World Record Chapter 107

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107. Secret Plan

After that, the man was dragged away by the Special Forces, and the case comes to an end as a robbery.
The man is an ex-Special Forces just according to my assumption. To put it simply, he withdrew from the Special Forces, either because he couldn’t keep in pace with the Special Forces or he just didn’t like about the Special Forces’ policy.
Therefore, they gave a large amount of money to Manager and Senpai as a 『hush money』, but–

「Aah, what to do……」

While looking at the leaflet with job offers, I muttered.
Onikko wearing Nee-san’s t-shirt is sitting on the opposite sofa, and she inclines her head in curiosity.

「Ah, no, you see……」

If you look at where she’s looking, you can see the time showing 8:00 which is supposed to be the time I go to my part-time job.
This is really hard to say……


Onikko’s cold words pierced my heart.
To put it simply, after that incident, I sent the letter of resignation to Manager, and quitted my part-time job.
After all, I fought to that extent against that robber. As expected, I can’t use the excuse 『I’m just an ordinary person』 anymore……

「Even if you didn’t ask anything…… how to say this. Something like a distinction」

Let’s assume that I continue working at the convenience store, and Senpai and Manager accepts me warmly……
I thought of it upon having such delusion. That it’s 『naïve』.
I’m not a Special Forces anymore.
I might still have the title as one, but still, I have already thrown the whole aspect of being the strongest in the Special Forces.
Because I can’t use 『power』 anymore.

「I have decided to not use this power anymore. And yet, if I remain at 『a place where no one questions me even if I use my power』……perhaps」

Perhaps, I will take advantage of the situation, and one day, use my 『power』.
I thought so.

「Well, I did that much. Manager and Senpai must be being 『Who exactly was that boy……!?』 by now. I’m sure of it」
「……Is it?」

She replied while casting her eyes down, and she leaked a voice.

「……Was it…fun?」
「……Well, yeah」

Certainly, the part-time job was fun.
There were many things to remember, and it was hard.
However, it’s still fun.

「As my first part-time job, it might be a good pick」

I mutter and breathe out greatly.
But that 『fun』 part has come to an end.
After this, I will start earning regularly.
I’ll stuff as many jobs as I can in order to earn more money.
Otherwise, I can’t protect this girl.
While muttering that in my heart, I place my hand on her head.

「Well, it’s not something that you need to be worry. Though I may look like this, I’m strong. This kind of thing is not a problem for me」

Upon hearing that, Onikko looks back at me, but she quickly averts her eyes, and knocks off my hand and starts walking.
I take a breath upon seeing her unpleasant-looking figure, and sink into the sofa. I once again look at the leaflet.

「……Well then, time to work harder」

I muttered that alone, and opened my status application to make a call.




–It was a dark room.
There’s just a large screen at the back of the room, and only a blue light illuminated the room.
This place was the place where the girl aka Onikko knew that 『Nagumo Iwato』 was the one who killed her father. At there, once again, 6 people gathered.

「–Now then. Everyone is here」

There’s a long table placed at the center of the room. The green-haired woman who’s sitting at the most back seat, facing her back to the screen, raised her voice, and the remaining 5 people followed.

「Ah, yes」

The one who replied shortly was the man with white hair and black eyes.
In addition to the 『strong person』 aura surging from his body, his white hair is the proof of a strong superpower.
His white hair is different from Iwato’s. It’s more like 『grey』, but still, there’s no change in the strength of the superpower. In this 『organization』, everyone acknowledged his strength.
–Saikyou Rinji.
The man is sitting while folding his arms without breaking his manner.

「Or rather, that, what’s it called? What happened to the Shutendouji’s brat? Though I don’t care even if it becomes a war」

The one who muttered that is a purple-haired boy who’s wearing a black coat.
However, the purple hair is considerably close to white, therefore, he is also strong.
–Waruno Akuma.
The name expresses the man.
If you assume Saikyou being a 『Light Novel Protagonist』, then Waruno is none other than the Demon King.
Him being a demon is just to illustrate of how he is.

「Hahahahaha! Looks like it’s still not found yet! If I remember correctly, some of the wire netting has been changed, so it might have escaped from there. However, we still couldn’t find it at this point of time, so isn’t it better to give up?」

The one who said that while brushing his hair is the only blond foreigner in this room.
–Grazi Blacklist.
If you were to express him in a word, he’s an extreme narcissist.
While laughing greatly, he brushed his hair up.

「……I…don’t really care」

The one who raise a small voice is a ponytailed girl.
She’s sitting on the chair while embracing a katana as big as her stature, and one would feel that she somehow looks admirable.
–Kuroku Mikoto.
She looked at the great man next to her as if saying 『you’re next』, and she quickly returned her eyes back.

「Nahahahahaha! Well, isn’t it fine!? After all, we planned to go search in the town, right? Then, we should just search for it at that time! At any rate, there’s no way the Special Forces will protect an Unknown!」

The one who raised such a loud voice is a red crew cut haired great man.
Matsubara Makoto.
The word, overdoing macho suits this man as he shows his muscles, and the green-haired woman raised her voice.

「……As usual, there’s no control at all……Well. I will leave that for now. I discovered a certain 『possibility』 this time. That’s why, I want to discuss about it」

And that’s–
The woman who continued so with the screen on her back.


「–That’s regarding the Shutendouji’s daughter, in other words, 【Experimental Subject 014】」


Upon hearing that, everyone changed their posture.
–Experimental Subject.
In other words, the 『organization』 lead by the green-haired woman is using Unknowns in experiments behind the Special Forces’ back. No matter how normal they take an attitude on the surface, if the Special Forces found it, it’s clear that it won’t be something normal.
Therefore, they want to retrieve the experimental subject no matter what it takes.

–No, to be more precise, 【Retrieve it or kill it. Otherwise, it’s would become troublesome】.

They know that, therefore, they fall silent–

「014’s location is probably at–【King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)】’s house」

Everyone was shocked by those words.

「Commander, p-please give me a moment. If my lovely memories are correct, the King of Black Coffin is an absolute human ideologist. The countless actions he took are very far apart from 『Sheltering an Unknown』! Therefore, such thing is–」
「……This is the proof」

And the one displayed in the screen is the figure of Nagumo Iwato aka the King of Black Coffin pointing the katana towards the Special Forces.

「King of Black Coffin. Nagumo Iwato–the son of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense. His power is a mystery, but with our organization’s power, it’s easy to know the 『true identity』. However, that is not the problem now」

The problem is–
In accordance to her words, the footage in the screen magnified.
There’s the figure of a little girl peeping from the house door behind the man called Nagumo Iwato.
At first, her figure looks blurred due to the magnification, but after the green-haired woman snapped her finger, the footage becomes sharp.

「I knew that the Special Forces 『purposely』 evacuated the surrounding region. It was right to send a small spy plane」

The woman smiles and stands up.
The thing reflected in her eyes when she turned around is the familiar-looking girl who stares at Nagumo Iwato in worry.

Upon seeing that, she–the commander aka Toudou Akane.


「–I announce this as an emergency mission. Retrieve or 【Kill】 the Shutendouji’s daughter aka Experimental Subject 014, and 【Erase】 Nagumo Iwato, the King of Black Coffin who knows everything」


A extra-large mission ever since the organization was formed.
They all looked at Toudou, and one man raised his hand without hesitation.


「–Well then, I will go」


The one who raise his voice is–Grazi Blacklist.
The biggest narcissist in this organization.


The strongest–fire user in this organization.

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