Time – Chapter 2.3

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 Chapter 2.3 – Someone else’s wedding

At this time, Ao Shi Cang Qiong  who was wearing a groom’s attire, walked towards Jun Lin Tian Xia. The bride, Shui Diao Ge Yao, followed beside him.

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Clan leader sama, anyhow, today is my wedding, please don’t steal my limelight OK?” Then he looked at Ruo Wei Jun Gu and said, “Sister-in-law, although our clan leader can be a little too cruel, he is a very nice person. Sister-in-law, don’t carelessly accept him, xoxo [1].”

[1] The author used 么么哒 which is essentially the Chinese version of “xoxo” ref

World Clan’s deputy clan leader is a bit too… how do I put it? Aren’t cruel and nice very contradicting? And there really isn’t anything between your clan leader and I, what xoxo. Yao Yuan quietly complained in her heart but was unable to return to the past.

Wen Ru Yu: “Well, Lao Cang (Old Ao Shi Cang Qiong), seems that most guests have arrived, let’s start the wedding ceremony?”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “OK!”

There are more than fifty ‘modes’ of weddings in Golden Age. Gamers could choose in accordance to their own preferences.

The deputy clan leader of the World Clan’s wedding started. In front of the officiator’s stage was a priest holding a bible, gently smiling at all the guests and the newlyweds.

【Server】Prosperous Century’s fleeting time, hundred flowers simultaneously blooming,today we are here together to witness this couple’s happiness.

Guests give their blessings.

【Server】Do you, Mister Ao Shi Cang Qiong, take Miss Shui Diao Ge Yao to be your wife, to forever be happy for her sake and to share her misfortunes? Please choose: A, I am willing. B, I am not willing, it is impossible.

Everyone was laughing and jeering: “So this is a forced marriage.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong didn’t know whether to choose A or B, the outcome will be the same anyways.

【Server】Do you, Miss Shui Diao Ge Yao, take Mister Ao Shi Cang Qiong to be your husband, to forever be happy for his sake and to share his misfortunes? Please choose: A, Pending. B, Resolve in private.

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “So cruel, who chose this mode?”

Wen Ru Yu: “The person who paid.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Ah Wen (Wen Ru Yu), you paid? What a rare occurance, so generous!”

Wen Ru Yu: “It wasn’t me, it was clan leader.”


Luo Shui: “Clan leader is always this cruel.”

Ao Shi Cang Qiong: “Clan leader, you’re becoming more and more savage. I’m so tired, I’ve lost the ability to love /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~”

While everyone was laughing, Yao Yuan saw Shui Diao Ge Yao looking in Jun Lin Tian Xia’s direction. Jun Lin Tian Xia was looking at Ao Shi Cang Qiong. Suddenly, she declared: “Actually, the person that clan leader likes is deputy clan leader right?”

Everyone: “…”

Luo Shui: “I have finally seen someone who dares to joke with clan leader in my lifetime!”

In the circle of people worshipping and rolling on the ground laughing, Yao Yuan cries. She’s read all types of novels so it’s easy for her to have the wrong idea. (Implying that Yao Yuan has creative ideas because she’s read a lot of novels.)

Right when Yao Yuan wanted to mend the hole after the sheep was stolen [2], Jun Lin Tian Xia turned towards her and said on the nearby chat room: “Do I need to kill him to prove that the one I care about is you?”

[2] To patch things up so no further damage is caused. Based on the anecdote “It is never too late to mend“.


The people that were there that day couldn’t help but sigh. Of course, there were many different reasons for them to sigh.

Those who were worshipping Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Jun Lin clan leader and his wife are so cute!”

Those great masters who were both friends and foes of Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Jun Lin Tian Xia, you are ruthless. You push the limits, even for love!”

The three from Hundred Flower Hall: “From now on, there probably won’t be anyone who dares to bully our Hundred Flower Hall right?”

That day, Yao Yuan had hiccups before she went offline. Yes, she was still hiccuping. Jun Lin Tian Xia sent her a message on their private chat, making Yao Yuan suddenly stop having hiccups.

“You’ve saved me before, so, I have come to repay you.”

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