ENL – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Unexpected Harvest

Su Lingsheng fixedly locked onto Ji Fengyan, as if she was looking at a monster.

Ji Fengyan tied that jade pendant around her waist, her lips raising in what seemed to be a smile and casually left as everyone was in shock.

After, Su Lingsheng kept kneeling in the store for almost half a day before being helped up by Lei Min, her entire body shaking. The instant she got up, Su Lingsheng fainted into a deep coma.

However, Ji Fengyan wasn’t the least bit interested in all of that.

Having taken ownership of those two stones and that jade pendant that she won in the gamble, Ji Fengyan visited a few medicinal shops in the city. Once she had gotten enough medicinal herbs, she began heading back to her residence.

Just as she came back to her living quarters, Ji Fengyan almost couldn’t wait to take her things out.

In reality, Ji Fengyan didn’t really understand the price of those ores and that jade pendant. What she was concerned with, was the spiritual energy they had. Such spiritual energy would be quite helpful when she began repairing her Inner Core and as for the monetary values that made everybody flabbergasted, she absolutely had no idea!

Ji Fengyan was a complete amateur in stone gambling. If Su Lingsheng knew about, perhaps she would have been angered to death.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Ji Fengyan first took out the Elusive Dream Ore whose spiritual energy was the weakest. Holding that Elusive Dream Ore at her Dantian, she closed her eyes, calming her thoughts as she began to cultivate. A cool and refreshing energy silently entered her palms, beginning to flow throughout her entire body. Quietly, it began to nourish the shattered Inner Core inside her.

This type of subtle feeling made Ji Fengyan slightly shocked. The spiritual energy that this Elusive Dream Ore provided was far more abundant than she thought.

The only thing that was a pity was that this Elusive Dream was too small. Just as Ji Fengyan felt her Inner Core being nourished, its spiritual energy was completely drained dry. When she opened her eyes, the Elusive Dream Ore in her hands had already lost all of its spiritual energy, becoming nothing more than an ordinary ore.

However, this discovery left Ji Fengyan extremely excited. She originally wanted to try it as an experiment, but had never thought that the effects would beat what she had in her mind by several times!

After this, Ji Fengyan impatiently used the Luminous Moon Ore to cultivate, saving the Su Lingsheng’s jade pendant for last. Between the three, the spiritual energy that the Luminous Moon Ore provided was the gentlest. Still, the Elusive Dream Ore was the best at repairing her Inner Core. Instead it was the jade pendant that she got from Su Lingsheng that was most mediocre, unable to beat those two ores.

Once Ji Fengyan finished draining the spiritual energies from all three, her shattered Inner Core finally recovered a bit. The origin power that was constantly trickling away slowly stabilized a bit.

Ji Fengyan placed those three objects that had lost their spiritual energies onto the table, her thoughts already racing. Rubbing her chin, the raw stone that the store’s manager had “stolen” surfaced in her mind. Originally, Ji Fengyan didn’t really plan on bothering with it, but after she had discovered the benefits of that Elusive Dream Ore, she absolutely couldn’t let it go!

Just as Ji Fengyan was deliberating on how to make the store’s manager “return things to its original owner”, a knocking sound suddenly came from the door.

“My lady, that little brother is awake” Ling He’s voice said from outside.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help but be nonplused for a moment. After thinking for a bit, she finally became aware that the little brother Ling He spoke of was that beautiful young teenager that she had struck half-dead with lightning and later knocked unconscious from her Sleeping Rune.

Abruptly, Ji Fengyan’s heart felt a trace of guilt. She nimbly straightened out her clothes and opened the door, pretending to be composed before coughing. “He’s awake?”

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