Time – Chapter 2.2

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 Chapter 2.2 – Someone else’s wedding

In the luxurious palace, even though there are less people here compared to outside, the people coming and going are all the game’s strongest people!

Duo La A Meng: “Hahahahahahahahaha!”

Hua Kai: “Little A, can you stop yammering? It is making my head hurt!”

Ah Mi: “Sister Jun, no need to be so distant. Someone is scared because there are a lot of powerful people.”

Hua Kai: “Then you should take the initiative to go over to Little Jun.”

Ah Mi: “ But, but the people beside Little Jun are the strongest of the strong!”

Hua Kai: “It was your suggestion! ”

The one standing beside Ruo Wei Jun Gu was that legendary godly person, Jun Lin Tian Xia. And he was the center of half the screen, there wasn’t a lot of people who dare to casually step foot in there. But he has been seen through, actually because this Great Master usually does things too heartlessly, too sharp, made it lack in affinity.

Other than the far away World Clan Treasurer, Wen Ru Yu said: “Clan leader, do you need to come to announce the auspicious hour?”

The crowd looks towards the Great Master.

In the nearby channel the god, Jun Lin Tian Xia, slowly typed: “No interest, it isn’t my wedding.”

In regards to this logic, the crowd was unable to understand the ‘god’.

When Yao Yuan heard these words, why did she feel that there was a deeper meaning? In addition, the people in their clan called her sister-in-law. What game is he trying to play?

Yao Yuan felt that him standing beside her gave her a feeling of an uncertain future. She is also not one to guess at a person’s heart. She also does not want to be tricked. So she straightforwardly asked: “Great Master, you let your friends call me…. that…you are joking right?”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “No, I instructed them to.”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “…”

Yao Yuan suddenly remembered a point: “The number one beauty who is about to get married was said to have had a relationship with him? Could it be that he wants to use her to get back at the beauty? That is also not right, wasn’t it said that he dumped the beauty?”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Great Master, what is your relationship with the number one beauty?” Yao Yuan didn’t have any ulterior motives when she asked.

This time, Jun Lin Tian Xia didn’t respond in the private chat nor the nearby chat rooms. This Great Master directly replied on the world chat: “Ruo Wei Jun Gu, you asked me what my relationship with Shui Diao Ge Yao is. There is no relationship. Since the beginning, I only had you in my heart.”

Yao Yuan wasn’t just stunned and speechless, her heart skipped two beats. She was so scared that she started to have hiccups.

Ah Mi: “Sister Jun! I really don’t have a chance anymore?!”

Hua Kai: “Hehe, Little Jun often surprises us. Like, during last time’s quest, we didn’t have enough people so she played as if she was three people. Too cool! Like when someone called for someone to take up the duty of protecting beautiful maidens, she went to sign up! Like when she claimed Jun Lin Tian Xia as hers! I can’t help but love her!”。

Yao Yuan thought helplessly, no matter how she explains the situation, it’ll be useless.

There were also the World Clan’s members. Luo Shui: “So loving, really makes people envious.”

Wen Ru Yu scoffed at Luo Shui: “Envious of clan leader or sister-in-law?” because Luo Shui was a transvestite character.

Luo Shui: “Scram!”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Sister-in-law, can you PK with me one more time?” Thinking of last time, that couple ruined their clan leader’s reputation. During that time, the mighty clan leader suddenly became very concerned about his reputation. All the people who said he sleeps around or is not a trustworthy person have all been put under a kill order. PK lovers hate that, it’s so embarrassing! He’s never been PKed by a female gamer before. The most important point is that her equipment isn’t even top grade. He deceived himself: “Must be a transvestite!” Of course, now he doesn’t dare think that (since she is now the clan leader’s wife).

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “I suddenly thought, if I PK with sister-in-law and win, then boss definitely wouldn’t let me go, then I’ll need to die anyways, jiu jie [1]!”

[1] 纠结 (jiū jié): usually used to describe , a facial expression depicting sadness and a sense of distraught.

Wen Ru Yu: “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “Really!? Boss won’t kill me?”

Wen Ru Yu: “I meant that you cannot win against sister-in-law. Also, according to my understanding of clan leader, you won’t even have a chance to touch his ‘property’ without his permission. That is, before you PK sister-in-law, he will kill you already ^_^”

Xiong Ying Yi Hao: “…”

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