ENL – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – A Base Person Will Naturally be Taken Care of by the Heavens

As Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Min who had a face full of anger, the smile in the depths of her eyes became even colder. Her gaze moved past Lei Min, looking towards Su Lingsheng who was protected behind his back.

“Looking at things, you’re not planning on complying with the terms of our wager?”

Su Lingsheng didn’t speak. She only stood behind Lei Min with a face full of grievance. Right when no one was watching, she slightly lifted her head and used a smug gaze to look at Ji Fengyan.

Country bumpkin, so what if your luck is good?

Lei Min’s attitude had already determined everything.

She is the true victor

Lei Min didn’t notice Su Lingsheng’s smug gaze. His eyes was filled with Ji Fengyan’s overbearing face.

“What wager?! This type of wager originally doesn’t have any meaning. If you have any discontent, you can come at me, why do you need to target Lingsheng? I really never thought that you would actually become so malicious.” Lei Min furrowed his brows, looking at Ji Fengyan resentfully. However, there was a subtle pride that flowed through his heart.

The way Ji Fengyan was targeting Su Lingsheng, wasn’t it because she was unwilling for him to be so good to Su Lingsheng?

No matter how Ji Fengyan pretended to be “loose”, in the end, wasn’t she still finding it hard to part from him?

Ji Fengyan calmly watched Su Lingsheng and Lei Min, this pair of disgusting dogs. Lightly laughing, she suddenly stood up, putting that Luminous Moon Ore into her pocket. She looked at that pair of tramps while seeming to smile, “This is what the two of you chose yourself.”

After she finished speaking, Ji Fengyan turned around walked towards the outside of the store.

Looking at Ji Fengyan’s back, the pride in Su Lingsheng’s heart was quickly becoming difficult to hold back.

In the end, wasn’t this country bumpkin still just afraid?

However, Su Lingsheng in her pride completely didn’t notice that Ji Fengyan who had already walked into the crowd slightly and quietly twitch her fingertip. A mist that was almost impossible for people to perceive drifted out from it. Right when everybody was appreciating her “defeated” back, that mist silently slithered into the back of Su Lingsheng’s neck.

“Lingsheng, you’ve suffered.” After seeing that Ji Fengyan could still be said to be sensible, Lei Min immediately turned around and comforted Su Lingsheng. She pretended to be delicate and gentle as she shook her head, using the corners of her eyes to secretly look at Ji Fengyan’s desolate back, their depths flashing with a smile.

Just as Ji Fengyan was about to take a step out of the store’s door, a “thump” sound abruptly rang out from behind!

Ji Fengyan’s lips lifted in a smile. At this time she turned around.

Throughout the entire store, everybody was as stupefied as a wooden chicken at the moment. Everyone was flabbergasted as they look at Su Lingsheng who had suddenly knelt.

What happened?

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Su Lingsheng had suddenly and directly knelt on the hard wooden floor. The direction she knelt towards was the position where Ji Fengyan was standing!

“Lingsheng?!” Lei Min widened his eyes in disbelief. Just a moment ago, Su Lingsheng was just fine, so what…

“Su Lingsheng, I assume this is you complying with our bet?” Ji Fengyan brightly smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng who was kneeling on the floor. Her eyebrows that were curved from smiling carried a trace of prettiness.

Su Lingsheng’s entire body trembled as she knelt on the floor. Cold sweat suddenly seeping out from her back. She widened her eyes in disbelief, her entire body trembling nonstop.

It’s not like this!

She didn’t want to comply with that agreement at all!


Her legs unexpectedly wasn’t under her control and knelt down!

“What happened to you Su Lingsheng? Quickly stand up!” Lei Min came back to reality, immediately reaching out his hand to pull Su Lingsheng up. However, it was as if Su Lingsheng’s knees were rooted to the floorboard. No matter how much strength Lei Min used, she unexpectedly didn’t shift a bit at all!

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