole……)


If it’s him, then it makes sense.
Isn’t the reason why the warning didn’t ring is because he lowered the lever beforehand to turn off the warning?
If it’s him, couldn’t he easily know when the people will not be in this building?
Am I thinking this too much?
Upon thinking that much, Tsukie placed her hand on her forehead and sighed.

[Nn? What’s wrong, Kaa-san?]
[No, it’s just that I think I know the researcher’s identity now]
[……Seriously, it’s too late already]


Iwato muttered so in amaze, and opened the door without hesitation.

[Sorry for intruding]


The door opens.
Beyond the door is a huge hole that can’t be compared with the laboratory from before.
And, the smell of blood.
Iwato guessed that it’s probably the Divine Beast class while looking forward–and opened his eyes wide.
And, Tsukie also did the same thing.

[T-That’s……Oono? Oono Tooru?]


–Oono Tooru.
The traitor’s real name, and the most prominent researcher who has the most knowledge in warp hole in Sapporo.
In front of them is a huge grotesque corpse without a head, and a purple-haired head on the floor.
There’s several bumps that doesn’t looks like a human should have, but still, the face has his look remained.
Tsukie grinds her teeth by the fact–that the person she trusted was the traitor.


『Well done on reaching here, Black Pandora……No, it’s Black King, isn’t it?』


Tsukie felt fear by the presence together with the voice.
Before she know it, the girl has already jumped towards Iwato’s back, and sweats starts to flow from her body a few seconds later.
Tsukie looks at Iwato.
Iwato is no longer looking at the corpse, but he’s looking at the opponent, and when Tsukie followed his eyes–she was shocked.

[Those ears……are you perhaps, Tamamo Gozen?]
『……Hee, so you know me』


A beautiful blond woman was there.
The long blond hair and the transparent blue eyes just like the sky.
She’s wearing a white robe with a red hakama. She looks just like a foreigner cosplaying as a shrine maiden.
–If the fox ears and golden tail are not there.

[Tamamo Gozen……? I-Isn’t that one of the strongest youkai matching that Shutendouji?]
[Un, no wonder I can feel the aura through the building]


Iwato starts walking forward.
The look of not fearing her at all.
Upon seeing that, the girl–Tamamo Gozen grinned broadly.

『Just as I thought. You are the strongest one I ever met before. I knew it ever since I saw you』


Her eyes didn’t see his soul.
However, with just a glance, she knows–his strength.
Although I saw it through the screen, as expected, it’s different when seeing it before my eyes.

(To be this much……Honestly, he surpassed my expectation and assumption)


The pitch black aura that comes out of his body.
Death, despair, anger, hatred. The absolutely undyeable black with those mixed in it.
However, she was delighted upon seeing that.
I can fight.

[Aren’t you also strong? Probably, the strongest I have saw before]


Iwato was also surprised by her strength.
He used the word ‘probably’.
However, he’s convinced that–this girl is surely stronger than Shutendouji.
The golden aura coming out of her body is overflowing to the outside with intimidating air.

The distance between the two is getting closer, and Iwato stopped about one meter in front of her.
He’s not preparing.
Tamamo Gozen smiled enjoyably upon seeing his 『composure』.
She clenches her fist.


The next moment, a roar resounded, and Iwato’s body crashes into the wall.
The person left there is Tamamo Gozen who swung her fist.
She looked forward, and said this.


『Now, let’s fight!』


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