ENL – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – The Authority of Life Exterminators (3)

Lei Xu’s head rolled along the ground, his face filled with all the fear he had before he died, his eyes unwilling as they stared wide open.
Those family leaders who were kneeling on the ground were scared out of their minds. Each and every one of them sobbed and begged as they kowtowed, only pleading for Ji Fengyan to give them a way to live.

Yang Jian’s figure appeared beside Ji Fengyan, the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance in his hands shining as if it was new without the least bit of blood covering it.

He was waiting. Waiting for Ji Fengyan to give an order.

To kill or not to kill.

When Yang Jian’s figure entered the eyes of those who were kneeling, he was like an evil demon to them, causing their cries for mercy to sound even more tragic.

Those pleas for mercy sounded so miserable that they pierced the ear to cause pain.

Ji Fengyan swept a glance over them. Seeing that those family leaders had cried until their faces were turning purple, she waved a hand. “Scram.”

They seemed as if they had just woken up from a dream, all of them so thankful that they were shedding tears of gratitude. Just when they wanted to leave…

“What I said was, ‘scram‘.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. She was clearly smiling, but it caused everybody to feel a chill.

Those family leaders who were originally planning for their surviving servants to help them back could all be said to have understood Ji Fengyan’s intentions at this moment. Each of them pushed away those servants who had stepped forward as they all vigorously nodded.

“We’ll be scramming now! Scramming!”

After they finished speaking, they couldn’t care less about the pain of their injuries as each of them awkwardly scrammed far away on the ground.

If it wasn’t because of these unsuitable circumstances, then it was very likely that those commoners off to the side would have long since split their sides from laughter.

Who would have thought that these family leaders of those eminent families who normally acted like tyrants in Ji City would actually have a day when they were like dirt, rolling along the ground?

Her killing intent having already abated, Ji Fengyan looked at the mess in front of her. Sighing, she patted Yang Jian’s shoulder, “Sorry to have troubled you.”

Yang Jian didn’t move at all as he stood in place.

Ji Fengyan looked at those family leaders who were rolling further and further away as she suddenly thought of something. “You guys, wait a moment.”

Those family leaders almost soaked their pants in fear as each of them tried to play dead, scared that Ji Fengyan would abruptly change her mind.

“This place is too dirty, so send some people to clean it up a bit.” Ji Fengyan blithely threw out.

The family leaders didn’t dare to say no as each of them knelt in response.

Once she finished handing things over, Ji Fengyan retrieved her paws. “Okay, enough. All of those who came to watch the fun can go now. Isn’t a pile of flesh not disgusting enough?”

These words were obviously directed at those commoners who had watched the entire debacle from start to finish.

All of them were speechless.

Wasn’t she the one who caused this pile of flesh?

Now she’s feeling disgusted?

However, nobody dared to say these words out loud. All of them silently rubbed their nose as they quietly dispersed.

Everything that had happened today would forever cast a lingering shadow over their lives.

After today, the city lord position of Ji City would change.

Everybody knew that they had a new city lord who didn’t like to follow rules or normal convention.

Seeing the crowd disperse, Ji Fengyan lazily stretched as she turned to look at Ling He and the others who had long since been sent into a stupefied daze. “Big Brother He, when there’s no problem, then there’s no need to have such a big temper. Always fighting and killing every time will cause one’s body to be covered in sin, which isn’t good.”

“……” The corners of Ling He’s lips twitched. He felt that out of everybody, the one who was most unsuitable to say those words should be their young lady, right?

As if she had read his mind, Ji Fengyan smiled. “What I did is called killing to stop killing.”

Ling He was speechless.

Isn’t this still killing?

No matter how helpless he felt towards Ji Fengyan’s absurdity, Ling He once again became aware of the fact that their young lady basically wasn’t frail and delicate like normal girls. That domineering and decisive aura almost caused iron blooded men like them to all blush in shame.

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