World Record Chapter 121

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121. As a sister

It’s getting closer to the climax.

When I first saw him, I thought he was an angel.
A boy looks at me with big and round eyes.
My own figure reflects in the eyes of the boy who’s yet to become an elementary school student. Somehow, it feels shameful to see the twisted figure.
And, I thought at that time.
Although I might be twisted.
Although I don’t know when this kind of world will end.
At least, for this kid. I want this kid to live happily without any cynicism.

It’s already too late now, but I did made such wish.





The sound of clashing swords resounded, and sparks scattered.
The 『Mumei』 she is holding is a matchless sword that cuts through superpower. Therefore, it will not break even when crossing swords with Mikoto’s 『Raikirimaru』, but–

「Now, how long will it last?」

The next moment, Tomomi and her katana were greatly pushed back.
If you wonder what happened, it is just that the opponent pushed her body forward while locking swords. It can be explained that simple.
However, the technique is hard to explain. The Raikirimaru swings upwards at the woman who broke her stance.

「Leave from this world」

Along with the sound of lightning sparks, Raikirimaru accelerates.
That speed is far superior than a normal katana’s speed. Tomomi who quickly received the blow with Mumei, felt a strange shock on her shoulder.


(W-What an absurd power……!)

From waist to shoulder. From shoulder to elbow. From elbow to arm. From arm to wrist. And finally, from wrist to the blade. The power gathered at one point without any surplus, and that one blow struck Tomomi.
Leaking a suffering voice from the gap of her clenched teeth as Tsukie holds her hands out to back Tomomi.
And–her body fell into the shadow.

「Nuhahahaha! It’s a trouble if you forgot about me!」

Tsukie who raised her face, saw a large fist.
Without even time for dodging it, her body is hit–and the next moment, her body disperses into black mist.

「『Shadow Clone』. I think it’s quite hard to forget about a sultry guy like you」

Before Matsubara knows it, Tsukie’s voice can already be heard from his back, and he opens his eyes wide in surprise upon seeing her 『technique』 of changing places with a clone.

「Oh, I don’t know when you changed places at all! As expected, it’s impossible to train the muscles of the eyeballs. I see, my only weakness is my eyeballs!」
「I don’t know, but if that’s your weakness, then I have no choice but to aim at it!」

Tsukie swings her arm.
At the same time, Tomomi’s body sinks into the shadow–the next moment, she appears behind Matsubara.

「Did you know, Muscle Ball!? That she has more than one ability……!」

Tomomi swings her katana with all her strength.
Matsubara swings his fist quickly. His fist and the katana clashes–and Tomomi’s body is blown away by the shock wave.


Tsukie’s scream resounds.
However, Tomomi who killed the force by stabbing the sword into the ground, smiled while wiping the blood from her mouth.

「–First, a stroke of sword」

Matsubara’s fist was cut greatly and it was shedding blood. Mikoto who saw Matsubara bleeding for the first time, was surprised.

「I-I, see…… I didn’t expect you will use my power to cut at me. Certainly, if you use my muscle’s power, it is fate that my muscles will be defeated……」

Although he is pretending to be tough, his expression is distorted in agony.
–Matsubara Makoto.
At the same time as his superpower manifested, his muscles grew abnormally, and he became a superhuman who can’t even be wounded due to the natural armor of muscles.
Therefore, he is extremely weak towards pain.
After all, although he fought for many years, he had never sustain a wound before.
That’s why, he is not used to pain.
Even shedding blood, and even the pain of the wound.
Because he had never experienced it at all, it has a great effect on him.

「Hey, what’s wrong? You’re sweating cold sweats」

Tomomi stands up with the katana as a cane.
Upon seeing that, Matsubara prepares his fist.
Even so, he couldn’t use his right hand anymore as he move his right arm to his back. Upon seeing that, Mikoto clenched her teeth.

「Matsubara…… After coming this far, your weakness is exposed!」

Matsubara is strong. But at the same time, he is weak.
He might collapse with just an attack that can pierce his defense. His vulnerability towards pain is even inferior to a child.
Mikoto who sensed it, quickly prepares her katana and runs–but she clicks her tongue upon seeing the shadow appearing from the ground.

「Oh my, where are you going?」

And upon seeing Tsukie appearing from the side, she prepares her katana.

「If you plan to stop me–I will force my way through!」

Tsukie stands in Mikoto’s way by standing behind Tomomi as Mikoto grips the handle with killing intent and swinging it–and she opens her eyes wide.

「Where are you going in such a hurry?」

A sound resounded from her back.
What her superpower, 『Mind’s Eye』 grasped was a red haired woman–Nakajima Tomomi appeared from the shadow behind her with a smile, and with 『Mumei』in her hands, Mikoto felt a chill on her spine.


–Mind’s Eye.
That is a superpower that can handle any kind of situation with its abilities of 360 degrees vision and weakness detection.
However, that is all of it.
It cannot see through an obstacle, and even if it can confirms it, it shouldn’t increase the reaction speed.
Therefore, the moment Tomomi hid in Tsukie’s shadow, she used her power to slip into the shadow, and appeared behind Mikoto. Mikoto reacted just a little late.


She swings her katana down.
Tsukie deploys the shadow to block it.
Sighting that, Mikoto still swings her katana towards Tomomi who’s behind her.
Thus, two katanas cross–

The next moment, Nakajima Tomomi recalls.
When the dull weather shines the ground.
The figure of a boy running as if enduring something while wailing.
I wanted him to be happy.
I thought that at least, I want him to be happy even in this kind of world.
However, as if smashing the wish, the reality was cruel to the extent he was thrown into the 『current situation』.


She thinks.
Why was it him?
Fate picked him by chance.
A strong superpower came to his side.
At the moment he was born in this world, the superpower’s strength brought him to this future.
Upon thinking that much, I clenched my teeth.
What if he wasn’t strong?
Will he possibly obtain an ordinary happiness at that time? Going to school with his classmates, going out to play on the way back, or fall in love with someone and enjoy youth.
Will he go through such future?
When thinking so, her heart felt painful.

The sound of sword fight resounds, and Mikoto’s body is blown away by the shock wave from Mumei’s strike.
Although the shadow approaches her quickly, Mikoto who regained her posture immediately in the air, swings her 『Raikirimaru』 and manages to get away from sustaining any damage.

「……Y-You……! Who……Who the hell are you facing!?」

Mikoto’s enraged voice resounded.
Upon hearing that, Tomomi smiles slightly and speaks indifferently.

「……I can’t save him. Becoming like this just because he has a strong superpower. That’s just too much. Youth, love, and life. Throwing away all those to live desperately, and this is the result of it. ……At least, I don’t intend to accept it」

Thus, she grips her katana strongly.
Facing the front, she saw the figure of Tsukie.
On the other side, there is the figure of the angered Mikoto and Matsubara. Pointing the katana at both of them, Tomomi glares at them.

「But well, it can’t be helped as it has already ended. But still, he……he’s trying to climb up from this abyss of emptiness」

–Then, there’s only one thing to do.
In the eyes of the smiling woman, there is the flame of strong will.

「As a sister, I only wish for my brother’s happiness. For that, I will even pick a fight against the world」




「……Now, this looks like it is going to be a good match」

She muttered.
The place is at a spacious room in the base of the Six Demon Spears.
Countless screens installed on the walls, and there are many machines lying down on the floor.
Copy machine.
Remote control.
Looking around the countless machines, she smiles.

「Now then, I don’t think he can win, though」

Thus, she raises her eyes.
There is a passage connecting to a room there–an overwhelmingly cold killing intent overflows from there.
Even RInji and Akuma cannot be compared to it.
Witnessed countless deaths, and the absurd intimidating air released from him that can’t be compared.
Once a person feels this, other people’s killing intent would probably feel like a child’s play.
The torrent of killing intent that made her thought so–no, the man was absolutely overwhelming.


「……Now, you’re the mastermind, right?」


Thus, the white haired boy who appeared.
Opened his mouth towards the woman–【Digital Ruler】 who is sitting at the center of the room.

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