World Record Chapter 105

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105. Criminal

One week have passed after starting my part-time job.
That one week was very long, and my cooking sense has started to show some growth.

「Ta-dah! An edible bento is completed!」

Onikko looks at the bento I made with confidence with cold eyes.

「……I can’t see…anything but rice」
「Yes, it’s rice」

She muttered timidly, and I said it again with confidence.
Yes, everything starts from rice.
At first, I tried cooking various dishes even though I have never cooked before. However, I never succeeded before, and at the end, I only repeated failures.
Therefore, I thought of how to make a proper lunch.
At the end, I finally reached a conclusion.

「I feel that everything will be solved if I fill rice into the bento and just carry a furikake」

She, as expected, looks at me who told her in confidence, with cold eyes, and returns to the sofa as if she lost interest.

「Waste of time. Food…fast」
「That’s cruel……」

I drop my shoulders and place the breakfast prepared beforehand on the table.

「Today, I tried venturing a little. It’s an ochazuke」

While saying that, I pour the hot water into the bowl, and a warm smell disperses.
She reacted to it with a twitch.
When I look at her, her eyes are glowing because she have never seen such food before, and I smiled in my heart.
How many times have I failed to make this? Probably, about 10 times and every time I fail, I will eat it myself.
Next, I want to try cup noodles. While thinking of the next challenge, she raised her voice as if she noticed something.

「Ah…you…isn’t it time?」
「Nn? Time? Time……it’s already time!」

When I look at the clock, it’s about a few minutes before my part-time job starts.
It’s said that one would feel relaxed after a week, but as expected, I should be too relaxed just because it’s near.

「I-I’m off! I’ll lock the door so please put the bowl at the kitchen!」

I say that, quickly take the coat and start running.
The moment the door closes, she looked like she wanted to say something, but I’m only thinking about my part-time job.




「Should I heat the bento?」
「No, it’s fine」

I handed a bento to a regular customer, and he left the convenience store in hurry.
Because today is a weekday, Senpai and other part-timers are not here. There are not many customers, so I’m the only one in charge of the counter.
When I look around, there’s no customer at all, and after taking a breath, I look at the regular customer who just left the store.

「A……no, B, I think」

He doesn’t look like an ordinary person.
Probably, a holder of a 『Body Strengthening』 superpower. If I were to compare him with the Special Forces, he’s about the top of medium~bottom of top among B ranks.
To put it simply, it’s like 『when I started to overestimating my own power』.

「……Haa, I still can’t get over it」

I still can’t forget about the habit I have as the 『King of Black Coffin』. I always interact with strangers in caution because I don’t know when and who will betray me. It’s still the same as of today.
The regular customer……let’s assume that he’s a Special Forces member.
Then, Kaa-san might have ordered him to do something–for example, like 『Monitor the most dangerous criminal who opposed the Special Forces』.
Well, for a monitoring, it’s not that good as he only 『comes to the store everyday, lines up in front of me, and goes home』. So I think that he’s probably a lazy member. If he’s monitoring, he should also follow me back home. Because he didn’t, then he should not be an A rank member.


I sigh upon thinking that he’s handling this work because he was forced to.
Then, Manager who was working on various work at the back, appears suddenly.

「What’s wrong, Nagumo-kun? You don’t look well……」
「Ah, it’s nothing」

I quickly replied, but Manager still doubting me.

「Is that so? I am the Manager after all, so if you want to ask something, then feel free to do so, okay? Consultation is also fine」
「Yes, when that time comes, I will」

Saying that, I smiled and he laughed in satisfaction while hitting me.
Then, the backdoor opens, and I can hear Senpai saying 「Good morning!」.

「……Eh? Senpai have a shift today?」
「Well……I don’t think so」

Upon hearing that, I felt an unpleasant feeling.
Even though Manager looks like this, he’s a very reliable person. If he said she doesn’t have a shift today, then, he’s most likely saying the truth. And above all, I remembered the shift.
Then, there’s no way she would come to the store today……suddenly, I heard a small shriek.
A small shriek that’s squeeze out from the throat which Manager can’t hear.
Next, there’s one frightened footstep, and one cautious footstep. I can guessed the whole situation.

「Manager, call the police now. It might be difficult to deal without the Special Forces, so please call the Special Forces too」
「!? U-Understood」

He replied with a small voice to my unusually serious tone, took out a special device from his pocket, and pressed the police and Special Forces buttons. At the moment he put away the device into his pocket, a man with a large build appeared from the door.

「Don’t try to move! Otherwise, I don’t know what this woman will become!」

That’s the regular customer who just left the store.
He’s pushing the gun that’s provided only by the Special Forces on Senpai’s forehead, and Manager gulped upon seeing that.
I see the man properly, and I sigh.


「……I see, an ex-Special Forces, huh」


While realizing that my guess before was wrong.
For now, I decided to raise both of my hands up.




Manager and I are kneeling with our hands raised, and the man who blocked the back and front door, clicks his tongue when he looked outside through the window.

「Dammit……! Why the police and Special Forces are here!? You bastards! You call them, didn’t you!?」
「T-That’s impossible! Our hands are raised since the beginning!」
「……Tch, that’s true」

Manager looks at me due to my acting skill, but this time, I don’t have any time to pick a way just because they are here.
The current situation is quite troublesome.
The police and Special Forces are staying on alert at the outside, and in the store, there are four people, Manager, me, the hostage, Senpai and the criminal.
Manager’s hair color is similar to my current hair. Although Senpai has a bright chestnut-color hair, if I’m not mistaken, she once said that her superpower is 『Super Calculation』 which is not suitable for battle.
And, my superpower is–『Body Strengthening・Weak』. My original superpower 『Power of Existence Manipulation』 is completely sealed by stress.
Then, I can only use taijutsu. I must stand up from this kneeling state and secure Senpai faster than the bullet being shot.


I breathe out and think.
Assuming that the opponent is a Special Forces wannabe.
Then, even if he’s a criminal, he should have general knowledge and the ability to sense danger. And he should have an appropriate fighting strength.

『Warning! You are now surrounded! Surrender and release the hostage!』
「Ha, idiots! You want me to release the hostage!? Then, not releasing her is the best way for me to survive!」

–He’s not stupid, huh.
I mutter in my heart, and look outside.
Then, I can see a familiar person standing there.

『Warning! Come out now, you criminal! Otherwise, I’ll pass the hammer of justice!』
「Ha, how idiotic! There’s no such thing like……no such thing…… Aaaaah!?」

The man who confirmed the owner of the voice, raises his voice in surprise.
If he’s a Special Forces wannabe, there’s no way he wouldn’t know her face.
After all, the one there is……


「Wha!? W-Why is the 『King of Heroes (Pantheon)』 in this kind of place!?」


Upon hearing that, Manager and Senpai understood it.
There are only two person in the world who can destroy a country alone. The Absolute (World Recorder).
In another meaning, 『The terrible one』.
Sana-san which I can see through the window, said that with the megaphone and looks at me.

『What will you do?』

I smiled wryly upon seeing her eyes that ask that.
She’s a monster that excelled at reading a person’s thoughts.
I smiled and started to tell her about my plan.

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