SLKD – Volume 3 Chapter 13.5

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Kuji’s Short Story

My name is Kamiki Kuji. I am 16 years old. Right now, I am faced with the worst thing that could happen in my entire life.

“Hime-chan, Father wants to talk to you about something.  Actually, you have a fiancé.  His name is Lin Xiang.  After the new year, you will be starting school in the same class as him.  You should have plenty of time to get to know him.”

When I heard this news, staring at Father’s smiling face, the warm and happy feeling I normally got was taken over by a harrowing feeling.

I… I already… have a fiancé?

Two years ago, my childhood playmate was sold out by her family, and got married into another family.  After going through all sorts of torments, her usual red and perky cheeks slowly hollowed out and turned a shade of pale gray…  At the time, I was glad that I didn’t have to become someone else’s tool and trade in my lifetime of happiness for the greater good of the family…  But now… even I…

“You are just kidding, right?”  I was still grasping at a slim chance of hope that my father would nod his head and tell me that he was just joking…  Unfortunately…

“Not in the slightest – Father wasn’t joking around.  That young man is the son of Lin Fan, the famous Battle Technician.  Don’t you know?  Ten years ago, our family was slowly declining.  It was all thanks to Lin Fan that our family was able to rebuild itself again.  So, so long as… Hime-chan?”

I ignored Father.  I left the study with a blank look on my face… I don’t understand.  Why… why is it that a daughter of a distinguished family like myself would have to become a bargaining chip?

Lying on my bed, I just couldn’t figure it out…  It felt like my tears were about to flow out.  I felt really, really tired, and then, I fell asleep…

When I woke up, all of a sudden, I got a clear understanding of a lot of things. As part of a big, distinguished family, wasn’t this kind of thing to be expected?  I was just unlucky enough to be the one in the family who got picked by destiny.

———————— High School Commencement

Pillar Nofu Academy is a well-known spirit user training academy.  It was founded only a hundred years ago, and it already rivals the long established Michi Suguru Holy Spirit Academy, and has been called a miracle amongst spirit user academies.

Pillar Nofu Academy has only gone through one generation of change for Headmaster.  The founding Headmaster, Ijima Takaaki, a Fourth Level Battle God, was once part of the battle against demons.  Like a god, he killed two superior demons all by himself.  To top it off, his battle tactics were so brilliant and masterful that it won the admiration of all those around him.  As powerful as he was, he gave up the honor of being a Human World Guardian and went ahead with founding this school.

Ijima Michita is the son of Ijima Takaaki.  Ijima Michita completely inherited his father’s spiritual power.  At the age of forty-three, he had already reached the rank of Battle Ancestor.  Now, at the age of sixty-seven, he has reached the rank of Fifth Level Battle Elder.  Just like his father, despite his power, he gave up his position as a Guardian of the Human World.  After he assumed the position as the second generation Headmaster, he gave a most memorable speech, and that was, “To be a single Human World Guardian?  I’d rather teach a group of students so that they can become Guardians of the Human World.”  His reputation rose even further after this speech.  Of course, there were people who doubted him and said that he was posturing.  But soon enough, those negative opinions were drowned out by the voices of his loyal followers.

————————— First Year, Class C

First Year, Class C, this will be the class that I am stuck in for the rest of the year.  To make it worse… I will need to face that fiancé of mine as well…  Speaking of, just who is this fiancé of mine?

I looked around and noticed that a lot of the boys had their eyes on me.  They made me sick to my stomach….

“Well then, students, I will be your homeroom teacher this year.  My name is Kusaura Youtaku.  I look forward to working and learning with you all.  Okay then, so that we can get to know each other better, shall we each do a self-intro, just in the order of where we are all seated?”

The instant the homeroom teacher said this, some people already started complaining; but no one objected…

“My name is Kamiki Kuji, interest… none.”  When I saw those disgusting glances from the boys in the class, I really couldn’t continue – I had to finish up quickly, “Well, that was it for my introduction.”

“Eh?  That quick?  You didn’t even mention what type of boys you like.”

“That’s right, that’s right.  Also, you measurements.”

As expected, boys are just gross.

I ignored them and went straight back to my seat, waiting for the self-introduction of that fiancé of mine.

After about ten or so people had finished with introducing themselves, a boy who was both handsome and full of spiritual aura stepped up onto the podium.  When he got up there, he gave us all a sunny and charming smile before introducing himself, “Well, everyone, nice to meet you!  My name is Takahashi Nobuhiko.  I am happy that I could be in the same class as everyone here. I, er, have interests in a lot of things, like music , jogging, and eh?  The type of girls I like?  This, I don’t really know.  Anyway, I look forward to learning with you all from now on.”

“Wow!  So cool…”

“His name is Takahashi Nobuhiko?  Damn, he is good looking, and he is the type of boy that I like.”

After that good-looking boy named Takahashi finished with his self-intro, the girls went all boy-crazy like…  Humph…  For sure, that guy named Takahashi is quite good looking; plus, when he was at the podium just now, his eyes didn’t glue onto me – that was different from all the other boys.  He is not bad at all.

“My name is Satsuki Risa, er?  If you have to ask me the type of boys I like?  I… I don’t know either.”  Her face turned red as she said this.

The girl named Satsuki Risa is quite pretty.  Meh, but that’s about it.

“So cute…  Her face even turned red…  Ah, my goddess…”

“What are you saying?  Of course, Kamiki is superior, you idiot.”

“What Kamiki?  Satsuki is way better.”

“Kamiki is the best.”

Those disgusting boys – could they not discuss things like this out in the open?  I shook my head slightly.

After that girl named Satsuki stepped down from the podium, a boy with unbelievably weak spiritual power stepped up.  He was decent looking enough, but he just looked like he would be a wimp?  If he were my fiancé, I would totally go jump off a building.

“Hi… everyone…”  When he spoke, his voice was trembling?  What a loser!

“My…name…is Lin Xiang…”  Oh, so he is called Lin Xiang… hmm… ugh?  What?  Did he just say that his name was Lin Xiang?  This is not a joke, right?  My… my fiancé is him?  Do I… do I have to go jump off a building now?

“Aiya…  Trash Lin Xiang, hurry up and come on down, and let other people go.”  Right at this moment, a boy with strangely dyed hair interrupted that Lin Xiang’s pathetic self-intro.  I remember…him…  What was his name again?  Yamamoto?  Or was it Yamada?

“That’s right, that’s right. Just hurry up and come on down.”  The boys sitting on either side of that strange boy shouted in agreement.  That homeroom teacher also just let them be.  From his expression, I could see the look of disdain.  What an incompetent teacher!  He notices that his student is weak and he looks down on him…  Speaking of, is he really the son of Lin Fan, that famous Battle Master?  This isn’t a joke, is it?

———————— A Week Later

For a whole week now – I have been observing that guy named Lin Xiang for a whole week now. Just what exactly is going on here?  Should I say that he is hiding his true power?  Or should I say that he is really useless?  He has been ordered around like a dog by that Yamada, and his gang, and he hasn’t complained, he even follows along with a smile on his face…  How could my fiancé be someone like him…  I’d rather die…

———————— Home

After I got home from school, the first thing I did was run into my father’s study.  My father had a guest with him at the time.  But I didn’t care; I really didn’t want to be the wife of someone like that.

“Father!  That student named Lin Xiang, he’s useless through and through.  I don’t want to be his fiancée.  On top of that, his father and his mother have both passed away already.  Why do we have to follow through a marriage agreement that only you insisted on anyway?”

The moment I said this, both my father’s face and the guest’s face dropped.  Did I say something wrong?

All I could see was that my father gave me this nasty look and yelled at me, “What silly things are you saying now?”  Then, he turned to the guest and bowed, “I have to apologize, Lin Hao-sama.  Because of my lack of discipline, my daughter’s temper is a bit…”

“Not a big deal… she… what she said was also the truth…  Since your daughter doesn’t want to, then let’s not force it on her.  Nowadays, they advocate freedom of love.  The way I see it, let’s just go with that.  Let’s not interfere with their affairs and just let them develop at their own pace.  If they each find love separately on their own, then we can just annul this engagement proposal.”  Who is this man?  A relative of that piece of trash?  How come his words made me so happy?

“No, this would be a bit unfair.  Lin Xiang is still in the dark about this whole arrangement; if he had known about it, he might just agree to it.  So, this whole freedom to love thing need only apply to your kid, Lin Xiang.  It needs not apply to my daughter.”

“Father, what are you talking about?  I don’t want to.  How could anyone possibly like a loser like that?”  Even in front of his relative, I didn’t have any qualms talking about it.  After all, I was determined to not be that piece of trash’s fiancée.

“Are you not going to listen to me?”  Father’s expression looked really unpleasant…

Ahhh…  I let out a sigh and replied, “I understand.”

Why do I have to be a daughter of this type of large and prominent family…

————————— June 3

Today’s Sunday.  I was bored at home, so under the protection of my bodyguard, I came to Meredith, the clothing store I frequent.  After I had picked myself out some clothes, I saw Lin Xiang come through the door…  But this is a store for women clothes only….

Hm?  Is he buying women’s clothes?  Does he have a girlfriend already?  It can’t be, right?  Who would date this kind of guy?

I saw that piece of trash picked out a few random pieces of clothing, and walked towards the undergarment area…

Wait a minute, where does he think he is going?  The Lingerie and Intimate Apparel section?  Is he a pervert?  When I think about it, the possibility could be quite high – his ability is low, and there is a lot of pressure, isn’t it quite natural that his mind could become warped?

When I thought of this, I despise him even more.  I hope that there is some girl out there who would have a lapse of judgment and fall for him…

————————— June 4

Today, as usual, I got to school early.  It is such a pain, being nominated as the class rep by all those boys in class, but I can’t do anything about that…  As I opened my locker, a few love letters fell out.

It had already been two months since the beginning of the school year.  From the beginning when my locker was completely full of love letters, till now with just a few: don’t they know when to call it quit?

I threw all the love letters into the trash as I walked to my desk.  I turned around and looked towards the back of the classroom, where that piece of trash was usually already seated, reading his book, and noticed that he wasn’t even here yet?  What had happened?  Never mind, I don’t want any relations with him anyway; besides, he is a weirdo who buys women’s underwear…

“Yo, is that Trash Lin Xiang late for class today?”  As I heard the disgusting voice of Yamada, I looked up and saw that piece of trash just came in.  He was late for class?  I really have never seen this before.

Today, I kept getting the feeling that he was different?  The looks in his eyes, it was as though he was ready to attack Yamada?  Was that my imagination?

“Yamada, you don’t want to live anymore?”  The attractive voice of Takahashi Nobuhiko echoed in class, followed by a bunch of girls agreeing with him.

I really don’t understand, how a piece of trash like him could have such an amazing friend…

————————— Lunch break

He is really strange today: he fell asleep in class, got called out by Ijima Sensei, and during the mock battle, he even managed to dodge that low-rank demon’s attack… am I the one who is actually asleep?

Oh?  That piece of trash didn’t even go to the cafeteria with Takahashi for lunch?  And he brought his own bento?  What is up with him today?  Plus, he seems to be on very friendly terms with Satsuki.

After I finished the lunch that my family chef had prepared, that Yamada came back into the classroom and walked over to where that piece of trash was.  Ah… from the looks of it, that piece of trash is going to be bullied again…  I didn’t pay attention to what happened after that, and just focused on tidying up my bento box.  All of a sudden, with a loud “boom”, Yamada fell onto the floor, and it looked as though he couldn’t get back up?  What happened?

What did that piece of trash whisper in Yamada’s ear?

Why is it that when he left, he shouted, “Lin Xiang!  You just wait and see.”  Could it be that that piece of trash beat him?   It can’t be, right?

————————— Two weeks later

Very strange, that piece of trash has been acting very strange.  Just what exactly happened?  I keep getting the feeling that he is different than when I first met him.  The cowardice from before turned into more of an air of casualness, and he had this easy-going attitude about everything…  Then, there is that Satsuki – it is clear that she is real close to that piece of trash, and at times, she would appear to be quite intimate with him…  Could it be that they are together?  It can’t be, right?  That Satsuki could be called an idol for the school… how could she be running around with that piece of trash?

————————— Sunday

Today, like always, l came by the Meredith Boutique to get myself some new clothes.  When I pushed open the door to the store, I saw Satsuki and that piece of trash, together, picking out clothes?  They must be together, right?

After chatting with Satsuki for a few minutes, and judging from how she blushed during our conversation, I dare say that they are together.  This is fantastic!  I am finally free; I have to go back and let father know.

I got so excited about finding out about this news, that I completely forgot about buying new clothes; and asked the chauffeur to take me home straight away, so that I could tell Father all about this incident…

————————— The Next Day

“Really?”  Satsuki exclaimed excitedly, and I turned to look at her, and found that Satsuki was hugging that piece of trash, and was hugging him quite snuggly, “I knew it!  I knew it, I knew that you actually felt it.  As I thought, you actually knew this whole time, right?  You’re so mean.  You actually had me come out and say it.  You’re too mean.”

And that piece of trash that is being hugged, I could see it on his face that he was enjoying it.  Then, as though he had noticed that I was watching him, he quickly pulled himself together and said, “That… Satsuki??  What on earth are you talking about?  Quick, quickly, let go, people are looking at us.”

This man shouldn’t be aware of the marriage arrangement between the two of us, right?  He couldn’t be thinking that he could two-time me, could he?  No way. I won’t let him do this to me.  Something just has to be made clear.

So, I asked him to come to the rooftop…

After I told him everything, he pretended like he didn’t know a thing, “I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I never knew about having such a pretty fiancée.  Also, there’s really nothing going on between Satsuki and I.  Plus, couldn’t you have just told me about this earlier, and have me talk to your dad about annulling this engagement?”

I don’t need you feigning your concern for me, you useless weirdo piece of trash.

“Go ahead and keep pretending, I’ve seen through your games.  Alright, let me tell you, even if you’re willing to annul the engagement, my father would definitely say that I manipulated you.  That old-fashioned man definitely won’t agree to it.  So, let me make it clear now.  I don’t care whether you knew about it or not, all I ask is that you let me go.  Just be satisfied and go out with that Satsuki, alright?  I am not like her who has bad taste in men.  I couldn’t possibly like you.  As I said, we are not compatible.”

“Hey!  Watch what you’re saying, what’s with Satsuki having bad taste in men and all?  Let me tell you, there’s nothing going on between Satsuki and I.  It doesn’t matter whether I know about the engagement or not, what I do know is that I’ll never f–king go out with you!!!”  He even got angry?  Could it be that I hit the nail on the head and he got upset?  Really, what a worthless man…

—————————— Spirit Summoning Day

After the Spirit Summoning Ceremony ended, I gave my spirit a name, Haki.

I took a look at that piece of trash…  He couldn’t even summon a single spirit…  Just how weak is his spiritual power?


“Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang~~ Help me, help me.” A girl shouted out Lin Xiang’s name as she cried and ran into our classroom.  Then, she threw herself into the embrace of that piece of trash.

If I remember right… that girl’s name is Yorikawa Nagisa?  I think she ranks fourth in our year and is an Intermediate Magician… When did she start having any sort of relationship with that piece of trash?

—————————— Twenty minutes after Lin Xiang and Yorikawa left the classroom

“Have you heard?  That Trash Lin Xiang, he got a knuckle sandwich from Kitashima and he didn’t even die.  The wall in the school was dented, but that piece of trash didn’t have a scratch on him.”

“What?  How could that be possible?  The assailant is Kitashima, right?  If our magically reinforced wall in the school is dented, how could that piece of trash be unscathed?  April Fool’s Day has long past, you know.”

“Why would I lie to you guys?  Seriously, I saw it on my way back.  Kitashima slammed him with his shoulder, and Trash got sent flying.”

“Can’t be, right?  No wonder our traps didn’t work, so there is a different face to that piece of trash…”

When I heard what those boys were saying, I couldn’t help but be taken aback. That Trash Lin Xiang?  He was okay after being hit by Kitashima, who is ranked top in our year?  How could this be possible?

Right when I was still listening in on their discussions, the whole class fell silent all of a sudden.  When I looked towards the entrance, I saw that the piece of trash had returned.  There was some dirt on him and his school uniform was a bit torn…  From the looks of it, what they said could be true…

—————————— Bank

“I can go in by myself; there is no need for you guys to follow me.”  I gave those bodyguards, who had been following me around, my orders.

Bodyguards, or whatever, are such a pain… they follow me around even for minor errands like taking out some cash…

When I walked into the bank, I noticed that there were more people than usual.  Even though it was almost dark out, there were still a lot of people inside…  Hmm?  Doesn’t the man standing in front of me in the queue look kind of like that trash Lin Xiang?  Well, since he hasn’t turned around, I can’t exactly peek over there and check him out…

“I would like to withdraw some cash, five hundred thousand, please?”  Listening to his voice… it has to be that Lin Xiang…  Plus, after he spoke, he looked around… oh… he turned and looked this way…

“Yo~~~ How are you?…”

“Humph~~~” The smile on his face looked terrible…  From the looks of it, he didn’t particularly like me either…  Never mind, if we both dislike each other like this, we can annul our engagement.


Something that sounded like a gunshot suddenly rang out?  I turned around and noticed seven men in suits, with face masks, were standing by the bank’s entrance…  A robbery?

“This is a robbery!” One of the men shouted.

So, this really is a robbery…  Are those men running around idiots?  There are robbers standing right at the bank’s entrance, where could you possibly run to?

“Bang, bang, bang!”  A string of gunfire rang out, then a few people fell down…  How sickening…  Even though those few were idiots, this was my first time watching someone die…  I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted to throw up…  Those seven robbers, such stone cold killers…

—————————— After the robbers gathered everyone together

Hmm?  Just then, the robber who looks like he would be the leader of the crew, was he staring at me?  Was it my imagination?

Never mind that.  Right now, I just need to wait for the opportune moment, then, use my fog magic to confuse this group of Battle Technicians.  After that, our chance of escape should be pretty high, I might even be able to capture them…

Here’s my chance, two robbers are watching the front, two went to take the money, the remaining three are quite far away from me, now is the time…  I carefully and stealthily reached into my pocket, slowly took my magic wand out…  Wait a minute…  That leader, why did he stand up?  He is coming over here?  It couldn’t be that he found me out , right?

“Little girl… if you don’t behave, uncle robber will get angry…  On account that you are still young, uncle robber will forgive you…  Now… hand over the magic wand.”

Faced with a robber pointing a gun to my head, I could feel a pang of fear that I have never felt before…  This man… he wouldn’t open fire, would he?  I… don’t want to die just yet…

I could feel my hands trembling.  Then, with great effort, I took the magic wand out and threw it on the ground…  After that, he gave me a smile, “Mhmm, that’s right… just be obedient…”  Then, he put the gun away and left….

He didn’t shoot…  That’s great…  I thought…. he would shoot me…  Thinking back, it was really scary…  I overestimated myself…

—————————— After the robbers took the money

“Alright, the troublesome police are now gone temporarily… time to go.  Bring along a hostage, just in case…”  As the robber said this, they walked towards us, then they stopped in front of me?  This can’t be happening, can it?

“Little girl… I shall give you a chance to make up for what you did earlier, you shall be our hostage.  After all, with such a cute looking hostage like you, a group of men like us will surely be happier even when we are on the run.”

“No… I don’t want…  I don’t want to go with you guys.”  Why me?  Why me?  Why can’t it be that piece of trash?  Why…

“I don’t think you have a say in this.”  He grabbed my hand and yanked me off the floor, then he grabbed hold of my neck, and pointed his gun at my chest, “You know what… I actually wouldn’t mind watching these cute little breasts burst.”

Very scary…  Why… why are there such scary people around…  I want to go home…  I want to go home…  If I had known… I would have brought those bodyguards in with me….

“No… I don’t want…”  I struggled with everything I had.  “Pa…”  I was slapped in the face…  It hurt a lot…  No one had ever slapped me in the face before…  That man with the mask actually slapped me…  It hurt a lot…

“Hey!  You want a hostage?  How about me?”  At this time, the piece of trash stood up…  What is he doing?

“Oh?  Hero-kun?  You want to be the knight in shining armour to rescue this damsel in distress?”

“No… I simply do not wish to see you bullying a girl like this…”  He… is he serious?

“Wow~~  How chivalrous of you…  Then… are you not afraid that we will kill you?”

“Me?  Scared?  By standing up, I have already proven that I am not afraid of death.”  He even let out a laugh?  How could he be laughing under such circumstances?  Why is it that all of a sudden, I notice that I am not afraid anymore?  This warm and fuzzy feeling… what is it…

“Bravo!  In that case, what can you offer us in return for replacing this cute little girl as our hostage?”

“The fact that I am a guy.  Aren’t you all going to be on the run?  Think about it: would it be more convenient to bring a guy or a girl along?”

“Oh?  Now that you mention it, it does sound reasonable.”  After hearing that, the robber was having second thoughts.  But why is it that now, I don’t want him to replace me?

“Plus, you can see how weak my spiritual power is – it would be impossible for me to retaliate against you, wouldn’t it?  I am practically the best candidate to be a hostage for any criminals.”  Is he trying to sell himself?  Was it for me?

“You… is there something wrong with your head?  This is the first time I have had a person selling himself to a robber…  Ha~~  But what you said makes sense… mmh, I will bring you along.  However… this beautiful lady here, I will bring her along too.”

“Hey!  How could…”  Lin Xiang hadn’t even finished his sentence, a big and tall robber who had been standing next to us took the butt of his gun and hit him in his abdomen. “Oof… *cough*… *cough*…” Lin Xiang held onto this abdomen and gave a few dry coughs.

“Oh?  You can actually withstand muscle man Number 3’s attack and not faint from the pain?  Not bad…”

“That’s right…  My tolerance for pain is quite high…  So… please, could you release her and just bring me along?”  Why would he insist…  Is he really Lin Xiang?

“No deal… but I will bring you along too… no robber will complain about having too many hostages… hostages are our life insurance after all… the more the merrier.”

After hearing the robber’s words, Lin Xiang looked downright dejected.  He even gave me an apologetic look…  Why does he have to apologize…

—————————— After Lin Xiang’s rope around his wrists had been cut

”Wh… what, what…do you think you are doing…”   After his ropes were cut by Wind Blade and he got his hands freed, Lin Xiang suddenly hugged me…

“I… I want you, want your body.”

“No… I don’t want to… don’t you touch me…”  Even though I said that, why is it that after I heard what he had said, I kept feeling like my body just couldn’t put up a fight…

“What if I say I want to, what are you going to do?  You should pay for hurting my hand.  Now you are starting to feel afraid?”

“You… Lin Xiang, I didn’t think you would even…”  It couldn’t be that his motive for asking me to cut his ropes for him was all for this, could it?

“That’s right, I am this kind of person.  Ho…  But what can you do now?”

“I…  Why don’t you untie me?  We can talk about this.”  Suddenly, he laid me down on the ground…  My hands were tied, I couldn’t put up a fight…

“No…  I beg you… don’t… please?”  If you really want to do this… could we not do it here…

“Haha… what if I must?”  He grabbed my chin and laughed, “Relax… just give it to me…  After all, we won’t be able to run away from this place, so what do you have to lose?”

Oh, right…  He…  What he said is correct…  We won’t be able to escape… S o, it doesn’t really matter that it is him…

“Then… okay… but be gentle…”


“Bang!”  Wild Wolf took aim at Lin Xiang, who was running into the room, and opened fire…

“Hey!  Wild Wolf!  Let her go.”  Lin Xiang aimed his gun at Wild Wolf…  His eyes filled with rage…

“Oh?  Let her go?  Didn’t you leave?  Why did you come back?”

“I said, let her go.”  At this time, his facial expression is a bit scary…  I don’t know why, but I feel… that he actually looks really cool…

“Ah!  No need to glare at me like that, I might get scared…  The technique you used just now scared the hell out of me – I didn’t expect it to be so destructive…  Your loud cry knocked my six companions out, now all of them are half dead.  Hey… let me ask you this, would you be so kind as to tell me the name of your technique?”

“If I tell you, would you let her go?”  No, don’t tell him!  I really want to yell out, but the knife on my neck was pressing against me so hard that it was really painful.  If I speak, it will probably bleed?

“I don’t know, maybe.  The decision doesn’t lie with you, kid.  When I caught this chick just now, and saw you walking right in front of me, do you know how much I wanted to shoot you right in the head?  But then… I remembered the loud noise from earlier, and those companions of mine who are lying there, dying.  I felt like, if I let you die just like that, it would be such a waste.  I might as well learn that loud cry from you.  This way, I, Wild Wolf, will become a new star in the merc industry.”

“If you let her go, I will teach you the technique I just used.  How do you feel about that?”

“If it were you, would you listen to someone who has a gun in his hand?”

To throw away his gun?  No can do!  He will definitely get shot and killed by Wild Wolf…  When I thought of this, I didn’t care about the pain, “Lin Xiang, don’t… hurry up and run…”

“Kamiki, stop talking for now, just let me handle this.  Besides, since I have walked all the way back here, I don’t plan to leave just like that.”  As he said this, he threw away the gun in his hand.

“How do you feel about it now?  Could you let her go?”  He even smiled; and what a fearless smile…  He really does have a plan…  I don’t know why, but at the moment, I have faith in him.

The knife on my neck relaxed a bit… I can finally breathe a bit easier…

“Ho…  Like I said, the decision doesn’t lie with you.  Now, you just need to tell me the name of your technique, and how to do it.”

“No matter what, don’t tell him, Lin Xiang. You should just go…”  He even closed his eyes?  It couldn’t be that he is out of options, could it?

“Shut up, you bitch.  Hey, why the heck are you closing your eyes?  You scared?”

“You’ve got to give me time to think, right?”  Lin Xiang slowly opened his eyes…  What is going on… I keep getting this feeling that he has changed… even though I can’t quite put my finger on it, something has definitely changed in him.

“Then, are you done thinking now?”

“Hmm. I am done thinking.  Wah, look, what’s that behind you?”

Lin Xiang pointed at the area behind us and yelled.  Just as Wild Wolf started laughing, the next second, Lin Xiang appeared right in front of me?  The cold blade that was pressing against my neck fell onto the ground and he was pointing a gun at Wild Wolf’s head.  What is going on?  What just happened?  Am I seeing things?

“Kid… even if you had attached a superior class wind type spirit onto your body, you still wouldn’t be able to achieve this kind of speed…  Just what are you…”  Wild Wolf’s voice was trembling.

“Me?  I am just as you can see, a piece of trash with unbelievably weak spiritual power.”  He smiled.  Then I felt like a gust of wind blew from underneath us and Wild Wolf was airborne… then he fell onto the ground… and stopped moving?

He… just what did he do?

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