Wife is Outrageous 99

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99. The Lazy Bai Li

She lost more and more weight, making even those who hated her a bit, like Dou Ding, worry.

It even urged her to go back into that barrier to pick another Cloud Fruit.

It was then that Qi Luoer knew that even though Dou Ding was able to enter the barrier, it was unable to pick Cloud Fruits.

It wasn’t able to climb that Cloud Fruit tree, else the places it touched would dry up…

This was also the reason why they had stolen the Cloud Fruit she had picked back then.

Even though little Dou Ding was filled with complaints, it was still extremely diligent. In order to reward it, Qi Luoer went to pick one for it.

Making him so happy that he vigorously bounced up and down in joy, and started to somewhat respect this master of his.

And Bai Li still had that kind of sloppy temperament.

Didn’t practice at all after class, and every time Qi Luo her returned from practice, she would see her fast asleep.

But even though it went like this, her techniques were still the best.

This made Qi Luoer insanely jealous.

However, natural talent was natural talent. She couldn’t do anything about it, aside from working even harder in her training…

Just like this, a month had finally passed by.

“Bai Li, tomorrow is our exam. I wonder what they would test us on, I’m a bit nervous.” Qi Luoer rarely prattled.

Bai Li stretched: “What are you nervous about? Your studies within this group of people can also be considered outstanding. You’ll definitely pass.”

Qi Luoer sighed: “I know I can pass, but I don’t know if Yun Hua would be satisfied…”

The tips of Bai Li’s brows slightly raised, as a glint of light flashed through her eyes: “Why does he have to be satisfied? He doesn’t even accept disciples!!

Qi Luoer looked at her, sighed, and spoke no further.

Bai Li didn’t plan on letting her off: “Oh, I forgot, Yun Hua was the one who brought you here. Did that big ice cube promise you something?”

Qi Luoer stared blankly as she thought about the bet she made with Yun Hua.

Sigh, Yun Hua had long since never accepted disciples. I wonder if he’ll keep his word.

Mn, he said that if I performed outstandingly, he’ll accept me as his disciple.

But, what does outstandingly mean? Did she have to be number one?

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