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Volume 2 Chapter 6.5 – Yorikawa Nagisa’s Side Story

“I am very sorry; your father has Silicosis, a dust disease.” The result from the check up at the hospital came back. The nurse read the diagnosis off of the lab report and told me that.

I was shocked when I heard the news; Dad, who had been standing next to me, looked hollow-eyed after hearing the news.

Silicosis was caused by breathing in tiny silica dust particulates over prolonged period of time, leading to widespread fibrosis that resulted in pulmonary nodules in the lungs.

This type of disease has a high incidence rate among those in construction sites, where construction workers could breathe in large quantities of dust particles…. There were similar cases like this among Dad’s colleagues, and when they passed away as a result of improper treatments, at the time, I was secretly grateful that it wasn’t Dad; but now….

When I thought about this, I cried. Dad was clearly a good and honest person, and I myself hadn’t done anything bad, why would something like this happen to us?

Even though Dad kept consoling me, telling me that it wasn’t a big deal, he couldn’t hide the despair that was so clearly visible in his eyes.

The doctor suggested to put Dad under observations in the hospital and to go through some simple treatments first, before deciding whether he should undergo surgery.

In truth, it wasn’t so much that they had to wait and see if the surgery was required, but rather, they were concerned that we couldn’t afford it, right?

So, I let Dad sell off everything that was worth selling in the house. At the beginning, he was reluctant; but, after my incessant pleadings, he finally agreed to it.

Only after we had sold off all of our valuables and paid the hospital fees did that doctor give us a smile and tell us the prognosis: my dad’s condition was actually quite stable, and could undergo surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery would cost three million – this made us felt that the situation was all but hopeless. However, I couldn’t lose Dad; so long as the surgery could cure Dad’s illness, no matter the cost, I would make sure that I get enough money for it.

Thus, began my series of part-time jobs before and after school: milk delivery just shortly after four in the morning, dishwashing at local eateries during lunch break, and clean up at restaurants in the evening until past midnight.

Even though it was very tiring, I thought that if I could just continue on and work hard, I should be able to save enough money for Dad’s treatment, right?

—————————— A Month Later

“Excuse me, Miss, you are already a day late in paying your father’s hospital fee. Also, are you guys even serious in considering having that operation?” I had just arrived at my dad’s room in the hospital, when the nurse spotted me and demanded.

“Definitely… we’re definitely going to have that operation. I will be getting paid in a few days, I’ll be able to pay the hospital fees then. It’s just that, for the surgery cost, could I…just owe you for the time being?”

“Ha? You are kidding, right, Miss? IOU? If the hospital would allow IOU, we would have shut down long ago.” The nurse shook her head and left….

That’s right, I was indeed going to get paid soon. But… at the rate I was going… when would I be able to make enough for the required three million?

—————————— Classroom

“So, as I was saying, that Lin Xiang, I don’t know if he got something over Satsuki or what, but he has been together with her a lot lately…” Sitting in front of me was Kuroki Kakumi. She and several other girls were gossiping, and loudly at that.

Kuroki Kakumi was our class representative in the school’s Cultural Festival Committee. She was energetic, vivacious, and she was friendly towards everyone. Except when it came to me; she seemed to have an open animosity towards me.

Maybe it’s because Kitashima Daigo, a handsome guy in our class, likes me?

Since the beginning of the school year, quite a few boys had confessed their feelings to me; but I rejected every single one of them. Everyone who was rejected gave up. Everyone, except Kitashima Daigo; he was persistent and kept on insisting. I was at a loss as to what to do with him.


Meanwhile, a good friend of mine stopped by my desk and asked, “Nagi-chan, why is it that lately, I keep getting this feeling that you are tired all the time?”

“Hadzu-chan? Actually, my dad’s sick…. I’ve been trying to think of a way to save up enough money….” I sighed.

“Does Kitashima know about this?”

“He? Why does he need to know about this?”

“Are you stupid? If you tell Kitashima, won’t he just give you the money right away?”

“I don’t really know him that well. Besides, since it’s for my dad’s treatment, I want to earn the money on my own.”

“On your own? Forget it! Let me hear it, how much your dad’s treatment is gonna cost.”

I stuck out three fingers, and Hadzu-chan laughed, “What the heck? It’s only thirty thousand – you guys can’t even afford that much?”

I shook my head.

“It’s not thirty thousand? It isn’t three hundred thousand, is it? If that’s the case, it is kind of expensive.” I shook my head still. Now, Hadzu-chan began to look a bit nervous, “You…aren’t talking about three million, are you?”

I sighed and said, “Yeah.”

“OH, GOD. Then I think even Kitashima won’t be able to help you. Even though his family is quite wealthy with their net worth over several billions, he would still be hard-pressed to ask his dad for three million to help with your dad’s treatment.”

“Yeah, that’s why I said I had to make it on my own; who else would give me three million for free?”

At this time, Kuroki Kakumi turned around and said, “So, if you were to earn the money yourself, how long do you think you would need to earn enough for three million?

“I don’t know….” It looks like she had overheard our conversation.

“I do have a good idea….” Kuroki Kakumi said that she had thought of a good idea. But doesn’t she hate me? Why would she help me?

“What idea? Tell me.”

“Um… let’s talk about it somewhere else, okay? There’s people around and this is something that should be said in private. Come, follow me.” Kuroki Kakumi stood up and walked towards the door.

“Don’t bother with her, please? Nagi-chan, don’t go, class is about to start.” Hadzu-chan pleaded.

“No worries, no worries, you just wait here for me. I’ll be right behind you.” Hadzu-chan tugged on my uniform, signaling me not to go; but if Kuroki Kakumi really had a good idea, what was the harm in hearing her out?

———————— Rooftop

Right when we were about to step onto the rooftop, Kamiki Kuji, the class monitor from class C, passed by us and headed downstairs.

“Kamiki Kuji? What was she doing here? Also, the one who went downstairs right before, wasn’t it trash Lin Xiang? Could it be that they have some sort of relationship?” After Kuroki Kakumi mumbled to herself for a bit, she turned towards me and said, “I feel that you are really quite pitiful; that’s why I called you up here. As for my idea, I want to clarify beforehand that I have never tried it myself; it was from a girl friend of mine who’d tried it, you got that, right? I have never tried it out myself.”

“Okay.” An idea that you haven’t tried out yourself? What exactly are you trying to say?

“Let me ask you this first, in your own opinion, the way you go about it with your part time jobs, do you think you can save enough for three million?”

“No.” I shook my head.

“Then, what I am about to tell you, is a way that can get you rich instantly.”

“What is it?”

“Let me ask a question first. You’re still a virgin right?”

“I…” Why the heck was she asking such a question? Even though I had my doubts, I replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Really? Looking at those big breasts of yours, I thought for sure that they got big from having all sorts of guys rub them.” Kuroki Kakumi seemed to be disappointed that I was a virgin.

“Please… please don’t say such a thing, okay?” It wasn’t like I wanted to have large breasts…. Besides, because of them, you guys were always teasing me, saying I was like a dairy cow.

“Fine, fine, fine; you really are pure and innocent. Humph, alright, you can now take this opportunity and be all you can be with your purity and innocence. “

“You…what are you saying?”

“What I am saying is my idea; you can sell your virginity and become some rich guy’s mistress.”

“You… what did you say?” This… how could you call this a good idea?

“Oh? Your face even turns red, you’re such an eyesore! Anyway, it’s not like you’ll make that much money and your dad needs his operation soon. So besides doing this or robbing banks, what other brilliant get rich quick scheme can you think of?”

“No… I don’t want to….”

“It’s up to you; you should really think long and hard on it – with your part time jobs, you would never make enough money to save your dad.”

“But…” I gave it some thought, and the reality indeed was…. But… to be some uncle’s mistress… I really couldn’t accept that.

As though she could read my mind, Kuroki Kakumi suggested, “You can just do it once. Look at you, you look so adorable — aren’t you very popular with the boys? Besides, you’re like our school’s prima donna. If you think about it, such a pretty girl, and a virgin no less – you never know, one of those rich men might find you interesting and after spending a night with you, may just up and give you three million to treat your dad.”

I was tempted; I knew I was kind of pretty, kind of cute, and if it really worked out like Kuroki Kakumi suggested, if I got some rich man interested in me and for just doing it once, up and gave me three million, then, wouldn’t it be enough to save Dad? This body was a gift from Dad; Mom is gone, and I really can’t lose Dad….

“Mn, it looks to me like you’ve made your decision. Then, head over to Fukuda Avenue tonight. There, you’ll see a lot of other girls looking for customers; you can just copy what they do. You can decide for yourself how much to ask for. Well, that was the bell, let’s head back then.”

———————— After School

“Nagi-chan, hurry up and tell me what you and Kuroki talked about. You weren’t paying attention in class at all today.”

“Sorry, I really can’t tell you….” How could I say it out loud… that I was going to sell myself? I picked up my book bag and ran out of the classroom, ignoring Hadzu’s chan’s screams and left her behind.

I am really sorry, Hadzu-chan.

———————— Evening

“Little girl, how much??” An uncle walked over, stood in front of me, and asked.

“Th… three”

“Three thousand?”

“Three million….”

The moment I said it, the man laughed, “Little girl, actually, I have been watching you for a while now. Please don’t joke around with me, otherwise, I’ll make like all those other guys before and leave, okay?”

“No, really…. It’s really three million….”

“Little girl, you sure?”


“Then forget it…. With that price, I’d suggest that you go on home; there’s no way anyone would give you three million.” After he said it, the uncle left.

This was already the 13th guy who left after hearing the price.

Meanwhile, another older man walked over; he was bald and he stank of alcohol.

“Girlie, how much?”

“Three… mil… million.”

“Eh? I’m not hearing things right?” That older man seemed a bit displeased.

“That’s right, it’s three million.”

“Who do you think you are? You want three million? You think you’re some kinda angel?” I felt a bit embarrassed with this man yelling and screaming at me like this so I lowered my head.

“That… my dad’s sick, need money, so….”

“I don’t care if your family is sick, the most I can give is three hundred thousand.” The bald man said fiercely.

“No… No… This is my first time… Furthermore… It’s because my father is sick, that’s why I…” How could I? Three hundred thousand? That would mean I had to do this ten times? If this were the case, then I’d rather die together with Dad.

“A little slut like you dares to bargain with me? So what if it’s your first time?” That man was furious, and in his anger, he lifted his hand and was about to hit me; in that instant, a dark shadow suddenly appeared in front of me, and caught that older man’s hand. When I lifted up my head and took a good look at the man’s hand where it was caught, it was all red. The man’s face looked like he was in great deal of pain.

“Bullying a girl, do you even consider yourself a man? You’re already this old, and you even went so far as to hit a 16 or 17 year old girl, in the middle of the streets no less. Do you have no shame?” Hearing the voice, the other person was a boy?

“Little brat, what does that have to do with you? I’m her customer, I do what I want to do.”

No, I hadn’t agreed to it, right?

Just when I was about to open my mouth and refute it, the boy said, “In that case, you can get lost. I’m her customer now.” Then, he swung his arm around, and that older man could barely steady himself. He glared at the boy, “You stinking brat, you’re her customer? Fine! You cherry boy can be her customer, I’m leaving.” He then turned around, pointed at me, yelled at me for a bit, and left.

That boy took a glance at the back of that older man as he was leaving, then he turned towards me. I was so scared that I hurried to lower my head.

“What are you selling?” He asked.

“I’m…. I’m not doing sales, but if you’re talking about sales, I guess it counts as well?” Could it be that the boy was trying to ask if I was a virgin?

“Err…. Your answer’s really confusing…. How about this? Whatever you are selling, I’ll buy it.”

“Really?” He would buy it? For three million? Is this for real or was I hallucinating?

Once he took an absentminded glance at my chest, he gave a resolute reply, “Really, I am speaking the truth.”

“Bu… But it’s three million…” Judging from his appearance, he should still be a student like me, right?

“Well…, it’s true that it’s a bit expensive, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind telling you this, I, er, I have no parents.”

So, he was an orphan. Even though my mom was gone, I still have my dad.

“I’m really sorry about this, but why… help me? So it really was because…” He really was attracted to me, right? “But there are plenty of girls out there who are bigger and are cuter than me. Even if I’m an Intermediate Magician, isn’t three million a bit too much?”

“Well… Even though I don’t understand what you’re thinking, I just want you to know that since I’ve lost my parents, I understand the pain of losing them, and I envy people who still have theirs. So I don’t want you to lose your father. That’s all.”

This boy in front of me was indeed a really kind person; how could there be a boy like him?

I was really moved by his words, so moved that my pathetic tears couldn’t help but stream down from my eyes, “You… you really are a kind person….”

For some reason, the boy started to panic, and said, “Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go to the bank. Do you have a bank card?”

“Mn, mn, mn. I do, I do.” This was great, that I would have enough money for dad’s treatment – when I thought about this, I smiled.

When he saw my smile, the boy suddenly stopped and just kept staring at my face…. After a while, he forced a smile and said, “Ah~~ my bad, I was just thinking of something else.”

“Something else? “ At this point, it came back to me, that after I had accepted payment, he and I would have to….

“As long as you pay me… I won’t break our deal….”


“It went through, it went through! Now father can continue his treatment. Weird? Four million? Did you make a mistake?” My bank account only had one thousand, and I only asked him for three million, how did it end up with four million?

“Huh? Oh! I probably pressed the wrong number by accident. What’s done is done, so don’t worry about it.” He laughed.

“How can this be…?” You didn’t want it because you pressed the wrong number? This wouldn’t do, I said I only wanted three million from you.

“Please hurry up and take it back.”

“Like I said, no need.”

“But why?”

“Because it’s too much trouble?”

“Too much trouble?” There were people who would think that it was too much trouble to make money? Wait a minute, this boy was acting a bit strange. Just then, when he was transferring me the money, it looked like he was pondering about something. Maybe he did it on purpose? If it was just three million, that would only cover the cost of the surgery for Dad’s illness. But, wouldn’t Dad still need post-op therapy after the surgery? We had already sold off all the valuables in the house. If we had an extra million, it would solve a lot of these problems….

“I’m really grateful. You’re a really good person. My father should be able to recover now.”

“Ah, that’s fantastic! Oh, that’s right, when can I pick up the merchandise? Since it costs three million, I would want to know if the product is any good.”

That’s right…, he had spent quite a bit of money for my first night… from the original three million to the four million; this had far exceeded my expectations, “Yes… Four million…. Even though I have no experience… I’ll definitely make it worth your while.”

“Really? Then give it to me now, I need to go back home soon.”

It looked as though he planned to split after it was over….

“Then… let’s go to a hotel nearby…”

“There’s no need to be secretive, you can just give it to me here.”

“Right here?” What was this boy saying? Right out here in the public? He had a rather unusual hobby?

“That’s right? What’s the matter? Is it not possible?”

You might be progressive and is open to it, but I’m not: “B… But… There are people around.”

“Oh, then, you can take me to a place where you feel comfortable with then.”

So, in order to satisfy his unusual taste, I brought him to a desolate alleyway.

Argh, I couldn’t believe that my first time would be done out in the open like this….

I took a deep breath, braced myself against the wall, and said, ““This would do, come…”

“Where are we going? Aiyah, stop messing around! Just give me the merchandise now. I’ve got to get home; it’s getting late.”

“You… Not only do you want to do it outside, you also wanted me to initiate it? This…” This boy was really…. Forget it, since I had already took the money, I would just do what he said.

Who knew that right when I was about to reach over and undo his pants, he screamed, and asked me what the heck I was doing….


Later, after some explanations, we realized that we had both misunderstood each other.

“Now that you know, please receive the merchandise.”

“I never would have thought that I had bought a girl’s first night for three million. Since we are both our parent’s children and we both share that feeling of filial piety for them, let me just give you the money.”

“What? You really mean it?” Wouldn’t this be like giving me the money for free? No, no, I couldn’t do that, it would be like breaking our deal, “No, I cannot just simply take your money, I should only get my due.”

“Really, there is no need….” Did this count as him rejecting me?

“No! It is important to keep one’s promise, this is what my dad has taught me. So, you have to see this through.”

The moment I said that, he became quiet, and stared at me for a long time with a look of distress on his face….

“Uhm, are you dissatisfied with me in some way?” Why is it that when I said it like that, it sounded as though I was the one who wanted to do it?

“No, no, no, I am not dissatisfied with you in anyway, quite the opposite, I am very satisfied. You are very pretty, very adorable. You have a great body, and are a good person, but, I can’t take something like that from you….”

“Why not?” Wasn’t this boy a bit too weird? He declined even when I insisted on giving it to him? Particularly when he had already paid in advance?

“Heh~~.” He gave a hearty laugh, then stroked my head gently, and said, “Since ancient times, what is the most important thing for a girl? Money? Power? Those are not it. It is actually dignity, something that most girls have forgotten nowadays.”

His gentle touch and his speech made me realize my mistake; but in order to not lose Dad, this was the only thing I could do. Besides, I couldn’t very well just take his money, right?

“But… I already took your money….”

“How about this? I didn’t realize that you were selling yourself, so, let’s start our negotiation anew. Um, how about you let me kiss you on your adorable cheek? I feel that it’s well worth the four, three million. “

“But….” Could a kiss on the cheek be worth four million?

“But what? If you keep this up, I will have to cancel our deal. Listen, Miss, uh… fellow student, this kind of thing, a person can only do it with someone he/she likes, you get that, right?”

This kind of thing, a person can only do it with someone they like, understand?

His words etched into my heart. This boy in front of me… really was extraordinary. “Um, I’ll remember your teachings. Then….” Having said that, I closed my eyes.

“Mn, here I come….” He replied. But then there was a long pause, with no action of any sort?

I lifted my head and opened my eyes, about to ask what he was doing; who knew right at that moment, his face, just inches away from me, quickly moved in.

In a brief moment, my brain just went blank, and my whole body had this strange tingling sensation coursing through it. He… kissed me, he kissed me on my lips, right when I was about to open my mouth and speak.

We were like this for maybe a few seconds, then he quickly backed away, “Sorry, sorry, I’m really really sorry! I don’t know what had happened; I didn’t do it on purpose.”

But after he said that, he used his tongue to lick his lips? W… was he savoring this? And here I was, thinking that he wasn’t interested in me….

“No, it’s not a big deal, not a big deal…. Since you can still say that you have taken away my first time, I actually feel better about it….” If it was you…, I was alright with it.

—————————— Home

When I thought back on it, it almost felt like a dream.

Lying in my bed, I thought about how Lin Xiang and I met, and how we had misunderstood each other… It was kind of hilarious.

He and I, could we count ourselves as friends? I couldn’t help but stroke my lips a little, feeling as though his warmth still lingered on around them….

Anyway, I really haven’t spoken with a boy like this before. I was normally a bit shy around boys. Could it because that he gave off a familiar feeling?

I shook my head, and buried my face in the pillow; my mind kept going through what had happened earlier: his awkwardness, his surprise, his smile, and his kiss…, I didn’t know why, but I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, this should be because I had met someone as kind as him, right?

While thinking of that kind person Lin Xiang, I fell asleep very quickly.

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