ENL – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – An Extremely Humiliating Bet

As Su Lingsheng’s words came out of her mouth, everyone in the store widened their eyes in disbelief!

Su Lingsheng actually wanted to stone gamble with this unremarkable little kid?

The eyes everyone used to look at Ji Fengyan were full of sympathy and pity.

With Su Lingsheng’s perception that exceeded everyone else’s in Ji City, not even the stone gambling establishment’s manager dared to compete with her. In the end, it was unknown how this little kid provoked Su Lingsheng, to actually make her be targeted to such an extent.

Facing everyone’s sympathy or show-observing manner, Ji Fengyan only brightly smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng.

Ah, it seem like this beauty was really resentful towards her.

“That’s fine,” Ji Fengyan also didn’t shy away as she abruptly agreed.

Even though she didn’t like trouble, but… If others wanted to step on her, they had to first see if they had the capabilities!

“However… Purely gambling doesn’t seem to have any meaning,” She said.

“Oh? Then how do you want to gamble?” Su Lingsheng haughtily looked at Ji Fengyan?

“About this…” Ji Fengyan swept her eyes around Su Lingsheng’s body. Although the clothes Su Linghsheng wore appeared simple and plain, they were actually quite expensive. However, Ji Fengyan wasn’t interested in these things. Her gaze suddenly fell onto the piece of jade at Su Lingsheng’s waist.

That piece of jade had an very smooth texture. One look and you could tell that it was an article of the finest quality, but what really attracted Ji Fengyan was the spirit energy radiating from that piece of jade!

It was a layer of white spiritual energy. While that spiritual energy wasn’t powerful, it was extremely thick. Ji Fengyan had noticed that jade pendant as early on as during the first time she saw Su Lingsheng.

“The jade pendant at your waist doesn’t seem too bad. If I win, you’ll give that jade pendant to me,” She said casually.

Su Lingsheng’s eyes immediately sharpened and she unconsciously used her hand to feel the jade pendant at her waist with an exceptionally complicated expression.

This jade pendant had a rather special origin and was granted to her by the Eldest Princess as a present. Day after day, Su Lingsheng would always wear it on her body. Never had she thought that Ji Fengyan would directly ask for her jade pendant to be used as a wager!

After thinking for a bit, Su Lingsheng calmed down.

She was extremely confident in her eyesight. It was absolutely impossible for Ji Fengyan to win against her in stone gambling.

“Fine. But since you want a bet, then… I will also select a something that I want.” Su Lingsheng narrowed her eyes as she looked at Ji Fengyan, their depths flashing with a faint maliciousness that didn’t match her.

“Sure, what do you want?” Ji Fengyan asked coolly.

Slightly lifting her head, Su Lingsheng used a high above posture to look at the unimposing Ji Fengyan, “While I couldn’t care less about the things on your body, I especially loathe that face of yours. If you lose, I don’t want any item on you. At that time, you just need to crawl a lap around Ji City’s streets! Do you dare?”

Crawl a lap around Ji City?

Everyone was startled by Su Lingsheng’s extremely humiliating bet.

Looking at Su Lingsheng, Ji Fengyan sneered in her mind.

Right now, Lei Xu still hadn’t transferred to her the city lord’s position, thus the commoners in Ji City still didn’t know that she was their new city lord. However, if she lost this time and crawled a lap around the city, it was very likely that on the day when she formally took on her position she would become a laughingstock throughout Ji City!

Wow, the hatred Su Lingsheng had for her really was deep!

Ji Fengyan’s lips lifted in a smile, “I accept your bet!”

The stone gambling between the two of them had already exceeded what was normal and attracted everyone’s attention.

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