World Record Chapter 20

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20. Internship

Ayame sat on her bed in her room, somehow in a good mood.
While swinging her legs, she starts to sing a CM song of a certain shampoo.
Although this is somewhat unimaginable considering Ayame was having feelings for the Black Pandora, the reason to this is mainly Iwato’s fault.

What happened, you say? After that, Ayame went to the shopping district to investigate the warp hole, but when she asked the people around there, they somehow only speak of Iwato.
Some say, I often see him saving children.
Some say, I saw him helping an elder and said [Thank you for creating this era].
Some say, he kept preventing traffic accident.
Some say, he stopped the crime syndicates’ conflict.
Some say, he gave an advice to a prostitute about her love.
And there are many more. She heard a lot of rumors on Iwato who was even called as 『Hero』, and as a result, her evaluation on Iwato improved even more.

[Time is money. Using his precious time to save people without compensation. As a result, he saved a lot of lives… What, what a wonderful person!?]


It’s a severe misunderstanding.
Certainly, Iwato has been called as a hero to the extent that no one can deny it anymore, but what he did was all for his and shampoo’s sake.
And yet, it was misunderstood in a good way, and as a result, Ayame’s evaluation towards Iwato improved even more. It has come to the level that one were to feel sympathy towards Iwato.
However, because the result will not change, it will surely work out somehow or another. As long as she don’t meet him.
However, while having such flag rose, their fate will not change.

[Fufu, I’m looking forward for the internship!]


Just like that, the subtle passing each other continues.




And, days passed. The internship day.
Ayame and the rest of the Special Forces’ members gathered in the training room at the Sapporo branch. A total of 30 people.
As for the breakdown, 28 C rank members and 2 B rank members. Although it seems unbalanced, B rank means that they are on par with Mystical Beast class. It’s a so-called human’s top class group. By the way, starting from A rank, they surpassed being human.
Hence, with the 2 B ranks, it’s enough to protect the city. And, having the people who have the power to protect the city, gathered in this place means that the Force Academy’s students are promising. But…

[Hmph, why do we have to look after the brats? I’m off duty today, you know?]
[That’s why you’re here. Gather those who are bored and release your stress like this. It’s the direct order from the higher-ups]
[Ha, I’ll train them a little this year too!]


The C rank members who begins to make noise despite the fact that there are 2 B rank members in front of them.
However, not everyone who’s like that. Beginning from Ayame, those who are reliable, were silent as they glare at those who’re making noise. There’s probably about 10 people who’re making noise now.
However, those people didn’t have such personality from the start. The moment they joined the Special Forces, they became arrogant when they were viewed specially. And, they were assigned to this town where strong Unknowns somehow don’t appear. And also, the position of [I’ll protect the town].
Due to all these cause, their current exoskeleton was formed, and as expected, it was also the few disgrace of the Special Forces.
Ayame flabbergasted as she looked at them, and thought of this at the same time.

(……Why the B rank members are not warning them?)


That’s right. The two B ranks in this place right now, are both famous for their honesty and power. Those two will not allow such thing to happen. They’re definitely not people who stay silent while folding their arms and closing their eyes.

(Bribe…no, it’s impossible, then they were ordered by someone who has a higher position…?)


Ayame thinks further of it, and even thought of this.
Just who the person is–either a sage or a fool.
Nevertheless, the answer became clear in the next moment.

[Youuu there. Guilty]


At an instant, the two B ranks disappeared, and at the same time, those members who were talking in joy, bend down on the ground all at once.

[M-MY ARM! My arm….!?]
[Kaha!? I’ll die…]


Screams rise from those who fell down all at once.
Ayame opened her eyes wide not being able to chase their movement, and at the point after chasing the two figures, she became speechless by the sight.
There’s countless swords floating midair, and among them, there was a figure of a person she recognized sitting on a shield.

–Isakai Manabu.

He’s the direct subordinate of the 『Devil King』 Nakajima Tomomi in the past, and 3 years after she retired, he now possesses the strength surpassing her. A genuine existence that’s the most closest to the Absolute.
Although his strength didn’t stood out due to Iwato and Tsumugu, he’s one of the few people in the world who can defeat Sacred Beast class.
On top of that, this person has strong sense of justice despite being flighty. He’s an honest person who was even acknowledged by the higher-ups and the royalty of many countries.
Thinking to that extent, Ayame thought of this.
Certainly, this person is the 『someone who has a higher position』.
–However, Ayame’s thought was denied very easily.

[Well, sorry that it became noisy. The higher-ups, in short, Japan’s prime minister and Minister of Defence, on top of that , 『Verme Kaiser』 and 『Black Pandora』, seem to hate you guys. Especially, a word from the Number One, 『Don’t get cocky, or I’ll erase you』]


The surroundings gulped instinctively by those words.
Even though it’s more than enough just by saying the two top name (Prime minister and Minister of Defence) of the country in this era, he even said that White Emperor of Hell Fire and King of Black Coffin. When they’re hated by such people, it’s a serious affair that involves life and death physically.

[Well, so you guys will be put into the isolation cell for a while and also a salary cut. I don’t mind if you want to run away, but in that case, it will be a search-and-destroy by the two Absolute. So, when that happens, be careful with your speech and conduct]


Of course, those guys consent while having a pale face.




Ayame was delighted in her heart.

Because the King of Black Coffin who saved her on that day and she continued to chase after his back, his name was heard for the second time in this Sapporo branch just under a week.
On top of that, she’s told that the Minister of Defence can contact him. To be honest, if she didn’t pick the means, she probably can reach him in a month.
Well, because she herself thought that she wants to find him with her own ability. So there’s no choices like requesting the Minister of Defence.

Compared to that, the Powerless Black King.
At first, she was jealous of him, but as she investigates on him, his charm became clear.
The heart that loves justice, and hates inequality and prejudice.
The ability to be able to instant kill a Mythical Beast class.
The sturdy will that can’t be restrained by the limit of being powerless.
Although the first one is a huge mistake, certainly, when his features are itemized, it’s quite a high quality.
And she think of the internship that’s coming very soon.

(It’s a tacit understanding that the Force Academy’s students will choose to come to the Special Forces during their internship. There’s no one who didn’t choose it so far, and surely, he must be among those students…)


That’s right. She can finally meet the person.
Ayame is aware that she was interested to the person as she investigated.
This kind of feeling is since the King of Black Coffin, and perhaps, that powerless person might have something rivaling him. Ayame thought so deep down in her heart.
And, the numerous rumors that back her thought, and even that Minister of Defence acknowledged his ability.

(I want to meet him quick…)


His existence in Ayame has already became a quite interested person, and she herself don’t know why it became like that, but surely–surely, if she sees his figure, she would know the reason to it.
Ayame had such intuition deep down in her heart as she moved her sight to the opened door.

The lead is a teacher who looks familiar, wearing a black jersey, and at the back, students lined up in a row.
Ayame looks out over the students without moving her neck and eyes exaggeratedly. Searching for the “Black”.

Search, search, search………huh?

Cold sweats start to flow on her face before she knew it, and the smile that comes from her [expectation] has already became stiff.

(I-It’s impossible……right?)


The most unpleasant thought comes into her mind, and she was convinced by the words of the teacher, Nakajima Tomomi.

[Um…sorry. Actually, there are two students who chose to go to another place instead of here. And those two are our most promising students]


Ayame looks up to the ceiling when she noticed it, and shouted this without minding the people around.



Just like that, Iwato’s evaluation changed from “a person in mind” to “a person I want to hit once”.

Whether this is a rank up or a rank down, that’s something we won’t know until those two meet.






Iwato receives the tissue from Karen after he sneezes, and he blows his nose.

[Master sneezing……it’s unusual. Maybe someone is talking behind your back]
[Well, although I’m not sure, isn’t it just hay fever? It’s May after all]


When Iwato replies so to Karen, she opened her eyes wide and shouted this.

[I see! Even Master can receive indirect damage from hay fever!]
[………Even so, don’t try it out on me, okay?]
[Of course!]


Just like that, the two entered the building of their internship.

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