The state of the Website Ads

Dear Readers,

In an effort to reduce the amount of ads we run on our site and in turn reduce the times a malicious ad will pop up while still giving the necessary compensation to our hard-working translators here, we will now host only 2 good paying ads running on this site.

The first one is actually a web push notification that popups on the lower left corner of your screen itself that you can click away, so it doesn’t get in the way of you reading experience.
And the other one is a video slider that also pops up on the lower left corner of the website only.

These two ads have good payout, but that is only IF and that’s a big IF, everyone reading here subscribe to the ad notification and disable ad-blocker. So I beg of you to allow notification and disable ad-blocker to give support to the translators here so that they can deliver to you quality stories that you like.

We will run these 2 ads for a week and will see the performance. If we see good results, we will keep it. If not we might revert to adding more ads to keep supporting our hard working translators.

Thank you.


A sample of ad notification:

If you are not seeing a pop-up notifcation to allow notification on the website.

You migh have disallowed it previously. If so I ask you to allow notification from these two sources:

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2 Responses to The state of the Website Ads

  1. daniel says:

    popup’s continue when your on other sites. very annoying.

  2. Suvrenim says:

    your ads are malware. they wont quit redirecting ever since i hit allow notifications

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