ENL – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – Running Away From Home (2)

It had been several days since they last met. While Gong Zhengyu hadn’t noticed it at first, but after he had left her place he realized that when he was in Ji Fengyan’s presence the restless pain in his body seemed to have been suppressed by some sort of power, considerably reducing the amount of agony he was suffering from. Unfortunately as time passed from that point, the repressed pain flared up again.

Almost in the instant that he saw Ji Fengyan again, Gong Zhengyu unconsciously wanted to get closer to her, which would give some relief to him from his pain.

Ji Fengyan, however, didn’t notice that at all.

The two black-clothed men stayed in the storage room to pick ores for almost half the day, their expressions incomparably pitiful.

There really was just too many good things in there, to the point where their eyes were glazed from looking. They didn’t want to even put down a single one of them.

Seeing the tragic eyes that his subordinates were casting at him, Gong Zhengyu helplessly sighed before turning to look at Ji Fengyan. “Fengyan, would it be possible for you to sell all of the ores in this room to me?”

Ji Fengyan lazily swept a glance at Gong Zhengyu and casually nodded.

Noticing Ji Fengyan’s lazy appearance, Gong Zhengyu knew that she was still off in her own world. Thinking of something else, he smiled, “Then in the next few days, I’ll let my people come over to move everything. At the same time, I’ll also let them bring over the items in the scroll. After all, seeing the real thing would be better than just reading about it.”

“Sure.” Ji Fengyan answered, still in a daze.

The little beauty that she had been taking care of these days ran away from home without even telling her, which made her really feel depressed inside.

She hadn’t bullied him at all…

Gong Zhengyu could tell that it was likely that no matter what he said right now, Ji Fengyan probably wouldn’t care about it at all.

“However, those things really are quite difficult to deal with. Even for me, I still have to handle them carefully. Therefore, would it be possible for Fengyan to let me temporarily stay over during that time? It’ll also be best for me to be able to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the transaction.” Gong Zhengyu smiled warmly, his voice so pleasing to the ears that it basically made it impossible for anybody to refuse him.

Ji Fengyan only gave him a glance. According to what she knew, ever since Gong Zhengyu came to Ji City, he had been living in his horse carriage. Although it was luxurious and finely designed, it was still likely that his body didn’t take it well.

She thought about it for a bit. No matter what the case was, they would both continue to cooperate again in the future as Gong Zhengyu had many rare items with him, therefore she accepted his proposal.

“I’ll let Big Brother He arrange a room for you.”

Thanking her, Gong Zhengyu’s warm eyes flashed with an unnoticeable trace of a smile.

The her of today really was different from the her of the days before…

Receiving Ji Fengyan’s permission, Gong Zhengyu openly moved into her residence while at the same time he also kept his promise of letting his people bring the agreed upon items over.

As for the room that Ling He arranged for Gong Zhengyu, it was neither far nor close to where Ji Fengyan resided, it could only be said to be remote. Towards this, Gong Zhengyu didn’t really have any objections since as long as he was in the residence the pain in his body would be suppressed.

Ji Fengyan on the other hand was like a spirit as she wandered around the residence. When she passed by that large tee in the courtyard, she absent-mindedly saw a figure under it. Her heart skipping a beat, her footsteps unconsciously sped up as she headed towards it.

“Fengyan?” Sitting under the tree, Gong Zhengyu looked in astonishment at Ji Fengyan who had an unusual expression.

Her eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment that not even she herself had noticed.

“Hm, it’s you?”

Gong Zhengyu chuckled, “Who else could it be?”

Ji Fengyan curled her lips and didn’t say anything else. Inside though, she felt empty and desolate.

Just as she was pondering about what the heck was happening to her, Ling He hastily ran over over with a bizarre expression.

“My lady, you really should quickly go to the front hall and take a look!’

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