World Record Chapter 127

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127. The world’s most hated man

I hate the human called Nagumo Iwato.
I hate him to the extent that I want to kill him.
There is probably no one who hates him more than me.
I hate him to the extent that I am confident with that.

『Say, Onikko. What do you want to eat for tomorrow?』

The memory of that man is recalled.
I tried to kill him and I was beaten.
But somehow, he kept me alive.
Then, I started to live at his house.
I didn’t want any pity at all.
Things given by him are all trashes. I will have an unpleasant feeling just by accepting something from him.
But then, I would die.
I need to revenge my father.
I need to kill the person who killed my father.
I can’t die until I kill him.
That’s why, I endured it desperately.

The meals given three times a day, didn’t have a taste at all.
I couldn’t feel anything.
I couldn’t feel the thing called taste.
That’s why, I was filled in unpleasant feeling by the food given by him. The food that went down my throat, made me want to vomit.

The conversation with him tasted like shit.
As if treating a tumor, his eyes, his atmosphere, and his heart were disgusting. I thought of killing him quickly many times. But I can’t kill him now. Even if I punch and burn him, I don’t think I can kill him. I can’t even kill the defenseless him.
That’s why, I endured.
Grow up until the day I can kill him.
The wait until that day was too bitter.

It was a disgrace to be taught by him.
I don’t understand the human world.
Why does such difficult thing is required? Unknown hunts preys, cook them, eat, sleep, and sometimes, bathe. I lived like that. I never thought of it being inconvenient as I thought of it as a matter of course.
That’s why, things like bathroom, washbasin, kitchen.
Something like an extremely luxurious house as a rain shelter.
I was slightly surprised upon seeing those. I didn’t know how to use them.
But it is a different case if I want to be taught by him.
I hate him. I hate him very much.
I rather die than being taught by him. ……Ah, I mustn’t die. I will kill him and then die together. But I can’t kill him yet.
That’s why, I had him teach me inevitably.
Of course I know, but I had him teach me once again.
I almost laughed upon seeing him teaching something that I already know. But every time I want to laugh, the figure of my father came to my mind. When I think of my father who was killed mercilessly, I can’t laugh yet. I don’t want to laugh.
That’s why, I didn’t show my feelings.
I decided to do so.

His actions were idiotic.
One day, my existence was found out, I think. The demonic group that hunts Unknowns, 『Special Forces』 surrounded the house completely.
Where did they get such information?
Probably, the boss of the organization which I heard who is very good at handling 『machines』, told them secretly. Secretly without anyone knowing.
I prepared for my death.
His mother seems to be the boss of the 『Special Forces』.
He pitied me so he kept me alive. He felt guilty for killing my father so he kept me alive. But when he need to pick between his own mother and me, it is obvious which one he will pick.
–His mother.
Even I myself, will pick my father when given the choice between a stranger and my father.
That’s why, I was surprised by his decision.
He pointed the sword to his own mother.
Saying that he will protect me.
He even said to break off relations with his own blood relative.
His back was……somehow similar to my fathers, and I became frustrated unconsciously.
The man I hated the most looked the same as the man I loved the most.
By that fact only, I wanted to tear off my own eyes, but I managed to endure it and continued looking at his back.

I really don’t understand him.
He started to work for my sake.
If he continued hunting us without thinking anything as always, he will surely be given good food, house, and weapons from the Special Forces.
And yet, he quit the Special Forces.
I first thought that he was taking me into consideration.
But I somehow felt that it was not like that.

He always wake up early and come back late.
One day, when I woke up, he wasn’t there.
Only leaving a dirty meal and a note. My father taught me the human’s letters. That’s why, I can read. The simple word, 『breakfast』.
I pour the chilled breakfast into my stomach while enduring it.
I felt of vomiting as usual, but I gotten used to it compared to the first time.
The lunch will be in the thing called refrigerator.
Or he will come back once and make it at noon.
Of course, it tastes bad to the extent of vomiting.
I rejected him many times saying that I won’t accept his charity.
But as expected, I don’t want to die, so I rummaged the thing called refrigerator when he is not around. He almost found out several times, but he is an idiot so he won’t realize that I stole his food. Because he is an idiot.
Even at night, I am basically alone.
Rummage the refrigerator alone, and eat something.
In order to win against him one day.
In order to kill him on day.

Day by day, his face became pale.
Serves you right.
Get worst and die.
I can only think of that. Serves you right.
But I was slightly worried about him.
Is this because I stole his food too much?
Is this because I ate his food without his permission?
I also felt that way.
I am not worried at all, and it is natural for him to do something for me, but……I feel that I am being taken care if I say that.
That’s why, I stopped rummaging.
I felt of vomiting, but I decided to eat the meal he made.
Day by day, it only gets slightly delicious, but somehow, it started to become like a proper meal recently.
It felt a little delicious.

Recently, something is wrong with him.
I stopped rummaging his food.
That’s why, I am troubled if he is not lively.
I am the one who will kill him.
I don’t mind if he died due to some disease, but if possible, I want to defeat him with my own hands. Defeat him, make him accept his loss, make him apologize to my father, and wait for him to plead for his life. Then, I will punch him and kill him. ……No, if he pleads for his life, I might use him as my slave. I am amazed by the growth of the food he made.
That’s why, I felt discomposed when I see him in a bad condition.

I thought of what making him tired.
I think the reason why he is tired is because he kept making food for me everyday. I don’t know about the human world, but my father said that the society uses paper money to exchange goods. I don’t understand, but he is probably earning that 『paper money』 while making my food. I was convinced so.
It took 3 days for me be convinced.
I am smart even if I say so myself.
I realized the clear cause in just 3 days. I am smart.
Since that day, I decided to not rely on him.
First is the meal.
I will make the food he made.
He returned and head to his room.
He looked tired, so he would probably sleep like that.
That’s why I wear cloth stolen from his room, and steal the dagger called knife from the weapon storage under the kitchen. With this, I can kill him.
I take out the disgusting orange colored object α from the refrigerator, and swing the dagger while recalling of his figure.
……Somehow, it’s harder than expected.
Doing this everyday will certainly tire him.
It can’t be helped, so I will make my own meal starting from today. ……Well, if he begs me, then I don’t mind to make his share at that time. It’s interesting to reject him if he begs, but I would be troubled if he dies of starvation. I will be the one who kill him.

He left without his bento.
Serves you right. I bet he is hungry now.
Recently, he started to get use to the black hair and calling me his little sister as if he is crazy, but as expected, he is crazy in some respects. He can’t do anything without a reliable Unknown like me. He is a burden. To be honest, only a hindrance. But I am broadminded because I approve it.

I decided to deliver his bento.
When I am not around, he really can’t do anything.
I am sure that he won’t even realize why he is hungry. That’s why, this kind me will deliver the bento to him.
Though it is soaked by the rain.
I don’t want him to die yet.
Because I will kill him.

I don’t want to be alone yet.

That’s why, I would be troubled if he don’t live until the day I can survive on my own. I would be troubled if he doesn’t stay by my side until then.
That’s why, I will be kind to him.
And one day, I will kill him mercilessly.
He will surely cry at that time.
I think he will cry when he will be killed by the kind me.
When thinking of that, I start to feel good.
That’s why, I think of killing him today as well.
The man that I hate the most.

The man that I hate the most in the world.


Akuma laughed loudly.
As if looking down on the opponent.
As if showing that he is superior.
He shows a cruel smile to the girl in front of him.

「Your father was weak. Prioritizing his own ideal, but didn’t have the power to make it happen at all. When you were taken as a hostage, he couldn’t do anything. His face when he was tormented at that time! It’s too funny that I still remember it clearly!」

Shutendouji desired the coexistence with humans.
High ideal, unwanted dream, empty theory.
The only Unknown which walked the path of 『coexistence』 which is a dream within a dream. That was her father, Shutendouji.

「–Survival of the fittest. That’s how it is」

The Shutendouji’s daughter grits her teeth in front of the man.
Punched on her face, kicked on her stomach, and her body is covered in blood.
Her arm’s bone broke, and she can no longer feel her right leg. She wanted to check whether her legs exist or not, but she can’t move her head because her neck was being grabbed.


Breathing painfully, blurring sight.
But still, she glares at the man.
Hate, resentment, and killing intent.
Hatred surges from the bottom of her heart.
The dark burning emotion.
The feeling of burned heart. The breath inhaled, is strangely cold. Her sight loses color, and only being painted over by the blood.
…………But I can’t win.
The Shutendouji’s daughter can’t win against this man.
She couldn’t win.
The difference in power is too much. Not the problem of the potential and talent, but just the difference in experience.
The Shutendouji’s daughter who doesn’t know about fighting up until now.
And the mass killer who fought up until now.
An overwhelming difference separating them that can’t be filled with feelings or luck.
As if a cliff without a bridge.
Even if she reaches out for it or steps forward, she can’t never reach it. Only this man laughing at the opposite side. Scorning that she can’t beat him.
Seeing that scene……I somehow started to cry.

「Oh oh, do you think I will let you live if you cried? What a naive thinking……!」

Akuma throws her body with all his strength.
Being thrown strongly, her body bounces a few times and rolls until close to the wall. Akuma shows demonic smile upon seeing the girl groaning in pain.

「Don’t worry. I will kill you. I won’t play with you anymore because I’m a little pissed off. I will have the dogs fuck you after you die」

Akuma’s footsteps resound in the prison.
Her tears won’t stop.
I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die yet.
I haven’t done anything yet.

『Hey, □□□. If I die, please succeed my will. If it is hard on your generation, then entrust it to your child. This dream……the dream of coexisting with humans must not be eradicated』

Her father’s words came to mind.
The gentle smile and the big hand patting her head.
Tears overflow upon recalling the memories with her father.

『You…are not Tou-san. Not my family…not my brother. That’s why, you can’t love me. The day when you will abandon me who tries to make you suffer……who tries to kill you, will surely come』

Recalling those words.
She holds killing intent towards that man.
It probably won’t change no matter what.
The dark killing intent distorted in hatred and disgust.
Pointing that at him, there is no way he wouldn’t abandon me.
That’s right, the words thrusted at him.

「Now, time for your execution. Look at me and die. Be honored to die」

Akuma’s voice can be heard from the front.
When I raise my head, I can see the figure of a man swinging a black sword.
Facing the scene, she thinks.
I don’t want to die yet.
I still haven’t done anything.
I haven’t killed him.
I want to make my father’s dream come true.
I haven’t done the things I wanted to do.

–I haven’t delivered the bento to him.

Her own feelings ran in that moment.
She opens her eyes wide facing that.

–And, a blue light flickers at the corner of her sight.


A surprised voice resounds, and immediately following, a scream can be heard.
When she realized it, a familiar back figure stood in front of her.

「–Sorry, I’m late」

Hearing that voice, I can’t help but to cry.
I don’t want to die.
My head is only filled with that feeling.
The back figure that I wished at the last moment.
The figure that I desired from the bottom of my heart.

「W, hy……」

She raises her voice instinctively.
The man in front of her, turns around, and strokes her head while smiling gently like her father.


Akuma groans after being punched on his stomach.
Turning around, he said 「I told you, didn’t I」.

「–I won’t abandon you」

The man–Nagumo Iwato clenched his fists to the extent that they are bleeding.

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