ENL – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 – If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It (2)

When Ji Fengyan’s words landed, the man’s face instantly darkened.

“Damned girl, you’re looking for death!”

“Lord Zhan, please calm yourself.”

Unexpectedly, Su Lingsheng who had been watching the show off to side all along began to speak, gently calling out to the man while stepping forward.

“Lord Zhan, she was originally a girl who couldn’t recognize kindness and favour, so there is there a need to bother with her? Please don’t forget about our objective this time.”

Zhan Fei furrowed his brows, his sinister eyes glancing at Ji Fengyan one more time before growling, “Then hurry.”

“Of course,” Su Lingsheng answered crisply. Turning around with a smug smile on the corners of her lips, she looked towards Ji Fengyan.

“Ji Fengyan, you’ve been well, I hope.”

Ji Fengyan tilted her head and looked at the malicious Su Lingsheng while supporting her chin with a hand. Ignoring Su Lingsheng’s words, she gave Ling He a signal, to which he immediately reacted to and quickly gathered all of the injured guards together.

The expressions of those guards were extremely stifled, each one of them glaring at Zhan Fei with gritted teeth. All of them felt a sense of shame at the bloody scent spreading throughout the main hall. Their blood.

“Call Yang Jian over.” Ji Fengyan ordered.

Ling He nodded his head and headed off to look for Yang Jian without saying another word.

Su Lingsheng had originally wanted to witness Ji Fengyan’s disgraceful appearance, but in the end the success that she was so proud of was treated as if it meant nothing in front of Ji Fengyan. As the depths of her eyes flashed with a trace of loathing, Su Lingsheng quickly covered it up with a smile.

“Ji Fengyan, you really are rather extravagant and pretentious, but still it really is a pity that your subordinates were a bit too discourteous, actually daring to make Lord Zhan wait for so long. They didn’t even show the slightest bit of manners during that time. Lord Zhan was also rather bored, therefore they accompanied him in passing time, but who would have thought… Your guards really can’t take a beating.”

Her tone almost literally dripped with sarcasm. With each and every word that landed in Zuo Nuo and the other’s ears, it was the same as if they were being sliced apart bit by bit, the pain a hundred times more painful than the wounds on their bodies.

Hearing Su Lingsheng’s ear-piercing taunt and seeing her smug face, Ji Fengyan didn’t show the slightest bit of anger at all. She only leisurely narrowed her eyes while responding in a lackadaisical tone, “That is because their upbringing is good. They know not to bother too much with domesticated beasts.”

The smile on Su Lingsheng’s face slightly stiffened.

“What do you mean by that?!” She bit out, looking at Ji Fengyan coldly.

“The meaning? Isn’t it very clear? If a dog bites you, does that mean you’ll actually go ahead and bite back?” Ji Fengyan chuckled frostily.

“YOU!” Su Lingsheng had never seen a person who resorted to such ridiculous sophistry like Ji Fengyan did. It was very obvious that the skills of Ji Fengyan’s guards were inferior and was beaten up like dogs by Zhan Fei, but Ji Fengyan actually found so many excuses to turn things around and hit them back!

Off to the side, Zhan Fei’s face had already completely chilled over. If it wasn’t for Su Lingsheng’s words from a moment ago, then it was very likely that he would have long since been unable to control his temper and charged forward to tear that damned sharp-mouthed girl apart!

Seeing Su Lingsheng become so agitated by Ji Fengyan that she lost control, Lei Min who had been silent all along secretly sighed and stepped forward to hold her hand.

Su Lingsheng turned her head around. Lei Min smiled back at her gently.

“Lingsheng, talking with such people will but only stain your purity. It really is too difficult for you to compare to their thick-faced shamelessness, so it’ll be better if you let me handle it.”

“Min…” Thinking for a bit, Su Lingsheng soon nodded her head in agreement. As she stepped back, she didn’t forget to give Ji Fengyan a glare.

Lei Min stood in front of Ji Fengyan, his face frigid. “Ji Fengyan, we didn’t come here today to waste time having a pointless argument with you. If you hand over the other half of the timeless affection flower, then we’ll act as if nothing had every happened.”

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