Wife is Outrageous 87

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87. Artificial respiration (2)

Qi Louer slightly let out a breath of relief. She had finally snatched back Bai Li’s little life!

Afraid that Bai Li had not regained consciousness due to any remaining poison, she bit into another one, intending to feed it to her.

That boy’s voice suddenly sounded: “Alright, alright! Just one is enough! Cloud Fruits are stuff that’re difficult to encounter even once in a thousand years, you can’t just waste it!”

The voice was filled with pain, as if this tree was his family or something.

Qi Louer didn’t know where this little god was from, so she didn’t feel like paying any attention to him at all.

She had fought for more than half a day, was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted. As she sat there, she herself also ate one.

This Cloud Fruit’s flavor was extremely sweet. Once Qi Louer ate one, she felt as though her entire body was soaking inside a clear spring as all her exhaustion disappeared without a trace.

A warm aura feeling seemed to wander within her chest, and wherever this aura went, it was as though her body was being created anew. This was exceptionally invigorating.

Eh, it truly was some good stuff!

Qi Louer lowered the one she had not finished onto the ground and hopped up the tree with the intention of picking a few more.

The boy’s voice from underneath the tree sounded once again.

This time, the voice was somewhat flustered: “Hey hey, stop picking! These Cloud Fruits only blossom once every three hundred years, bears fruit once every three hundred years. If an ordinary person were to eat one, they could increase their power by a hundred years of effort, it’s exceptionally precious…”

Qi Louer was stunned, then she laughed: “Since this fruit is so precious, since I’ve encountered it, I ought to pick a few more as provisions…”

“You can’t do that! Cloud Fruits don’t last long, after you pick it, it would change color after two hours, change taste after four, and after six hours, it would stink so bad that you can’t eat it.”

The boy’s voice chattered on.

Qi Louer stared blankly with black lines on her forehead!

Why is this Cloud Fruit even more fragile than lychee? If that were the case, she can’t pluck more, picking more would be a waste…

She casually picked two, then hopped back down.

That boy’s voice sounded like a cat whose tail had been stepped on as he shrieked: “Didn’t I say you can’t pick too much? Stupid woman, you still picked more?!”

Qi Louer snorted: “I’m hungry, I just wanted to two more, can’t I?!”

“Can’t, can’t! Absolutely cannot! You think this Cloud Fruit is some kind of cabbage that you randomly planted? Something that you can eat until full!?”

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