ENL – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – This Young Master Will Make All of Your Accusations True! (2)

The golden flames that began spreading throughout that person’s body completely scared everybody witless, although Zhou Ji’s reaction could be said to be quick as he immediately ordered someone to extinguish the flames and save that man.


It didn’t matter how many buckets of water was splashed onto that man, those golden flames didn’t diminish in the slightest, instead they became even hotter.

That radiant golden flame was like a nightmare that had descended upon the crowd, everybody could only watch helplessly as that middle-aged man’s body was slowly burned down. In the end, all that was left were dark, golden-coloured bones that scattered onto the ground while those strange golden-coloured flames also dispersed along with that middle-aged man’s death.

Everything seemed as if it had never happened.

The only thing left was that terrifying and indelible heat that was still being constantly emitted from those blackened bones.

“Did you all see clearly?” Ji Fengyan asked, her voice ringing throughout the silence and into the crowd’s ears. That blithe tone of hers was like a thunderclap, startling everybody who was immersed in terror back to reality.

Nobody knew what Ji Fengyan just did. That inextinguishable golden flame was completely unheard of.

Lei Xu stiffly looked at that pile of blackened bones. That “scent of meat” produced by burning flesh lingered for a long time, swirling around his nose and causing his stomach to churn.

The manager of the Ideal Gold Store who was kneeling off to the side was the closest to the corpse. At the time when those golden flames were still burning, he had already been scared to near death; both of his legs softened as he fell onto the ground, his entire body trembling like a frightened quail.

“Blargh,” The manager became so nauseated by that unusual odour that he vomited. As unsanitary fluids began spewing from his mouth and nose onto the streets, they also started to emit a disgusting stench.

“You said that I had a relationship with you?” Ji Fengyan inquired, her smiling eyes abruptly landing on the manager of the Ideal Gold Store.

The manager’s body shuddered. Quickly lifting up his head, his gaze collided with the frosty killing intent in Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Feeling as if the blood in his entire body had frozen at that moment, he couldn’t care less about wiping away the vomit on his clothes, he just shook his head uncontrollably while his legs pushed powerlessly against the ground, wanting to get away from her.

“You really do look… like an eyesore. I mean you’re not even fit to carry shoes for my little Liu Huo, so even if you keep living, it’d still be a waste.” Ji Fengyan said casually, lifting up a finger. That inexorable golden light once again shot out from her fingertips and with a swish, it tunnelled into the manager’s forehead.

A warmth began to spread out from the manager’s forehead. Having personally witnessed the scene before, he was already so freighted that his mind was almost on the brink of shattering. Abruptly, he howled tragically as he used one hand to cover his forehead while he started to scramble and crawl towards Ji Fengyan. Throwing himself into a kneeling position, he wildly kowtowed while pleading. “Young Lady Ji, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have slandered you, p-please spare me-“

The manager’s pleading voice broke in the middle, replaced by his agonized screams.

A gold-coloured flame once again appeared in front of everybody’s eyes. All anybody could do was watch dumbfounded as the manager was enveloped in golden fire, watch as those radiantly powerful flames blazed out from his facial orifices and turned his clothes to ash, as his skin was branded red.

Screams of pure agony pierced through everybody’s ears. Even the ruthless and vicious Lei Xu was completely scared witless by what had and was mysteriously happening in front of him. He could only look on with helplessness as the Ideal Gold Store’s manager struggled futilely under those golden flames, watch as that already melted face revealed its terror and savageness.

“C-city Lord Lei… Save… me…” The Ideal Gold Store’s manager despairingly stretched out his arm that had been nearly burnt to the bone towards Lei Xu.

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  1. joellyanne says:

    Ahahahaha…. serves you right why did you listened to the fake city lord and slander JFY… Hopefully LX the fake city lord is next. Thanks.

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    That was pure badass in the terrifying kinda way as she murdered the slanderers in cold(or in this case really hot) blood such that they die screaming.
    If anyone believes the slander that fake lord constructed they would have to be both deaf and blind. Plus with such a public viewing I can just imagine some of those other potential conspirators not yet already too deep instantly pulling away from fake lord after seeing a display like that. 😀
    Still it is a pity that the fake lord didn’t literally shit himself only have done it metaphorically.:P

  4. Maki says:

    Wow! 😱😱😱 Thank you! ❤️❤️

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    Typo report:
    (the golden flames didn’t diminish in the slightest, instead it became even hotter. That radiant golden flame — plural / singular transitions; I did think “it became hotter” could be just in general, rather than it = flame, but thought I’d mention it when “flame” followed..)
    nauseated by that unusual door — odor

    Thanks for the chapter.

  6. Choco Lily says:

    So cruel!
    But why am I cheering for her??

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    Yaaaay! Go! Scare them all to their death! No, take their lifes as well mwahahahaha
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    Please take care of your health and rest well 🙂

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    thanks for the chapter and be well

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    What schemes! What talking things out! Taste the fire D:<

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    It’s so sad that a series I would like to read only updates a handful of paragraphs a week.

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    Wonder When JFY going to tell the city that she is the new city lord appointed by the emperor. But hell ya, Give them the pain they deserves…Muwhahahaha (evil laugh) >:)

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    I like it. She is more of a Mystique/Witch/Shaman than the usual elementalist.

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    I like it!She is more of a mystique/witch/shaman than the typical elementalist cultivation.

  14. jo12kspj says:

    see, they underestimated how ruthless the mc can be, letting then deal with the bureaucracy a bit was her mercy. if she really wanted the position they could not stand against her… if only they could’ve know that sooner

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    Humph. They getting what they deserved.

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