World Record Chapter 25

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25. Sequel -Transfer Student-

[T-That was scary……]


After that, Ayame entered her room and said those words.
This is because the intimidating air by Iwato made her to realized that he can really defeat a Sacred Beast class with a blow. She was scared to the extent of not being able to even speak.

『Don’t anger the black haired boy』


That was the words said by her boss in Tokyo.
Iwato looks gentle usually, but he’s terrifying if he’s mad.
To be honest, she have not seen anything scarier than him since born, and even if she was told that the angry Iwato can destroy a country by himself, she would believe it.
Ayame thinks so and wipes her tears, and–

[Oh my! What’s wrong, Ayame-chan?]


She was called out by Minister Kanekura who was in the room.

[M-Minister Kanekura………E-Eeeeeeeeh!? W-W-Why are you here!?]


A fair argument.
After all, this is Ayame’s room. And also, this room was properly locked, and above all, the security of the Special Forces dormitory is flawless. And yet, Minister Kanekura somehow is in the room.
It’s a horror.

[Why……I wonder why?]


Like I know.
Ayame somehow swallowed those words that she wanted to say, and sighs upon looking at the airhead superior’s words. And, she tries to get away from the room–

[Ayame-chan, you made Iwato mad, didn’t you?]


Ayame’s body became stiff after hearing Minister Kanekura’s words.
–Why do you know about it?
Ayame wanted to asked so at once, but Minister Kanekura began to speak of the reason.

[Well, Iwato just now sent me a mail saying 『I overdid it, so help me apologize to her』! I became too happy by that it’s been a long time since the last mail, so I came to thank you, Ayame-chan!]
(TL note: Kanekura referred herself as Okaasan which means Mother in the second sentence.)


Although Ayame somewhat heard something weird in those words, she opened her eyes wide after hearing the message sent from Iwato.

[Eh? I-Iwato-sama……No, Iwato-san said that……?]
[That’s right~. You were convinced that Iwato was the King of Black Coffin, and you call him with that name, right? That’s why, Iwato got angry because he hates the King of Black Coffin]
[I-Is that so!?]


Although it can be understood just by thinking it a little, for Ayame who thought of Iwato as scary if he’s angry, she only knew it after she’s told.
It’s just like someone repeatedly insulting the King of Black Coffin in front of her.
When thinking so, she finally realizes Iwato’s mental strength to the extent that he didn’t show his emotions on the surface, and his tolerance of solving things with words.
On top of that, he apologizes like this even after that. Normally, it should be awkward.
After Ayame thought of that, she started to think that she was the one at fault, and she drop her shoulders.

[I’m……to blame. I don’t remember how many times I said that person’s name in front of Iwato-san, and I called him the King of Black Coffin at the very beginning]
[Oh, and yet he didn’t get angry? Iwato has grown up]


–If it’s 3 years ago, he would have half killed a person just by being called as that.

Minister Kanekura somehow swallowed those words, and talks to Ayame.

[Well, I won’t blame you because you didn’t know about Iwato. And, I think that Iwato who got angry is also at fault. But still, Ayame-chan is the cause]


Ayame groaned instinctively by Minister Kanekura’s words, but she opened her eyes wide by the words after that.

[And also, Ayame-chan, you were saved by Iwato, right? From the Black Crest Group. And–responsibility]


Those words dragged out the guilty conscience to the surface from her heart.
Ayame head towards the Black Crest Group on her own. And, she decided to wait at the park to keep away the danger from the people. As a result, she was protected by Iwato.

There’s two meaning in the word 『Protected』. The first one is literally, she was 『protected』 after misread the opponent’s numbers. She would probably lose if she fought.

And the second one is she was 『protected』 from the responsibility of moving independently and failing to prevent the fire at the park.
If Iwato didn’t appear there, they probably would set fire to the park first. And that responsibility will surely fall onto Ayame herself.

And, Ayame apologized while knowing the fact. She prioritized her own desire before showing gratitude. As a result, she haven’t apologize nor showing gratitude.
Ayame thought like this in her heart in this present condition.

(As if……This is just like……)


Thinking so, and Minister Kanekura said what Ayame thought.

[This is just like the situation at that time, right?]


–That time.
When she met the King of Black Coffin for the first time and was saved.
She became stiff and was unable to thank him. As a result, she’s still looking for him.
Ayame thought–Am I going to repeat the same mistake again?
No. I’ll never repeat the same mistake again.
Ayame closes her eyes.
It’s not the figure of Black Pandora that came into her mind, but the back figure of the Black King with his Coffin Cloak.

[I will go to the Nagumo’s house once more]
[Oh? You don’t want to search for Black Pandora? I might give you a hand because I’m feeling good now]


Ayame suddenly laughed after hearing Minister Kanekura’s words.
There’s no hesitation in her expression, and she said this boldly to Minister Kanekura.

[A young girl who lacks of politeness, has no qualification to meet Black Pandora-sama. Besides, for me, he and that person, are the same……]


–Above all, she completely didn’t doubt that Iwato-sama is the King of Black Coffin.

Ayame laughs as she said so, and turns around.
Minister Kanekura who saw her back figure loosens her face and laughs. Then, she calls out to her.

[Ayame-chan, don’t you want to go to school again?]




Iwato was reading manga magazine called 『Shonen Step』 that he buys every Monday at the convenience store, in the classroom.
Karen is filling her mouth with the onigiri bought by the students in charge of feeding her since morning, and Eita left his homework at home, so he’s running back to get it. He will not make it in time for sure.

Ding dong–

The chime rang, and after that, Nakajima-sensei enters the class.
–She definitely chose to enter at this time. And also, as expected, Eita can’t make it in time.
When Iwato is thinking so in his mind, he felt a somewhat familiar and unpleasant feeling from Nakajima-sensei. And she began to speak in a rather soft voice.

[Ah, before the greetings, that. A student transferred to here after being an exchange student. But this time, a transfer student has came to this class. Be grateful guys because it’s a very beautiful girl]


The guys who can’t gather their strength due to Eita not being in the class right now. It shows that Eita wishes for a beautiful girl.

Returning to the subject.

Iwato felt an unpleasant feeling from the words, 『Very beautiful girl』 and 『Not an exchange student, but a transfer student』, and he immediately hide his head with a textbook.

[Eh, Master? What are you……]
[Shh! Karen, it’s an order. Don’t speak to me until I let you]
[Eh? U-Understood……]


Karen replied so to the desperate Iwato, and then, she knew what Iwato was doing after looking at the person called by Nakajima-sensei.

[Err, her name is……]
[Ah, it’s okay. I’ll introduce myself]


When the fourteen years old girl who said that, raises her index finger, a chalk coiled with a red light and the textbook that Iwato’s holding, move suddenly.



The voices of Iwato’s shout and his classmates’ shock resounded, and they look at the chalk writing her name on the blackboard. Then, she looked at Iwato, and said this.

[Nice to meet you. I’m Sumikawa Ayame of the Superpower Special Military Forces! I have graduated from university, but because Iwato-sama is here, I transferred to this class through connections. Best regards!]


The students who heard that, were divided into the guys who were greatly perplexed and the girls who stare at Iwato.




Lunch break.
This is also through connection, huh? The window seat at the most back–in other words, Ayame who have became Iwato’s neighbor, came to Iwato and bowed her head.

[Iwato-sama! Thank you for saving me at that time! And, I’m sorry!]


Everyone in the class looked at Iwato with a puzzled look by those words, and Eita laughed with veins in his head. That is surely shows that he wants to say 『What is this? You better explain』.
While Iwato was thinking so, he accepted her thank and apology.

[Um, I don’t understand but, I get it]
[T-Thank you, Iwato-sama!]


Iwato’s face twitches instinctively when she called him with 『-sama』.
Ayame who sensitively guessed it, waves her hand, and she speaks while concealing the main points.

[N-No, I don’t mean that! Because Iwato-sama feels unpleasant by that, I’m calling you like this because I wanted to! It’s not related to that at all!]
[……Isn’t it a little related?]
[Yes! Just a little!]


Iwato had a wry smile by those words that’s not concealing anything, and he sighed as he thought 『If she’s this frank, I can’t get angry even if I want to』.

[Well, fine. Him and I are two different person. If you understand that, then it’s fine]
[Roger. I will pretend that it’s like that]


Although the words were strangely sounded with profound meaning, Karen interrupted them from the side before Iwato can say something.

[W-Wait! Why is an unrelated person talking to Master before this pupil here!? That sin deserves a certain death!]


What sin? First time hearing it, though.
Although Iwato and his classmates instinctively thought so, Ayame grinned and said this.

[Come to think of it, I was given the permission to stay in the Nagumo’s house by Iwato-sama’s mother. With this, I’m no longer unrelated, right? Karen]
[Wha!? Why are you meeting mother-in-law before me!? Or rather, don’t call me without honorifics!]
[That’s why I’m using honorific. Karen is really selfish]
[In that case, it’s the same as everyone!?]


Although Karen shouted so, it doesn’t concern Ayame at all.
However, Iwato also heard it for the first time, and he cuts into the conversation.

[No, wait. Both Tsumu and I have not allowed you to stay at our house yet]
[Master!? Why I’m not……]
[Karen, shut up]


Karen who was completely submissive to Iwato.
Iwato looked at Ayame who had a frustrating expression as she thinks that she somehow 『lost』 to Karen’s submissiveness, and speaks once again.

[First, Tsumu and I have not heard anything about it at all. In the first place, as long as Tsumu don’t allow it, I also don’t intend to allow……]
[Ah, I have tried Overdye SRB]
[Why don’t you come to our house today?]


The second bribe.
And also, Ayame didn’t stop there–

[Come to think of it, recently, I’m addicted to melon soda……]
『You got the mail』


At an instant, Iwato’s status application rang.
And, Tsumugu’s mail appeared on the screen, and there were two words written on it saying 『I allow』. The two who were easily bribed.
Ayame who takes a breather after seeing that, bowed her head while smiling pleasantly in her heart.

[Well then, please take care of me from today!]


Just like that, the number of freeloader increased by one in the Nagumo’s house.

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