SLKD – Volume 3 Chapter 9

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Perverted Old Man, Kuu, Solo-play

“Then Chi-chan, I have some matters to attend to, if someone comes and asks for me, ask them to come back later.”  The Headmaster left some instructions for Assistant Yonechi.

Assistant Yonechi respectfully nodded her head, “I understand, Ijima-san.  However, you are not allowed to drink when you are outside.  Your wife is strict about not letting you drink any alcohol.  I hope you won’t make it difficult for me.”

Not waiting for the Headmaster to speak, the old man ogled Assistant Yonechi’s breasts and said, “Don’t worry!  Yonechi-chan, I won’t let him drink, you have my word.”

Old man, who are you actually talking to?  Her breasts?

I want to puke at his actions, but… sigh… I don’t want to embarrass him – after all, Nagisa’s father is still in need of his help.

“Okay, you are Ijima-san’s doctor, so I hope you can make him understand that he is hurting his own body by drinking alcohol.”

“Ha, no problem, then I’ll see you later, cute boobie-chan… ugh…Yonechi-chan…”

As expected, this old geezer was speaking to the breasts?  If he and Yalide were put together, wouldn’t they become the ultimate duo?

‘Oi!  Stinky brat, I am a mighty dragon god, how can you put me on the same level as a human?  But… this combination seems decent enough?’

‘I was only joking, but you’re taking it seriously?’

—————————— Hospital

Sayashi Central Hospital is a big health care institution and is labelled as the town’s best hospital.  It has a lot of doctors specialized in healing magic from all around the world.  Also worth mentioning is that this world has the same medical operations as my previous world, which includes surgical operation and similar invasion procedures.  However, compared to the painless method of using healing magic, those who would choose to use the old surgical method are the minority.  They are mostly from poor families.  Furthermore, so long as the patient is still alive, those terminal illnesses from my previous world can all be cured with healing magic.

We rode in the old man’s limousine to this 20-story hospital – Sayashi Central Hospital.

The moment we stepped in from the door, regardless of the person’s position, be they security guards, nurses, or even doctors, they all greeted this old man respectfully.

It can’t be that this old man is really amazing, can it?  A real medical saint just like what he had claimed?

As we proceeded to the reception area, the old man approached a beautiful young nurse, smiled and commented, “Myuu-chan, it has been only a few days without seeing you, but you became so much prettier.”

“Just go and die, old man.  You’re only away for a few days, and you have gotten more disgusting.”

Good job!  Miss reception nurse, you are amazing!  I have waited a long time for a chance to curse him.  Along the way here, in the luxurious car, he was constantly staring at Nagisa’s breasts; what a disgusting old geezer.

“Hehe, really?  So you were thinking of me, haha!”  The old man touched what’s left of his hair and laughed.  I don’t understand how he has lived his life up till now… he had just been called disgusting by such a beautiful girl…

“Oh right, Myuu-chan, can I ask if Akahoshi has taken off from work?”

The nurse whom the old man had been calling Myuu-chan lowered her head and checked the monitor screen, hit a few buttons, then raised her head only to find the old man tip-toeing, looking down from a higher perspective at…

Myuu-chan clenched her fist and slammed the table, and said indifferently, “That bastard has not signed off, so he should still be in his office.  One more thing, old man, if you dare to peek so openly again, I will make you wish you were dead, even if you are my grandfather.”

What the?!  Grandfather?  This piece of work… he even targets his own granddaughter… looks like that his wife has him on such a tight leash that he went all girl crazy…

“Ha~~ you going to hit your own grandfather?  I can stand it.  Coming back to the main point, help me contact the vice-president, and some of the executive officers, and tell them to wait for me in Akahoshi’s office, and let them know that I have something important to announce.”

“Oh?  Old man, you finally got yourself some evidence to fire that bastard, who is even more disgusting than you?”  After she heard the old man’s request, Myuu-chan appeared to be quite excited?  Looks like, she must also hate that bastard doctor?

“Of course, have you got the thing from yesterday night?  Hm?  You got it?  Haha, good!  Did you think that I, you grandfather, was just messing around?  I am a medical saint after all, hahaha~~”

The moment the old man finished, Myuu-chan took out a pen from the drawer and gave it to him, “This is it.  This is what you asked me to record last night.  However, I hope this is the last time.  Don’t you ever ask me to do such a disgusting thing ever again, got it?  Another thing, overlooking your title as a medical saint, you are just a terrible old man.”

“Are you kidding?  Is your grandfather really that terrible?  Although I stare at women’s breasts occasionally, the truth is, I am observing the inflation and compression of their chest to determine their breathing pattern, and diagnose if they are having any illnesses or not.”

“Scram, you are just a pervert, I will make the call now to notify them, so go do what you want to do and leave me alone.”  She then picked up the phone and started dialing, completely ignoring him.

Seeing that his own granddaughter ignored him, the old man was not even the least bit embarrassed.  He just laughed and motioned us to follow him.

This old man is really amazing, in his own way.

But, who is he really?  Why can he just casually request audience with the vice-president and the other higher-ups of the hospitals?  Could it be that he’s the president?  It can’t be, can it?  If this is true, aren’t all the females in this hospital in danger?…. And what’s was that pen about?

—————————— Medicine’s Storage Room

“Oi, Onion Head, why are we here?  Aren’t we supposed to go watch a good show?”  The Headmaster raised the question that was the crux of our confusion.

What is this perverted old man trying to do, could it be that it’s still not the time to go to that bastard doctor’s office?

“Stop worrying, I am here to get someone, then we can all go and watch the good show – without this important co-star, the story won’t be as exciting.”  The perverted old man explained as he opened the door to a room that had a sign labeled “Pharmaceutical Administration Office” and led us to the a white-haired elderly man, “Hey, Kuu, the opportunity has arrived, bring the record list of the medicine, we are making a trip to that little cuckold’s office.”

“Oh?  Finally a chance to screw that bastard?”

“Yup, I know you have waited for this day a long time now, haven’t you?”

“No kidding!  That damn cuckold, it was undoubtedly him who stole the medicinal grass and sold it, yet he used me as a scapegoat, accusing me of stealing it.  The evidence he held had no loopholes, I even started to doubt myself.  If not for the relationship between us, believe me, ugh~~ I might already be in jail serving my terms.”

“Ok ok, let’s go.  Wait for a while outside later, and only come in when I call for you.”  The perverted old man pat the elderly named Kuu, then brought us to take the elevator to the seventh floor.

“Little girl, you must tell only the truth later.  Of course, if you can’t talk about it, just stay silent and watch the show.  Oh right, did you bring the payment receipt and your father’s medical record?”  Standing in front of a door labelled with the name of Akahoshi Myouri, the perverted old man asked with a smile while facing Nagisa’s breasts…

Nagisa nervously felt around her pockets, and finally sighed with relief, “Got it …”

“Good, then if you have the time, loiter outside for a bit before coming in.”

That white-haired elderly replied energetically, “Understood, BOSS.”

“Come, let’s go in, the good show is about to start; this time, I want to see how that that bastard will wiggle his way out of this.”  The perverted old man turned the knob of the door and brought us into the office of that bastard doctor.

———————— Bastard doctor’s office

When we walked into the office, the focus of everyone present turned to us; Nagisa timidly hid behind my back.  I also noticed, the split second Nagisa entered the room, one of the fatter doctors in the group wearing a white coat twitched, it seems like that fatty is the bastard doctor.

“President Sougen, can I ask what is the meaning of this?  Making everyone gather here in my office? Could it be that my performance was outstanding, so you intend to promote me in front of everyone?”  The fatty regained his composure from his state of shock quickly, then greeted the perverted old man with a flattering smile.

“Hmm?  I have no intention of promoting you, I only wanted to ask you about the condition of the patient who has silicosis.”  The perverted old man went straight to the point.

“There’re so many patients with that illness, may I ask who are you referring to specifically?”  The fatty acted like he was in thought, but I, who knew the story, would have really bashed that hateful face in, if not for Freed’s advice not to be rash.

“You should be acquainted with this girl, am I right?”  The old lecher used his finger to point at Nagisa who was standing behind me.

“I don’t know, why? Is she a relative of the patient?”  The fat pig disgustingly chuckled.

“Hey, Akahoshi, wipe that disgusting smile off your face.”  The perverted old man appeared unwilling to converse with him, “I have something here; I have something here that I believe everyone would be interested in.”  As he spoke, the perverted old man took out the pen that Myuu-chan had given him earlier…  Looking closely… isn’t that a recording pen?  He pressed the play button, then in the silent room, the fatty’s voice echoed:

—” …Your father’s treatment cannot be dragged out any longer, you just have to give your body to me and I will immediately cure your father.

“NO!  I won’t give you my body, my body already belongs to someone else… be it the first time, the last time or any other time, it will only belong to that person.”  Nagisa’s voice echoed from the recording device.

The first time?  The last time?  Any other time?  This and that?  What is she referring to?  Furthermore, Nagisa’s body already belongs to someone else?  What is all this about?

“Humph~~ I don’t give a damn about whoever that guy might be.  It’s already been a month; I can’t wait any longer, and I advise you not to resist any longer either.  Although you got the three million, without the Éguilles Grass, there’s still no other way to cure your father.  So, you just have to obediently be my lover, and I will cure your father.”

“No…  I don’t want to….  You… don’t come any closer.”  Right after Nagisa uttered her response in a fearful and trembling voice, I could hear the sound of something hitting the table, as well as the sound of chairs falling over.

“It’s okay, this is your first time?  Relax and leave everything to me, I promise after you get a first try, you still start craving a second.”  Although it was only a recording, I could still imagine the irritating smug look on that fatty’s face in that situation.

“No, I don’t want to… Little Ball?  Why did you come out?  Hey?  Don’t…”  Right after Nagisa’s shocked voice came the sound of glass shattering, followed by the angry voice of the fatty, “Damn it!  You actually escaped?  I was too careless, I didn’t think that she would have a flying wind spirit… heh heh, nevermind, I don’t believe you won’t come back and visit your father tomorrow.”

When the recording finally ended, the whole room was in dead silence.

The first person to break the deathly silence was the perverted old man, “Do you have anything to say for yourself?  Aka!  Hoshi! ”  The perverted old man’s voice carried with it a certain amount of gravitas, making those who heard it tremble.

I noticed the fatty’s forehead was sweating profusely, and his plump face is quivering non-stop, it looked as if he was afraid.

At this moment, a middle-aged man that could easily pass as the body double of the fatty spoke, “President Sougen… this recording… if I may ask… can be used to prove what exactly?”

“Oh?  Old Akahoshi , don’t tell me you couldn’t recognize this voice?”  The perverted old man replied with a question of his own.

The old fatty thought for a while, then replied with a smile, “I only heard my son and a young girl playing a game…”

“Playing a game?”  I got furious at this point, pointed at the old fatty and yelled at him, “You call this playing a game?”

Damn it, it’s so obvious that you are covering for your son, and looking at you now, I see you are not a good person either!

“Oh?  Where did this small kid come from?”  The old fatty squinted at me and sized me up.

“I’m sorry, he’s my grandson.”  The Headmaster who had been standing behind me spoke up.

“Ijima Michita?  Ijima-san?  Why are you here?  How is it that I didn’t notice you till just now?”  That old fatty looked shocked, much to my surprise.

You didn’t notice till just now?  Hasn’t the Headmaster been standing behind me this whole time?

“I didn’t want to cause a stir so I hid my aura, and sure enough, none of you noticed this old man who has been just standing right here.  Hahaha~”  The Headmaster laughed loudly, but I could hear the sarcasm from his laughter.

“My sincerest apology – your humble servant did not notice the arrival of Ijima-san.  Also, please allow me to apologise for what I had said just now, this kid… no… this youth is indeed a fine-looking young man.”

“No need to kiss up to me, just carry on with what you were saying.  Didn’t you say that they were playing a game?  I do want to hear how this game of theirs was played?”

“Hoho.”  The old fatty laughed awkwardly.  Then, he gave the fatty a fierce glare and demanded, “Hey, Myouri, explain to them what actually happened that day.”

“Okay, Dad.”  The fatty became full of confidence, looked like he got back his nerve…  Damn!

In a pretentious way, the fatty acted like he just remembered Nagisa, pointed at her and exclaimed, “Oh… so it’s you?  You slut!  I can’t believe you called me last night just to play me.  President Sougen, the truth is like this, this slut on…”

“Oi !!!  You try calling her a slut one more time!  I’ll make sure no one will recognize you after I am done with your repulsive face!”  I was furious, this bastard actually dared to call Nagisa a slut?  Although I wanted to continue watching the act till the end, BUT!  I cannot tolerate him calling the innocent and shy Nagisa a slut!

“Alright, grandson of Ijima-san, I will correct myself.  Actually, this girl’s father had already been admitted to the hospital a month ago.  She said she didn’t have any money, so out of my own good will, I let her father stay here for an overnight observation, so that I could investigate the illness…  Once the results were out, I immediately asked the nurse to notify her that her father’s illness is a dust disease, also known as Silicosis.  Once she knew the truth, since she had no money, she came to beg me, saying that she wanted to be my lover, in exchange for free treatment for her father.  I obviously refused.  Some time after, after she paid the hospitalization fee, she started to seduce me with every chance she got, and you know, I am a young and vigorous guy, I couldn’t resist, so, it…”  That damn fatty stopped his explanation at this point and put on a sheepish looking expression of guilt.

Hearing this, Nagisa’s face turned red, and even her expression was darkened.  Tears started to well up in her eyes, and she kept saying in a low voice, “Lin Xiang, please don’t believe him… don’t believe him…”

I gently patted her on her head, then tapped her on her narrow shoulder and whispered, “Don’t worry, Nagisa, even if the whole world doesn’t believe you, there’s still me.  I will believe you.  Please remember this, because, aren’t we friends?”  Then, I gave her my friendliest smile.

After listening to my words, Nagisa’s tears streamed down her face.  I wiped it off gently, and viciously stared at the antagonist no. 2, the old fatty:

“I had told you before, think before you act, but in spite of everything…. then again, President Sougen, my son is still just a young man, therefore he will make this kind of mistakes…”  That damnable old fatty gave the look like he was really regretful that his son failed to live up to his expectations.

“Oh?  Really?  Then please continue, what happened after that?”  The perverted old man gave a look like he was really interested in knowing what was going to happen next.

“After that…  Oh, right… she only paid for one week’s worth of the hospitalization fee, the rest was paid by me.  In order not to do something that might conflict with hospital’s best interests, I requested three million from her as treatment fee…”  The fatty said this with a face full of righteousness…  It made me really… really… want to bash his head in.

“Oh?  So it happened like this?”  The perverted old man laughed loudly… then forcefully holding his laughter back, “Excuse me, please continue.”

“Ugh… she then threatened me, something about giving her the three millions, or else, she will expose our relationship…  I really dug my own grave, I couldn’t believe that I actually did something so stupid.  Leaving myself with no other choice, I forked over the three million for the medical bill out of my own pocket.”

“Wah!  That’s so noble of you!  Then, Akahoshi my boy, I would like to ask you this, where did your three million come from?  You have worked in this hospital for less than a year, and your salary is a hundred thousand a month.  Even if I consider you as working here for a year, it’s still only one million and two hundred thousand.  Where did the remaining one million and eight hundred thousand come from?” While saying this, the perverted old man let Nagisa take out her receipt of three million and waved it in front of that bastard.

Good job, perverted old man!  Although you are dirty-minded, you are quite the smart guy~~~ I already noticed that the bastard’s legs were shaking!

“Ugh… actually… oh, I remembered it wrong.  She wanted to threaten me originally, but I didn’t have that much money, and I was too embarrassed to ask my dad, so I refused.  After that, I do not know from where, but she got hold of three million and requested the cure for her father…  By that time, the Éguilles Grass was just coincidentally out of stock, so the treatment was put on hold.”

“Oh~~~  Then about the recording, how do you explain that?”

“Actually… yesterday night, she came looking for me again, saying she missed me a lot, and wanted to play a game with me…”

“Game?  Are you talking about that recording?  However, I don’t understand why you would say those lines that were so damaging to you”

“I am not sure either, I only remember that I was woozy when I promised her…  But I couldn’t believe she actually recorded it and used it to cause this big scene”

“Oh~~~ so that was what really happened…  Kuu~~ Come in.”  The perverted old man nodded his head, and shouted the name of the white-haired elderly.

“Coming ! !”  The white-haired elderly pushed the door open and came in, his hands holding on a piece of transaction record.

The perverted old man pointed at the records and said, “Truth be told, yesterday afternoon, a huge supply of Éguilles Grass just came into our storage.  If you don’t mind me asking, to a girl who is willing to sell her body, why didn’t she beg you to treat her father but instead, play games with you even after the Éguilles Grass was back in stock?  Don’t tell me that you did not know about this.  You should know this because you are the manager of our pharmaceutical storage facility.  Don’t try to explain it now, let me finish first.  After you accused Kuu, who is an honest manager, and he lost his position, you used your bullshit father’s influence to assume his post.  Of course, I am only saying it now because I realised that this hospital cannot allow a piece of trash like you to stay.  After you took over as the pharmaceutical storage facility manager, Kuu has been investigating you behind the scenes, and found out that you have been misappropriating medicinal herbs from the storage facility for your own personal use, and even sell them in the open market…  Don’t worry, and don’t laugh, I do have the evidence for that.  You will see it soon enough when you get to the police station.  Why the face of disbelief?  You couldn’t really have believed that from the onset, I was only doing all this just to help out this one girl to destroy you, right?  You are overthinking this.  The truth is, exposing your misdeed of pilfering medicinal herbs from the storage facility is my main purpose here.  This whole scene from earlier was to let the executive officers watch your acting, and let them understand the real you…  Okay, enough, you can stop looking at your father.  Your father manages the shipping and the receiving of all medicinal products for the hospital, he will not get out of this unscathed…”

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