World Record Chapter 29

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29. Compensation of connection

The next day.
The atmosphere in the Nagumo house is quite strained.

[Iwato-sama, say aah]
[Eh, no, wai……!?]


Ayame forced an 『Aah』, and Iwato got into the flow somehow. And there are two people glaring at Iwato.

[Nii-san……you keep saying….those words to anyone…just like that]
[What an unimaginable woman! What happened to those dramatic words that you said to me!?]


That’s right. It’s Tsumugu and Karen.
Those two were more or less conquered by Iwato’s sweet words and came to live in the Nagumo house. When they heard Iwato’s words last night, they felt a chill after the public confession taking place right after that.
It’s certain that the most important person for Iwato is Tsumugu, and no matter what happens, the order–will not change.
And, the second place should be Karen. The small animal-like atmosphere and fawning on him by calling him “Master”. For a man, it’s hard to not be conscious.

However–a supernova appeared here.

Started to live with him in this house after meeting the first time. It’s the same as Tsumugu and Karen. Although the two don’t mind about it, the problem is the confession that took place at the school.
As if she entered the order by force.
Although it’s something that surprised those two who’re a late bloomer, she repeatedly said the word [like].
One of the male instinct is man basically won’t come to dislike a beautiful girl who comes to confess.
A magnificent scheme on top of understanding the male instinct.
As expected of a prodigy.

Returning to the subject.

Ayame is putting the pressure on them at an unexpected speed, and both Tsumugu and Karen feel the chill.
On top of that, the barbarism(Aah) performed in front of their eyes, is inexcusable.
On the other hand, Ayame showed a smile and

[It has already been decided that Iwato-sama and I will marry once I reach the marriageable age! Unfortunately, there’s no longer any space for you two to enter! So Iwato-sama, please go out with me before we get married]


The two who stand up from their seat upon hearing those words.
In front of them is, Ayame who brings near her seat and hugs Iwato’s arm, and Iwato blushes a little even though he’s concealing it desperately.

[N-No, please wait, Sumikawa-san. It hasn’t been long since we met, and it’s still early to think this kind of thing……]
[Love doesn’t need time. And also, you do remember what happened 7 years ago, right? The one at Tokyo’s street corner]


Iwato somehow became polite.
And, Ayame said those words while moving her finger on Iwato’s chest.

[N-No. It’s your imagination……]
[And also, you said 『still』, right? That means one day, you will agree, right?]


There’s no fragments of hesitation anymore.
Because the person in front who’s blushing, is the King of Black Coffin(provisional) himself which she’s looking for.
On top of that, even if he’s only Nagumo Iwato, she was saved by him, and he even said that much.
Then, it can’t be helped that the unpopular girl, Ayame fell in love. You can only nod by Iwato’s actions that tries to conquer her.
But–it comes along with obstacles.

[N-No! Nii-san will…be with…me forever. That’s why…I don’t allow it!]
[R-Right! Appear out of nowhere and hugging Master’s are! What are you thinking you’re doing!? You should at least come after your breasts get bigger!]


Upon hearing those words, Ayame’s face clearly twitched.
Ayame heard–those words that Iwato said in front of Tsumugu’s room on the other day.
Ayame knew–Karen who can only be seen as huge breasts wearing a jersey, but it’s true that once she take off her clothes, she’s amazing.
Ayame stands up while swaying, and red light shines from her body.
At the same time as that, Tsumugu and Karen prepared themselves, and the tension starts to flow in the living room of Nagumo house.

[Hey, both of you. If we don’t go to school now, we’ll be late~]


Before they knew it, Iwato has already moved to the entrance, and his voice resounded.




A few hours later.
In the vast classroom, Iwato is receiving his one-to-one supplementary lessons with Nakajima-sensei.
By the way, Karen and Ayame took the bus to the training camp one hour ago, and Iwato is in this classroom–in short, he came to the venue for the supplementary lessons, but

[Ah, this this, it’s that. Understand? Then, next page……you know it already, right? So next page……enough with that–Open page 232]
[Do you have the intention to give me supplementary lessons?]


Iwato said so to Nakajima-sensei as she asked him to open the last page suddenly.
The relationship between Iwato and Nakajima-sensei is quite complicated. Now those two is a teacher and a student, but the relationship was completely the opposite formerly.
Well, since then, Iwato used honorifics towards Nakajima-sensei. Although he used honorifics at first, Nakajima-sensei asked him to drop the honorifics. The time Iwato spent with her is more longer than the time with Tsumugu.
That’s why,

[Ah? Isn’t it obvious? Why must I give supplementary lessons to a honor student like you just because your textbooks got switched by your sister? I’ll seriously kill you]


She have full knowledge of Iwato’s ability.
Absurd strength, a body that won’t weaken, sharp mind, the ability that can easily surpass any prodigies, and–his past.
That’s why, she have no motivation at all regarding this supplementary lessons, and she has been resting her chin in her hand since the start.

[If you can, it don’t mind it though]


Upon hearing Iwato’s provocative words, she clicked her tongue, and she closed the textbook as if she really lost her motivation.

[Just now, I got a mail from your sister. 『End it early. Otherwise, I’ll quit the Special Forces』. That’s why, I talked over with your mother so that I’m in charge of the supplementary lessons. In other words, if I nod, then the supplementary lessons end]
[……That means I could have gone to the training camp?]
[Nn? Yeah, why?]


What a terrible teacher.
Using connections to threaten the school principal, and on top of that, it’s as if she’s saying [You better listen to my words]. In addition, I can go to the training camp normally.
When Iwato crumpled his eyebrows, Nakajima-sensei said this as she forcefully made a troubled expression.

[The compensation of using connections, is your mother forced me to work. It’s quite a heavy work for the weaken me…… Someone, I wonder if there’s anyone stronger than me who can help me during the supplementary lessons……]


Upon hearing that, Iwato sighed and dropped his shoulders.




[And so, I returned early]
[Good job, Nakajima]
[It’s Nakajima-sensei, okay?]


Iwato looked at Tsumugu who raised her hands as she says [Nn…sensei], and he loosen his face by her cuteness.
About 10 minutes passed since then.
Nakajima-sensei says that she will send the details of the work by today through email, and the work will take place tomorrow during the supplementary lessons.

[Although Nakajima-sensei may have weaken because she studied to be a teacher for this 3 years, she certainly still have at least Battle Rank 50, right……?]


That’s right. Even if she weakens, she was once the most closest person to become the Absolute.
For that person to say [heavy work], is it fighting against a Mythical Beast class?
Iwato sat down on the sofa while thinking such a thing, and suddenly, he sensed Tsumugu approaching.



When he realized it, Tsumugu sat on his thigh.
Furthermore, she’s facing Iwato.
That’s right. Tsumugu used this time when those insects are not around, and tried some bold actions.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t conceal her embarrassment as she blushed and buried her face in Iwato’s body.

[Haa……, if you’re embarrassed, then why don’t you get down?]
[No…I want to talk…like this]


That’s right. If I get down now, he will see my blushing face and smile. That must not happen. Absolutely.
Tsumugu glued to Iwato even more while thinking such thing, and she hugs Iwato.
By that, even Iwato showed a wry smile, but he immediately started to pat her back.

[So, what do you want to talk about?]


Iwato said so, and after a short silence, Tsumugu started to talk little by little.

[There was…a contact from the Special Forces. There’s…a laboratory making artificial Unknowns…in Sapporo. Possibly…the silent warp hole…it probably didn’t open at all]
[Silent……? Ah, those ants at the game center]


Iwato recalled the Unknowns that were beaten to death with the drumstick of taiko no tatsujin some time ago.

[Because I killed them instantly, I don’t know much, but they are the weakest of the Mythical Beast class, right? What’s the point of sending such small fries? It’s probably to appeal their danger]
[Nn…either…a show-off idiot…or…a new type of warp hole]


Tsumugu said so, and raises her face, and quickly turned her head away in a bad mood as she continues speaking.

[They…contacted me. Saying…today or tomorrow…go and defeat them. My long-awaited time…together with Nii-san. I told them…I would burn them if they disturb us]
[I see……I bet that person will be scared now. Let me see the mail]
[Nn…for sure]


Tsumugu said so and look up at Iwato with upturned eyes, and she said this as she hugs him tightly.

[With this, it’s going to be easy…with Nii-san. The same for Nakajima…cleared for sure]


Iwato stroked Tsumugu’s head while smiling wryly.
While thinking that work and this work is the same.

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