World Record Chapter 103

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103. Interview

「I-I’m nervous……」

I sounded my throat when I saw my appearance in the full-length mirror.
Before my eyes is I myself wearing a middle school-like clothes, and it’s completely different than the white-haired and blood-stained man in suit.
As the proof.

「No, you actually know who I am, right?」

A few days after that.
She’s still teasing me with that.
I think the distance between us has closed down, but when I get close to her, I feel that she would distant herself to that much.

「Well, isn’t it fine? You look like a middle school student in holiday」

Nee-san who’s lying down on the sofa, said such thing, but I’m still nervous.
–Today is the interview day.
Even though it’s an interview, it’s for a part-time job. I have spend these few days studying what part-time job is the best and what kind of general knowledge is needed. I didn’t expect that my body that doesn’t need to sleep would be in use here.
When I breathe in and out, I realized that it’s almost time.

「……It’s almost time」

I mutter that, grab the bag I prepared beforehand, and head to the entrance.
On that occasion, Nee-san rises up from the sofa, and brings Onikko with her.

「Well, that. According to my research, they will hire even a middle school student. You have mastered the Special Forces 『Lie』, right? Then, there’s no need to worry」
「I don’t know who you are…but get hired…and work like a cart-horse.」 Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat」
「Hey, who taught you those words……」

I wear my shoes and place my hand on the door while smiling wryly upon hearing their words.
And a few words.


「Well then, I’m off」




Before my eyes is an isolated convenience store.
The destination of the interview is the convenience store near my house.
This convenience store only opens in 『Sapporo』. It’s an orange-colored convenience store called 『Seikyou Mart』.

「Fuu……I’m nervous」

I close my eyes, breathe out, and recall what Nee-san said.

『Listen, Iwato. Humans will experience nervousness as long as they are alive. But there are three situation which makes people feel nervous the most』

Saying that, she raised three fingers.

『Third is examination. Second is interview. And the first is–』

I open my eyes.
Then, the nervousness somehow calmed down a little, and I speak out the 【First】.

「–Go and tell 『Please give me your daughter』 to your girlfriend’s parents」

I smiled wryly to the extremely limited situation.
However, I can somehow understand it. Certainly, the third is examination, the second is interview, and the first is that.
Then, compared to the first, an interview is nothing special to be honest.

「Now, let’s go」

I mutter and start walking to the entrance.
The moment I stand in front of the door, the door opens automatically, and the voice 「Welcome」 resounded.
When I look around, there’s no customer. I’m convinced that there’s no one who will come to a convenience store during the daytime.

「Good morning. I am Nagumo Iwato. I am her for the interview on 10a.m. Exxcuse me but can you please convey it to the person in charge of the interview?」
「Eh? Ah, yes! Please wait a moment……」

The high school student-looking girl on the counter……who’s forcing a smile, said such a 『template』 line, and head into the back of the store.
However, she quickly appeared from there.

「Ah, Nagumo Iwato-san, right? Please come here」
「Thank you. Excuse me」

Is it okay to enter? While wondering that, I pass through the door dedicated for the staffs.
Then, there are two big sofas and a desk in this simple interview room. An old man is sitting on one of the sofa.

「Hello there. I am the manager of this convenience store, Hirahashi. You are Nagumo Iwato-kun, am I right?」
「Yes, I am Nagumo Iwato. I am here for the interview. Please treat me well」

I reply with a template-like sentence, and the manager, Hirahashi-san opened his eyes wide.
And, he looked at the resume on hand, and once again, looked at me.

「Well……Ah, have a seat first. You are……a middle school first year, am I right?」
「Yes. According to my age」

–According to my age.
Whether he felt something strange with those words or not, he suddenly pokes the core.

「Nn? Today is a weekday, but which middle school are you from?」

That’s the most troublesome question that I expected.
Certainly, I have several measures–but I think it’s better to be honest here.
I look at him properly.

「I seem to be enrolled in Monami Middle School, but I have never go to school before」

–The air froze instantly.
Because there’s no customer, the cashier girl who stayed in this room, freezes together with the manager.

「W-Well, that is……」

The manager leaks out those words in this awkward air.
When he showed a wry face, I try to use the plan I thought beforehand.

「……Actually, I have family circumstances. My parents are not in this world anymore, and I am living with my little sister now……Um. The inheritance received from our parents is going to finish. I tried to talk over with the government, but in this era, it’s hard to say that the living environment is secured even though the world has finally reach stability……」
「Heavy! It is too heavy!」

Without being able to withstand the heaviness, the manager shouts.
However, I will not let this opportunity slip.
I make use of the acting skill I learned in the Special Forces, and tears start to come out from my eyes.

「Even I……don’t really want to work. But when thinking about the living expenses of my little sister who is going to be an elementary student……Uuu」
「I understand! I will hire you, so please don’t cry!」

–Just according to plan.
I feel relief with the scenario just as I assumed while wiping my tears with my sleeves.

「Thank you very much……」
「No, it is nothing! Just when I thought that a middle school student is this matured……looks like you have gone through some hardships」

Saying that, the manager stands up from the sofa, and extends his hand to me.

「Well then, Nagumo-kun. Do your best from today, okay?」
「Y-Yes! Manager Hirahashi!」

Thus, I took the first step to become independent.




That was supposed to be.


I collapse into the sofa.
Because I started from today, I’m starting my training from today as a special case……but.

「I didn’t expect a part-time job……to be this hard」

I mutter such thing, and the manager who’s working on some office work nearby, laughs.

「Hahaha, recently, the nearby convenience store is doing some remodeling, so it is really busy during noon」
「I-Is that so……」

I raise up from the sofa and reply.
For now, when there’s no customer, I learned how to use the cash register and the way to greet……

「I thought that now, the status application can be used everywhere……」
「Hahaha……certainly, it is like that at the biggest supermarket and hospital in the town, but there are still many places that uses money. A small convenience store in this kind of rural areas, can’t afford to buy such device」

I look at the manager who laughs cheerfully, and when he realized it, he turns his chair and looks at me.

「Well, when someone small like you called, I was surprised. I kept thinking whether you will be fine or not. However, upon seeing how responsible you are when working, I think that such worry is unnecessary」

……Certainly, even though I’m brought up in a special environment, I’m still a 13-year-old boy. A middle school first year.
If such person suddenly calls and said 『Please hire me』, anyone would consider that it’s a prank call. However, the manager didn’t. He listened to my story without doubting and hired me.
I feel bad that I lied to him at that time, but……still.

「……Manager, thank you very much」

Saying that, I bowed to him.
The top leader of the Special Forces is bowing to a manager of a convenience store. It’s something that I would not do in the past few months.
But for the current me, this is a matter of course.

「I am really grateful that you hired such a shady kid……」
「N-No! It is nothing! Rather than that, it is already 5 o’clock. Isn’t your little sister waiting for you?」

When I look at the clock, it’s already 5p.m. I quickly stand up and a voice calls me from the counter.

「Nagumo-kun! You can leave the counter to me, so you can go home for today. If you can’t cook, why not buying the side dishes? I will pay for you」
「Ah, no! I can buy it myself, so it’s okay!」
「You don’t have to be so reserved」

The high school girl senior who appeared, pushes a bag packed with side dishes and bentos, and waves her hand as she returns to the counter.

「Manager, please pay half of it」
「Eeh!? W-Well, I don’t mind……」

The manager opened his eyes wide, but he immediately breaks out into a smile.

「Oh well. Come one, go home quick. Your little sister is waiting for you」

Upon hearing that, I feel like I’m going to cry.
I feel that I have always been looking down at the people being protected by the Special Forces.
However, I don’t feel that way now, and I detest that thinking……but still.
I regret looking down at such kind people, and I want to beat up my past self.
I wipe the tears accumulated in my eyes.




Saying that, I bowed.

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