World Record Chapter 15

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15. Sequel -Soul of Coffin-

After that, Karen blushed when she realized that she was embraced by Iwato, separated from him, and in the end, she got on to the bus without saying goodbye due to the embarrassment.

Well, as a result, that’s the last time they face each other, and her last memory with them became [Iwato’s body that embraced me] as the bus departed, but she’s too embarrass to think of that.
But still, it’s the end that [suits] her, and after Karen calmed down, she thought that the end was probably appropriate.

[Well, I still haven’t gave up in being his pupil, and he did say that we can meet anytime! I will come and see you again, Tsumu-san, Master!]


Karen said so as she get down from the bus in high spirits, and she entered the airport.

[Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t buy souvenir for Father and Mother!!]


While saying these words.




After that, because Karen went to buy souvenirs, she board the airplane at the last moment, and she took out [Aichuu] from her bag after she took a breath.
Aichuu is a strange thing that’s neither a gummy nor a candy. According to Karen, [This is indispensable in the airplane!].

Karen opens the bag.
There seems to be a rule stating that [Things brought into the airplane are prohibited], but if it’s not found out, then it’s fine.
In the first place, was there anyone who was warned because of eating Aichuu in the airplane? The answer is no.



Not a single person except Karen is in the plane.
Karen spread the Aichuu’s bag, and took out some of it and ate it while humming.
Because what she’s thinking right now is [What excuse should I use to come back to Sapporo?].

[Moving to there……will trouble my parents. Getting injured……makes me can’t train. Running away from home……will bring trouble too. In the first place, I want to go to school…]


When she’s thinking such thing, a sound “ding dong” can be heard, and the airplane is moving slowly.
Karen who board an airplane from Sendai to Sapporo for the first time, thinks whether the plane will crash or not in her heart, but the iron bird flew away to the sky as if to ridicule her thoughts.



Karen instinctively leaked such a voice as she could feel that her internal organs move and her body pressing the seat.
It somehow will be a good muscle training if she don’t lean to the seat. Of course, Karen put it into action immediately.
Karen becomes relief as the pressure on her body disappeared because the plane has become stable after a while.

[Well, as expected, I can’t get used to riding airplane alone… It’s scary just like the time I saw the battle between the Humanoid and Tsumu-san]


When Karen leaned her body to the seat, at the same time, Iwato’s word came to her mind suddenly.

“Karen, be proud of yourself. You’re more superior than us”

That’s Iwato’s words.
Up until now, she herself has only been called as a [Dropout]. And before she knew it, she understood that she was a dropout. That’s why she decided to train her taijutsu.
Therefore, those words that cut away all those, certainly resounded in Karen’s heart. And Karen realized that there’s a mysterious feeling in her heart.
And, she started to realize the feeling’s identity.

[When I think about Master…my chest tighten somehow. Is this–]


–Certainly, is it love?

Although she didn’t say it, the feelings of embarrassment strikes Karen suddenly, and she cover her face with both of her hands.
“Embarrassing, it’s embarrassing!! What should I do the next time I meet Master!!”
When Karen screamed in her mind, a “ding dong” sound can be heard, and she took the seatbelt.

[Haa…… I feel like I don’t want to go back to Sapporo]


When Karen had a wry smile with a blushing face, at the same time, another word came to her mind for some reason.

“I’m speaking to myself. The trial…haven’t end yet. Karen…can you see my soul…now?”

Karen who recalled it, thinks “What was the meaning of that?”.
First, [I’m speaking to myself], Tsumugu probably gave a hint with the excuse of saying it as a monologue. Karen knows that.
Next is [The trial haven’t end yet].
This is also relatively easy. The condition is [Until Karen gives up]. That means there’s still a chance to be Iwato’s pupil. Karen also knows that.

[Why I can’t see Tsumu-san’s soul at that time……?]


That’s right, at that time, Karen who looked at Tsumugu’s soul was almost zero distance, but she couldn’t see her soul. As if–it’s like the usual Iwato.
After thinking this far, Karen was bothered by something in her mind.

“To be honest…Nii-san and I…thinks that…Karen can’t fulfilled the condition”
“At any rate, it’s absolutely impossible for you to see it while you’re in this town. So I can help because I have free time”

That was the words said by Tsumugu on the day she fought with the humanoid Unknown.
When thinking it from now, she think that there’s a different nuance included in those words.

As if–it’s not a figure of speech, but she used those words as it is.

[N-No way!?]


At an instant, everything in Karen’s mind was connected.

A soul that can’t be seen.

Tsumugu’s soul at zero distance.

Same as Iwato.

While I’m in this town.

Absolutely impossible to see it.

World Recorder, Tsumugu.

Iwato who seems to be stronger.

Then–the size of his soul is…

Karen looks outside from the window next to her seat.
But the town can’t be seen from the window anymore, and Karen leaves her seat, and she runs to the last window at the back at full speed.
Iwato once said this in the training room.

[About the seven wonders of Sapporo that strong Unknowns won’t come? Well, as a possibility, won’t it be something like a person who has a soul bigger than Tsumu’s soul that can cover the whole town, is in the town? Well, if there’s such a person, I wonder if I can even win or not]


Tsumugu once said this.

[Nii-san is…clever in…deceiving various things. Words…behavior…descriptive part]


After thinking about those, Karen comes to a thought of a certain possibility.

[If……the target is oneself]


Karen reached the last window.
And, she looked down through the window–and attained the answer.

[Certainly……I won’t find the answer if I’m in the town]


Karen mutters so while burning the sight of the soul into her memory.

And, she recalled some memories.

The words once said by the Demon King.

[Tell me the information about my target, the person who has a coffin-shaped soul]
The words once said by her few friends in Sendai.

[The World Recorder Number One seems to be at Sapporo where the one and only person without powers is there]
And, the words Tsumugu said pridefully.

[Un! Nii-san…stronger than me! I can’t win no matter what!]


[Master…just how strong are you…?]


What’s there is–a blue coffin–that looked to spring up in the dark night and has a similar color as someone’s eyes.
There’s a coffin-type soul that covers the town completely as if it’s pierced into the ground.

Karen who have accidentally solved one of the world’s seven wonders.




In the end, the A rank members subjugated the wyverns that attacked a few times, and Karen managed to return to her hometown, Sendai late at night.

If Sapporo is a town excel at both agriculture and industry, Sendai is a town specialized in agriculture completely.
It’s not as big as Sapporo, and something like a moving walkway doesn’t exist in Sendai unlike Sapporo. It’s commonly referred as the Japan before the Year of Disaster.
Hence, there’s an atmosphere of wonder and warm in this town, and because of that, this town is mysteriously peaceful to the extent that the police don’t have much to do.
Bartering agricultural products is a matter of course, and even if a person slept outside, it’s said that nothing will happen to that person.
Well, that’s why, Karen slept on the roadside like that at Sapporo, but that has already told.

Returning back to the subject.

Originally, Karen needs to take a bus from here for a few hours until reaching her house, but what Karen saw after she got down from the airplane and took her luggage, was…

[Oh, Karen. How’s your trip to Sapporo? Did you made any friends?]


The person there was a blue-haired woman who wears a robe in this era which is unusual.
An unknown intimidation can be felt from her body, and because of that, the presence of people fades around her.
And, this woman is–

[Un? Macbeth-sensei! Sapporo was fun!]


If seen as a stranger, she looked like a person who self-proclaim herself as a [Magician], but the viewpoint changes completely if it’s Karen and her parents.
After all, she is the one who taught [Magic] to Karen, in short, the main cause of “Mahou Shoujo”.
Macbeth-sensei smiled gently by Karen’s words, and she opens her mouth to talk.

[Apparently, it really is……Oh? Perhaps, you found someone you like?]
[W-W-W-Why is that? N-No way! He’s not a very strong master, let alone the main culprit of Sapporo’s seven wonders!]


It’s too obvious.
Then, Macbeth-sensei who heard that, put her hand on her chin as she became silent for a while. And she sighed.

[Well…., Karen, you met the boy named [Nagumo], isn’t it? And you’re influenced by him to become stronger. Am I wrong?]


Karen felt an electric shock throughout her body after hearing Macbeth’s words.
Of course, that’s not the fact that she was seen through her heart.

[Sensei……are you perhaps acquainted with Master?]


That’s right, she was shocked that Macbeth managed to guess the name of her Master from her own words.
However, Macbeth continues speaking in the way of no concern.

[No. I think that only I know about him, and he don’t know anything about me]


–Well, it will be strange if we don’t know about that naturally born monster.

She said so and frowns as if she’s really troubled.
Although Karen has many questions that she wants to ask Macbeth, Macbeth said this before Karen can ask her.

[Karen. To be honest, that boy has surpassed us…no, the gods in this world. And also, an ordinary god won’t stand a chance against him. To stand next to that boy, means that you must also surpassed the gods. Do you really have a resolution to that extent?]


Karen opened her eyes wide by those words.

[Sensei……was he possibly a god?]
[Yes, a Magic God…No, he’s just an ordinary person, okay?]


That’s right.
For Karen who have seen that soul, it’s impossible for her to doubt that Iwato have surpassed the gods. The problem was the truth.
When thinking it normally, it’s just a braggart, but

[As expected, Sensei, I can’t see your soul from this distance. No wonder you prohibit me to see soul up until now]
[Wha!? Why are you seeing it in a sudden, Karen? It’s shameless!]
[What shameless! In the first place, I can’t even see anything!]


Karen shouted so and sighed, and she said this to Macbeth.

[I won’t stop anymore. No matter the opponent is a god or demon, I will do anything to catch up with Master. That’s why, Sensei, please teach me more about Mahou Shoujo while I negotiate with my parents to go to Sapporo once again. If it’s a Magic God, then it’s possible, right?]
[Please don’t make fun of a Magic God. Well, I’m not a Magic God, though]
[It’s too late already, Macbeth-sensei]


And just like that, Karen reunite with Magic God Macbeth, and in order to go to Sapporo once again, she decided to talk to her parents.

[As expected, I will keep on trying. That’s how I am!]


She said so, and began to walk in high spirits.

[…Ah, Karen? There’s not the exit]
[……O-Off course I know it!]

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