ENL – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – Stormy Winds in Ji City (2)

As a person, Lei Xu could be said to be rather sinister, even going as far as daring to act so ruthlessly against Ji Fengyan. Without thinking, one would be able to guess that he had to have shouldered many bloody debts. Therefore, as the place where he had lived for a long time, the City Lord’s Residence would naturally not be suitable for immortal cultivation. Ji Fengyan couldn’t get away fast enough from that place, so how could she take the initiative to move into that place?

Ling He was rather dumbfounded by her words, but he was already a bit numb to it.

In any case, their young lady did things completely differently from everybody else. They were already quickly starting to get used to it.

“Although you say that, you still have to take back the things that belong to the city lord. If not, how will you be able to manage Ji City in the future? What’s more, if my lady doesn’t wish to move from here, then it would be best to find somebody to repair this place up a bit.” Ling He said, quickly following through on the logic behind Ji Fengyan’s thoughts.

Not saying anything else, she directly took out a few gold bars from the Spatial Soul Jade and placed them in front of Ling He. “Sure. I don’t know much about these stuff, so I’ll have to bother Big Brother He to help me out a bit.”

When Ling He took those gold bars, his expression became a bit conflicted.

He still hasn’t managed to understand where their young lady got those gold bars from!

“Of course. Your subordinate will start the preparations now.” Ling He responded, calming down his emotions as he left.

Handing those gold bars over to Zuo Nuo, Ling He ordered him to take along two guards and head out to the city to find craftsman that specialized in repairing residences. Afterwards, he brought along five more guards and directly bulled his way over to the City Lord’s Manor to take everything of use there!

Inside the City Lord’s Manor, under the support of a maid, Lei Min finally managed to stand up and walk from his bed. Although he used some medicine and the majority of his wounds had healed, every step he took still caused a heart-wrenching pain that tortured every single nerve throughout his body.

Slowly, he looked towards the entrance of the courtyard, his expression full of expectation.

“My lord, please relax. With Sir City Lord taking action this time, how could that little slut escape? Therefore you shouldn’t worry about it. All you need to do is just take it easy and rest and wait until Sir City Lord brings that little slut back to serve you.” The maid supporting Lei Mei said in a fawning tone.

Lei Xu had told Lei Min about his plan early on this morning and even summoned those hundred or so city guards in front of Lei Min before directly charging towards Ji Fengyan’s residence.

Narrowing his eyes, Lei Min lifted up his chin arrogantly. “Despite knowing that she herself wouldn’t be able to best my father, that dammed girl actually dared to humiliate me so! If I don’t let her taste some pain, then she really would think that she meant something.”

“Who would say that isn’t so?” The maid echoed obediently.

“If I counted the time right, then it should be just about finished. After father brings her back, you understand what to do, right?” Lei Min asked frivolously, rubbing that pretty maids chin.

“Don’t worry my lord. I have many ways of teaching those women who fail to appreciate the kindness shown to them and can guarantee that after two days, she’ll docilely and willingly kneel by my lord’s bedside to serve all of your needs.” The maid said charmingly.

“Mmm,” Lei Min nodded his head in satisfaction. Turning his thoughts over to something else, he asked another question. “There still hasn’t been any movement from that side?”

Speaking of it now, it was very strange. After that day where Su Lingsheng fainted in that Ideal Gold Store, to this day she still actually hadn’t shown any signs of waking up yet. All of the doctors stayed by her side everyday, but still hadn’t made progress in finding out what’s wrong with her.

“At this moment… there still hasn’t been any.” The maid shook her head.

“Keep a close watch. I received news yesterday that the merchant will be coming to Ji City ahead of schedule this time. If Lingsheng still hasn’t woken up by that time, then it’s likely that our plan will be derailed.” Lei Min said, slightly furrowing his brows.

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