ENL – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Little Cabbage, Withering Amongst the Earth

The Life Annihilation Armour is a truly special object of this world. It only needed to be equipped, and then it would be possible to have unrivalled strength. Those people who possessed the Life Annihilation Armour were titled life exterminators. They were each nation’s main combat force, having an extremely high position in their country. Just like the original owner; even though she was a fourteen year old little brat, but because she inherited her father’s Life Annihilation Armour, at a young age was allocated a city and given the position of city lord. Truly capable of making others envious.

A pity that because her parents never supervised her when little, the original owner as a toddler became a target, toyed with by the brothers and sisters of her clan. After this continued for a long time, she had a very timid disposition. Although they addressed her as a young lady, in the clan she lived days that were even inferior to the servants.

This time, the original owner’s father died in battle, leaving behind the Life Annihilation Armour for her. As such, the cousins in her clan forced her to hand over the Life Annihilation Armour. Used to being bullied, the original owner didn’t even have the courage to resist. She only said that they had to wait until after the succession ceremony and then, she would hand the Life Annihilation Armour over to her cousin. However…

Perhaps these few certain people couldn’t even wait for this short amount of time!

The muscular leader looked at Ji Fengyan, face full of respect. On one hand, he directed the lightly wounded guards to lift the injured, on the other, he hugged his heavy sword which had been “blessed” by Ji Fengyan. When she wasn’t paying attention, the muscular man stealthily fumbled around in the area where Ji Fengyan first fell. Very carefully, he gathered the cloth Ji Fengyan once used to wipe the wounds on her body and tucked it into his chest.

A guard watched with a face of confusion on the side as he saw his boss picking up a bloody cloth and holding it to his chest like a treasure.

“Boss, why are you picking up that scrap of cloth for?” The guard asked.

The muscular leader’s body stiffened. Surreptitiously, he turned his face around and muttered, “What scrap of cloth?! This is a treasure that has been garnished with the young lady’s blood!”

The guard was stupefied. Was their boss’s brain struck silly by the lightning?

As the muscular man saw that the guard didn’t understand, he decisively whispered into his ear about the situation of how Ji Fengyan summoned the lightning clouds with a blood symbol talisman.

That guard’s entire body twitched and didn’t laugh at the muscular man. He directly sheathed the sword in his hand to his waist, bent down, and started fumbling around in the chaotic mess of broke stones.

“Boss, you’ve already received a boon, now also help me find one!”

“Wait, wait, wait! Look for a fart! I looked for half a day to fine this one piece,” The muscular man snorted.

“Then split a bit with me!”

“Screw off!”
Ji Fenyan didn’t notice what they were doing. Her entire head was filled with thoughts about how to once again cultivate into an immortal in this new world.

Even though she changed bodies, this still wouldn’t extinguish her desire to pass the tribulation!

The guards had just about finished packing. Fortunately their horse carriage was still there. Despite being a bit ragged after getting blasted by lightning, in any case, it could still be used. Therefore, the muscular man let Ji Fengyan get onto the horse carriage. As for the others, they walked outside the carriage, prepared to head towards their destination.

After seeing that Ji Fengyan was inside the carriage, the muscular leader couldn’t resist sighing.

“That year, the lord was outside protecting the country. If he were to know that the young lady was unexpectedly bullied by the people at home, who knows how heartbroken he would be.” These guards all had followed Ji Fengyan’s father onto the battlefield, fighting side by side. Only later after her father had died, following His Majesty’s decree, they brought the Life Annihilation Armour with them and looked for Ji Fengyan.

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Translator’s Note:
The title is a little bit strange, but it does have a deeper meaning. From what I found while doing a bit of research, the title should refer to a Chinese folk song named Little Cabbage.To put it simply, there is a theme about parents in the verses. Although I’m too lazy to expand on it, anyone is welcome to look it up.

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