World Record Chapter 31

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31. Artificial Unknown

At Sapporo’s outskirts’ laboratory
A man who wore a white robe–Albert shook his shoulders upon seeing the video projected on the screen.
The feeling shown in his face is–surely delight.

『Well, I visit various stores all the time since afternoon, but all of them were sold out surprisingly. I even thought of going out of the Wall and catch one myself. Well, I’m just lying, though』


That was the pitiful self-proclaimed Demon King. It’s the video recorded by the surveillance camera and microphone installed in him, and when he tries to find out where the Demon King is, it’s just as you see.

『Ah, a crab』


At that moment, after continuous replays, pauses, and rewinds, he finally managed to catch the shadow. That man attacked the transformed Demon King with such a speed–and the Demon King was defeated in one blow.
That strength was too overwhelming, absolute, and above all, beautiful to the extent that one will admire.

[F-Finally, I found it! The guide for me to be the strongest!]


He raised a delighted voice.
He has been bullied ever since a long time ago. Abused by his parents, and bullied by his classmates. And, it also didn’t change in his workplace.
That’s why, he resolved to–destroy this unreasonable world by using unreasonable violence.
Hence, the action he took was–create military force and invade.
However, the King of Black Coffin, King of Heroes, Emperor of Death, and White Emperor of Hell Flame–commonly referred as the World Recorders, will definitely stand in his way.
That’s an eternally high obstacle. When he was a researcher, he managed to create many high powered cyborgs, but still, it’s at most on par with a B rank Special Forces’ member.

However, recently, his dream started to accelerate.

The start of it was when the humanoid Unknown who called himself a 『Demon King』 appeared before him.
According to the Demon King, there’s another one in this town apart from him. So Albert wants to cooperate with them to make it easy for them.
The reason for him to do that is plain and simple–that’s to subjugate the King of Black Coffin who they consider to be in this town.
By those words, Albert who have been called as 『Oddball』 and 『Madman』 for a long time, opened his eyes wide like an ordinary person.
However, the Demon King’s proposal was charming for him, and in addition, he gave Albert a bottle filled with a large amount of pills.

『This is the thing to artificially create the so-called Unknowns. He told me that you would know how to use it. You, at most, should create Unknowns with the pills and proceed with subversive activities so that the target will appear』


Upon hearing that, he felt joy.
He don’t know how this Unknown and his partner manage to find him, but they are misreading their own strength for sure. It’s certain at the point when he was given such pills.

He accepted the Demon King’s proposal, and since then, he started to create Unknowns without sparing time for sleep.
At first, the Unknowns created were all failures as they’re just Superhuman class. (TL note: Unknowns with Battle Rank < 10)
–However, he’s a genius.
Not even a few days have passed, he successfully created Unknowns of Monster class and Mythical Beast class. Then, by doing selective breeding, he even managed to create lower kind that can speak.
Those don’t appear in wild–but for sure, the existence that only he can create.

『So what if it can speak!? That’s just a checkpoint to world domination! Even if it can speak, it’s no use if it’s weak!』


That’s right. Those were far from strongest.
He who didn’t give up, continues to create after that. Putting all his time into the creation of Unknowns, but he couldn’t create the strongest, and at most, he can only create a monster on par with a A rank member.
With this, it won’t even stand a chance against the 4 Absolutes.
He thought so, and rack his brains–and, he watched the video as a refreshment, and he acquired a hint.

[It’s this guy……All of my cells are telling me! This guy, this guys is strong! I’ll create a new Unknown based on this man! It’s probably a difficult and long process, but……if it’s created, I’m certainly getting closer to my dream!]


He shouted so with the force of hitting his face to the screen, and starts to shake his shoulder once again.
Certainly, this man is strong. Perhaps, he might be the King of Black Coffin who’s in this town.
However–he is a human.

[Poison gas, vacuum, water cure……I know many ways to break a human. Then! I have no reason to let this chance go!]


He showed a smiled, and

[B-Boss! I-Intruder!]


Speak of the devil, what a coincidence.
Destruction is step by step closer to the laboratory.




Going back a few hours.
Yesterday, Iwato played with Tsumugu till one will get tired of it–but for Iwato, he won’t get tired of spending time with Tsumugu. They were together the whole time in the house except in the bathroom. Iwato who had been together with Tsumugu the whole time, immediately head to meet with Nakajima-sensei at the nearby park.
In the midst of that, Iwato looked down at his hand, and read the mail he received from her.

[Let’s see……『A laboratory that creates Unknowns intentionally has been found at Sapporo’s outskirts. There are videos of the “Demon King Crabster” which you defeated recorded in the nearby surveillance camera. Because it brings danger to the citizens inside the wall, it must be dealt quickly and annihilated』. Why send this to me? You should send it to the Special Forces……]
[Ah? What are you saying? In this town now, only you, your sister, your mother and also Manabu are stronger than me]


When Iwato raised his eyes, he can see Nakajima-sensei who’s wearing a black coat, sitting down on the park’s outer wall. When she knew that Iwato found her, she get down from the wall.

[……What was that? Trying to act like a ninja?]
[When you were on this side, you did this everyday]
[……Err, did I?]
[That face……you totally remember it, isn’t it?]


Nakajima-sensei turned her sight towards Iwato, and walked quickly to the nearby car and sat on the bonnet.
The red car that stands out just by being there, and people and drivers who happen to pass by, will surely be surprised upon seeing that car.
After all,

[It’s still manufactured? That car with tires]


That’s right. That car has [tires].
In this era, science is a complete outcast due to the appearance of superpower, but still, it still developed.
One of its result is the cars without tires. Cars with tires have bad fuel consumption, inferior maneuverability, loud noises, and exhaust fumes…… Well, it can only be said as a inferior goods.
However, this A rank member, Nakajima Tomomi, prefers cars with tire, especially cars from few generations ago. From the view of the society, she’s either an antique car lover or a pervert.
Well, in her case,

[Ah? Not all new things are the best. If there’s even a little problem in the floating car’s power unit, it will become a scrap at that point in time, you know? Then, I prefer this one that’s versatile to some extent]


That’s her reason.
Iwato replied [Yeah] after hearing Nakajima-sensei’s usual words, and then, he opens the rear seat door.
Nakajima-sensei twitched her face unintentionally by his action.

[Don’t you know the word “reservation”……]
[What are you saying? The opponent is a risk factor in this town, right? Then, we should move quickly]
[……You’re right]


Just like that, Nakajima-sensei sighed and get into the driver’s seat.

[Aiming to reach there in one hour]


She said that, and stepped the accelerator.
By the way, with a normal car, it would take 2 hours to reach the outskirts.




One hour later.
Just as Nakajima-sensei’s declaration, they arrived at the destination in one hour.
However, the price was big. Along the way, they shook free from polices many times, there’s green blood on the window after hitting an Unknown-like thing a few times, and above all, because Iwato was the passenger, he’s safe. If it’s a normal person, it’s something that can’t be endured.
No wonder the top A rank member, Isakai Manubu didn’t follow.
Iwato thinks of such thing as he gets down from the car.

They’re currently at the opposite side of the outskirts where the training camp was held.
When Iwato looked around, all he can see is trees and private houses.

[Is there really a laboratory in this place?]


When Iwato mutters so as he can’t see anything like a laboratory, Nakajima-sensei looks at him–

[Kihaha! There’s people in this place……Bufuoa!?]


In front of her eyes, Iwato beats an unknown creature that appeared out of nowhere, and she nodded.

[That one just now……at most a lower Mythical Beast class. And it can speak……what on earth is going on?]


That’s right. Only a handful Unknowns among the Sacred Beast class or higher can speak.
According to Iwato and Nakajima-sensei’s experiences, a 『small fry』 like that, can’t speak. It’s a serious matter that knocks their experiences.

[I don’t know, but……well, I’m sure that this will be a little troublesome]
[Seriously, it might be right to call you]


Nakajima-sensei replied to Iwato, and carry the bamboo sword that was loaded in the car. Then, she walks into the forest.
And, speaks.

[Let’s go, Iwato. The laboratory is]


–below this forest.

She said that, and had a berserker-like expression, sensing a strong enemy.

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