World Record Chapter 58

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58. Doubt

Upon hearing the explosion sound, she-Tsumugu turned around.

[Not……north? Then…Ayame……?]
『How compose of you to look away!』


The next moment, the silver tiger that came close to her, swings down his huge arm at Tsumugu.

[Nn…I am]


The arm stopped moving at a certain spot, and the silver tiger opened his eyes wide by the unbelievable situation. And upon seeing her figure–he is shocked.

『W-Wh-What is that arm!?』


The silver tiger’s arm was stopped by Tsumugu’s hand.
Despite this being a shocking matter–a strange looking arm–grew from her shoulder.
Piling muscles over and over again. The white arm that has long nails, is surely an 『Ogre’s hand』.
Upon seeing that, the silver tiger reached a possibility.


『D-Don’t tell me, you are a humanoid Unknown!?』


Tsumugu twitched by those words.
The white flame just now that should be called as divine flame.
That was definitely a superpower. Then, as long as Tsumugu is a life-form, a second superpower–in this case, the 『Ogre’s hand』 is impossible.
Therefore, the silver tiger guessed that the ogre’s hand is the effect of the humanoid Unknown’s 『Transformation』.
Then, everything fits the current situation–

[……Haa…just when I thought what you…were saying]


She sighed in amaze, and released his hand.
Immediately after that, the silver tiger took a distance from her–and was bewildered by her words.


[Tsumugu is a fully-fledged human. Not an Unknown. That’s…as long as I’m alive as Nii-san’s sister–it’s an absolute truth]


Tsumugu said that without hesitation.
Certainly, it’s not strange to take that her superpower looks like a 『humanoid』.
That’s why, the silver tiger was bewildered by those words, and as a result, he decided to consider that those words are lie–he can’t helped but to do so.

『Lies! You are a fully-fledged Unknown–in other words, the same existence as us who are born to “kill humans”! No matter what you gone through. No matter how immersed you are to the comfortable state. This is the truth that you can never erase!』


By those words, Tsumugu cast her eyes down.
Upon seeing that, the silver tiger is convinced–that this girl is an Unknown.




At the next moment, a huge white sun appeared above her palm.
Due to the extreme heat, the sweats on the silver tiger’s body evaporate in an instant, and smokes with unpleasant smell started to rise up from the silver tiger’s fur gradually.

[I am a human. It has nothing to do with the past. And…there’s no need for you…to verify it–purposely]


The silver tiger opened his eyes wide upon hearing those words, and when he look at her eyes–a chill ran through his spine.
Reflected in those eyes is cold flame.
Those eyes are like an overwhelming strong person looking at an absolute weak person. As if she’s not looking at him as a living thing.
When he realized it, the Unknowns in the surroundings, have all died by the heat, and upon seeing that, he once again looked at her, and sneered.

『I see. From the beginning, I have no chance of winning against you, huh. No wonder I can only feel composure from you』


He mutters so, and shuts his eyes.
That’s the appearance of one who’s prepared to 『die』. Tsumugu who saw the familiar appearance, fired the sun towards him without mercy.


[『Hell Fire Star』]


The next moment, the sun wrapped up his body, and the spot formed a huge crater.
And, leaving only a little girl standing still with lonely feelings.
She raises her eyes.
Just the dull weather covering the blue sky can be seen, and she muttered this sorrowfully.


[Nii-san……I…look like a…human…right?]




[Oi oi, Tsumu……Why are you using it……]


Iwato who looked at the white sun from a distance, muttered that while twitching his face.
–Hell Fire Star.
Tsumugu’s strongest attack. Although it may look like she’s going easy on the opponent when seeing from a distance, still, all the living things in the vicinity have been annihilated for sure.

[Well, that bad looking fish probably also died by that. So it turned out all right in the end, I guess]


Iwato puts his hand on his chin and thinks.
Will Tsumugu use such move against a small fry? Because Iwato went to the direction where the strongest is, there’s no way her opponent is stronger than these two, but–

[Then, the opponent said something unpleasant……?]


Iwato reached such conclusion.
He released his hand from his chin, and looked at the two who’re breathing heavily.

[Hey, does the guy on that side have bad personality?]
『Aah!? Like I know!?』


At the same time as the reply, Raijinman fired a lightning.
Iwato repels it again, and at the same time, counters the incoming demon’s hand with a poke.
As a result of the clash between a full swing and a poke, the black-robed man who unleashed the full swing, had his demon hand blown off, rolling on the ground.

[Guaaaa!? T-This 『Devilman』 full power attack! With just a poke!? A poke!?]


While shouting so, the black-robed man–Devilman holds down his shoulder.
Iwato shuts his ears with his fingers by the shout, and then he yawns.
After that, he gave a conclusion.


[Un, I’m a little worried, so let’s finish this quick]


At the next moment, Iwato disappears.
By that, even Devilman opened his eyes wide, and he looked around–behind Raijinman. Upon seeing the grinning man at the back, he quickly raised his voice.

[R-Raijinman! Behind you!]
[Hai, a little slow]


The next moment, the lightning Raijinman’s head was grabbed by Iwato, and his face struck the ground.
With just that, the Unknown, 『Raijinman』 who’s capable of harming a country, dies, and upon seeing that, Devilman recalled what the researcher said.

『In this town of this country, there are two top leaders of the Special Forces, A rank number one, Isakai Manabu, and the prime minister and also the Minister of Defence. Don’t leave behind anything, but–if you ever met one of the top leaders, please run away. Probably, only she can stand a chance against them』


Recalled those words, and checked the current situation.
I met 『her』 once. Certainly, she’s too overwhelming that makes me think that it’s impossible to win. To the extent I thought that there’s no one can stand a chance against her.

(I don’t think she can win–No, I can’t imagine this man’s losing figure. I can’t even imagine his struggling figure……)


Iwato is equal–no, more overwhelming.
When Devilman realized it, Iwato has already came close, and he muttered this with a cramp smile.


[What a bad luck]


Devilman said that and died.




Just like that, the Unknowns that attacked the Takino Camping site were annihilated.

After that, the Special Forces who came to the place, gulped upon seeing the numbers of the Unknowns, and found a total of 4 Sacred Beast class Unknowns’ corpses in each places.
Other than that, 12 Mythical Beast class Unknowns, and about 400 Monster class Unknowns were found. This incident has become well-known as the greatest attack in world history.

And, the number of victims in this attack was miraculously low.
Half of them shut themselves in the multi purpose hall as breakfast is provided there, and the media broadcast it saying that it’s all because there are A rank member, B rank member, and the boy who defeated the Sacred Beast class the other day. However, the people who were saved by Iwato and Tsumugu held suspicion towards the media, and thanked and praised the two.

And days passed. After one week.
When Iwato turns off the television in the living room, he opened his status application.
He looked at the displayed screen.

[As expected, the 『silent warp hole』 is not appearing at foreign countries. Kaa-san, have you found something?]


The person displayed on the screen is Iwato’s biological mother–Kanekura Tsukie. She sighed in a troubled way.

『Nothing much. Only the person called “researcher”. And in foreign countries–no, the silent warp hole has never occurred in any other towns aside from this town. As expected, there’s only one thing that can be considered』


She muttered so, and they looked at each others’ eyes.


『[A traitor]』


Iwato and Tsukie, muttered the same word.
Tsukie crumples her brow when her opinion is the same as Iwato’s, and she says the reason upon reaching the answer.

『When considering there is a traitor in his town, it’s possible that the person can jam the detection device in this town from inside and then, open a warp hole during that time』

[Now that the silent warp hole has been developed, it’s strange that it only appear in Sapporo. Isn’t this thought the leading contender?]


Iwato said that, and at the same time, he listened carefully to the voice coming from the stairs.

[Tsumu-san! Look, I have sweets]
[Come out quick, or else I’ll flirt with Iwato-sama]


Upon hearing that, Iwato sighs.
Tsukie frowns in a trouble way as if she heard those words.

『Don’t tell me……Tsumu-chan shut herself?』

[Ah, un. Since a few days ago]


That’s right, a few days after the incident, Tsumugu shut herself in her room.
In the past–because the Tsumugu 3 years ago did the same thing, Iwato didn’t feel shaken, but still, he’s worried.


[Well then……what to do?]


Iwato muttered so while looking at Tsukie showing a thumbs up.

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