World Record Chapter 30

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30. Training camp

TL Note: Accommodation training → Training camp

On the other hand.
Karen and the others have arrived at the inn at the training camp’s destination.



Karen muttered so.
But that can’t be helped.
Here is the outskirts of Sapporo–the high class inn that was built inside the forest on the mountain.
And in that one room, the view from the windows of the double room which Karen and Ayame is staying, is 『Magnificent』. The smell of the tatami mat and the wooden wall and chair. The room seems to be creating the 『Japanese style』 that’s before the Disastrous Year.
Leaving aside Karen who stood still after entering the room, Ayame was amazed by it when she first saw it, but she immediately reorganize and entered the room. Of course after taking off her shoes.

[Karen, get a hold of yourself. We need to assemble at the lobby after putting our luggages and changing into our sports attire. Although we still have some time, if you don’t act while taking ahold of the time, you will pay for it later]
[Ha! Y-You’re right! As expected of Ayame-chan. I’m glad that we’re in the same room! Thanks!]


Upon hearing those direct words, Ayame unintentionally blushes.
Because she has only been chasing after the Black Pandora up until now, there’s never a time when someone thanked her. That’s why, she’s not used to be thanked by someone like this.
Although it may look like those two are bringing about a yuri atmostphere, Karen who don’t know such atmosphere,–

[Yosh! It’s a little lonely without Master, but this is a chance to surprise Master! I will become strong enough to surprise him within these two days!]


She raised both fists in front of chest with such motivation.




About 10 minutes later.
About a 10 minutes walk from the inn, there’s a Special Forces’ training facility.
Karen and the others assembled there.

[Yosh, is everyone here? Let’s start the first training for the training camp!]


At the moment, the students sigh.
That’s right. Despite coming for the training camp, the beginning is this training. Even for diligent people, they can’t get motivated.
But, the teacher who guessed such expressions beforehand, said this while grinning.

[This time, we have a B rank member from the Special Forces with us. Furthermore, it’s a famous one]


At an instant, the students starts a commotion.
Although Ayame knew that there’s a guard from the Special Forces for the training camp every year, she didn’t expect that a B rank member will be the guard instead of a C rank.
On top of that–

[Well then, please rise to the stage!]


Together with the voice, the students opened their eyes wide as the man enters the training room.
The man goes up the platform where the teacher is while receiving high-pitched cheers from the female students. And, he holds the microphone and speaks.

[Err, it’s been a while! I’m the B rank member, Ashibetsu Hayato! I’m not that strong among the B rank members, but I think that I’m somewhat strong. Best regards!]


He said so and bowed. He is the handsome B rank member who participated in the internship on the other day, Ashibetsu Hayato.
And, Ayame mutters in her heart–“How humble to say that you’re not strong”.
His superpower is 『Super Vision』.
The superpower itself is a plain superpower that only improve his eyesight. Just by looking at it, no one will think that it’s strong.
But–because it’s plain, he’s quite a big gun.
He can see through every attacks in close combat. Dodging with minimum movement and slashes with his sword in that interval.
In a long range combat, he approaches the opponent in an instant while dodging the attacks, and if the opponent tries to get away, he would end it before the opponent can do so.
Only a handful of strong people and weaklings who don’t know about it, can say that he’s 『weak』.

[Well then, there’s no need to introduce as this is the second time, so let’s start the training as fast as possible to finish it early!]


He said so, and touches his status application a few times.
At the same time as that, a screen appears behind him.

[This training is simple. If I were to say, it’s a complete combat training. The silent warp hole that’s the recent problem. Although it only happened once, if you ever meet this kind of situation, I want you to be able to somehow get away from there, or defeat it]


By those words, the students–the students of Class 1-3 recall.
Those dreadful Unknowns that attacked the game center.
And also, that inhuman shampoo man who instant killed them with a taiko no tatsujin drumstick.
And, Karen and Ayame stiffen their face for sure.
That’s right. The two came to this place in order to catch up with that man and surpass him. Hence, the combat training is way useful than the stamina training.
Ashibetsu who looked at the students, misunderstood that they were fired up, and he said this while smiling.

[Well then, let’s do our best!]


Just like that, the two days of Karen and the others started.






At an instant, the land around Ayame breaks, and becomes stones and flies towards the target.
And, the target, Karen swings her hammer down,



and destroyed all of it.
Ayame twitched upon seeing Karen’s strength that destroyed all of the stones without leaving a trace with just one swing.

[Weren’t your Battle Rank 25……? You definitely must be at least 30, right?]
[Hmph! Even I trained with Macbeth-sensei before, and I also worked hard at Master’s house!]


Karen said so as she erased the hammer and summoned the tonfa, and she started running in a straight line to Ayame.



Ayame opened her eyes wide by her speed, but she immediately calms down and starts to deal with it.



At the same time as Ayame swinging her right hand downwards, a red light surrounds Karen and her speed slows down.
–Gravity manipulation.
It’s the ability of God Authority among the Six Divine Powers. Seeing it from Karen, her body literally feels like a lead.
However–Karen is not a pupil to the extent that she would stop attacking just by that.

[M-Magical☆Magical! Appear, my Magic Weapon!]


Just like that, the tonfa that Karen’s holding, is covered with light, and at the same time as that, a huge black lustered weapon took form in front of her.
And, Ayame who knows that, gulped instinctively by it.
After all, it’s a–

[Summon! Railgun!!]


That’s right. A genuine railgun.
After Ayame petrified for an instant, she immediately starts calculating.
How powerful is that railgun?
It’s probably impossible to even stop a normal railgun. Then, what about ‘that’ which was created with that mysterious phenomenon? Is it weaker or stronger?
After thinking that much, she reached a conclusion.

–“With the current me, I can’t stop it.”

When she realizes it, she has canceled her superpower as she raised both of her hands. That’s for sure a sign of surrender.
Upon seeing that, Karen exhaled as if she felt relief, and Ayame was convinced that her guess was right upon looking at her.

[That’s for sure a not laughable weapon. If you purposely appeal silently that you’re going to fire it at this place where there are people around, I have no choice but to surrender as a Special Forces. To be honest, this is not a tactic to use in a combat training, but as expected, you’re Iwato-sama’s best pupil…… You have my respect]
[Hmph! I was told by Master and Tsumu-san! In a combat, you can only win or lose. Then, you should use whatever you can to win!]


Upon hearing those words, Ayame thinks.
–Although that theory is certainly right, still, Karen is more amazing to be able to think of this tactic.
Ayame thought such thing and loosen her expression,

[Wait, you two. That’s a little wrong]


Inelegantly, a person appeared interrupting the conversation.
Ayame and Karen knit their eyebrows by those words, and turn their sight towards the voice unpleasantly. Then, just as they thought–it was Ashibetsu Hayato.

[Sorry, did I mishear it? Just now, you say that such thought is wrong, didn’t you?]


A very cold voice came out from Ayame’s mouth.
Ashibetsu twitched his face by that. Sometimes, good will is even more irritating than malice.

[Y-Yeah. In a combat, you can only win or lose. That thought is very dangerous. At least, it’s not the words that young girls like you should use]


Karen and Ayame felt a little irritated by those words.
Certainly in the society, those words are only for people who have reached that state and a handful of prodigies like Isakai Manabu who reached such height while they’re young.
However, those two have an eye on an ordinary person who’s more powerful than such prodigy. At that point, since it’s out of the society’s way of thinking, if they stick to the common sense, they won’t be able to catch up with him no matter how much time passes.
That’s why–they felt irritation to that common-sense man who discouraged them.

[Excuse me, but the person we have an eye on is more younger and stronger than you. Your training certainly is helpful, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult his words]
[That’s right…… It’s like 『What the heck is this guy saying?』]


By those words, you thought that Ashibetsu twitched his face once more, but on contrary to that, he stiffen for a moment and then he unintentionally bursts into laughter.
And, upon seeing that, the air release from the two clearly gets colder.
But for Ashibetsu who didn’t realize it, says a wrong guess above a wrong guess.

[Ahaha, do you mean the World Recorder, 『Emperor of Death』? Certainly, he’s well-known in the world while only being 15 years old. It’s not unreasonable that you girls admire him, but you shouldn’t compare yourselves with him]


That’s the words from his experience.
In his generation, there’s a genuine monster called Isakai Manabu.
He’s a prodigy, and despite being in the same generation, he only spoke to him once, and since that day, he thought that 『I shouldn’t compare myself with a prodigy』.
That’s why, he said those words just now–saying those words that can be taken as doing such thing is impossible.



He provoked the girls.
When he realized it, an intimidating air and killing intent start to leak from the girls, and at the same time as that, the students of Class 1-3 also start to concentrate cold looks on him.
And, Ashibetsu Hayato just realized the position he is in right now.
The actions as if making fun of them, made the two out of patience–

[Hey, you. Who the hell do you think you are to make fun of other people’s dream?]


He felt the chill on his spine instinctively by those words that have a stronger killing intent than those two.
When Ashibetsu Hayato realized it, an ominous bat drew near to his neck from the back, and at his back was Eita who has angry face.
Ashibetsu was flustered by Eita’s anger, and he instinctively spoke as if–to deny what he has said before.

[N-No, I don’t mean that……]


At an instant, Eita’s anger exploded, and he throws his bat and gripped Ashibetsu’s collar.
And, glares at him.

[Aah!? Interrupting when people are trying their best desperately! Throwing cold water on them! On top of that, 『It’s not unreasonable that you admire him』, you say!? 『Don’t compare』!? Don’t go and crush people’s dream with kindness, you bastard!!]


He said so as he throws Ashibetsu away, and looks down at him with disappointment.

[We are aiming higher than that. If you are trying to stop us with your own principle, then you don’t belong here]


Just like that, in the first day, the popular Ashibetsu Hayato’s popularity in Force Academy, fell.

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