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Volume 2 Chapter 5 – Soy Sauce, Salesgirl, Picking up the Goods

“Master, we are out of that soy sauce seasoning.” Silent Water told me after dinner while we were watching television together.

“Oh, got it, I’ll go and buy some now. Oh right, Silent Water, I forgot to tell you but I’ve found a way to conceal your spiritual aura, so you can go out in the future.”

“Really?” Silent Water’s eyes were wide open. Even though in the past she had said that she didn’t mind, whenever she saw the beautiful scenery of the mountains, forest and sea, her eyes were always filled with expectation. I knew that she always wanted to experience life outside.

“It’s true, it’s just that recently I’ve been busy with school, so I can only go to the Demon World during the weekends to find Nora Grass.”

“Demon World? Nora Grass?” Silent Water squint her eyes, while revealing a worried expression,”It’s fine Master, the Demon World is too dangerous. Furthermore, Nora Grass is poisonous to Spirits, so it can’t be eaten.”

“Poisonous? What’s going on?” Nora Grass is poisonous? What is that Freed doing?

“Nora Grass is the most commonly found wild grass in the Demon World. Even though it’s common, wood spirits do not dare to consume it. Its poison will cause our spirit power to decrease, and drain our magic power. Hence, that grass is considered a taboo amongst spirits.”

“There’s such a thing?” That Freed didn’t tell me about it. ‘Hey, Freed you bastard, what are you trying to do? Why didn’t you tell me about this?’

‘Hey, asshole, can you not hear only one side of the story? She’s talking about using it as food while I was talking about carrying it. I never said anything about eating. Bastard who only hears one side of the story, can you grow a heart? If you’re still worried, go and ask her whether spirits can touch Nora Grass!’ Freed got angry…

“Silent Water, if it’s just touching the Nora Grass, will it cause spirits any harm?” For the sake of Silent Water’s safety, it’s best that I ask first.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Some spirits even use Nora Grass to build houses.”

“Is that so… that puts me at ease. Uh… let me tell you, you see Nora Grass, if you carry it with you, it will shield your spirit aura.”

“No wonder some spirits used it to build their houses, so it was because of this effect? Excuse me, where did you get hold of this information?” It seemed that Silent Water got excited after hearing this information. It should be because she could finally go and explore the outside world?

“About this… I read about it in a book. You know, some people are crazy about spirits that they understand spirits more than spirits understand themselves. That’s why it’s not strange that they know about Nora Grass’s effect.”

“So that’s how it is…” Silent Water nodded her head before knitting her eyebrows, as if she had thought of something, “I think it’s better to just forget about it. The Demon World is too dangerous, I can’t let you go.”

“Listen, Little Silent, it’s true that the Demon World is dangerous, but if it allows you to be able to live like a normal person, then no matter how dangerous it is, I’ll still do it. Don’t forget, I took care of that superior demon in one shot.” Took care of a superior demon in one shot, I can’t believe I actually said that… For one superior demon, I had already burned my soul once. Then what about ten or a thousand? How many times can I burn my soul?

A smile appeared from Silent Water, “Mn! Master is the best, I believe in Master, but if you want to go, please take me along with you. Like this, if there’s any danger, we can take it on together.”

We’re only going to the Demon World to get some grass, it’s not like we’re going to fight. Besides, I don’t want Silent Water to find out that my body harbors something that was once the Demon World’s administrator —- Yalide, “We’ll talk about that when the time comes. I’ll go out and buy some soy sauce now.”

“Okay, please be careful out there.”


“Thank you, please come again.” The clerk said to me with a polite smile.

I took the soy sauce and some snacks, and left the shop.

The streets at night were filled with people. Shoppers, vendors, and some girls who were standing by the side of the road who waved at some older men. After some exchange, those men left with the girls. It should be the parents came and fetched their daughters, right? That was what came to my mind first, but it seemed that one of the girls in front of me was being yelled at by some perverted looking baldy?

“Who do you think you are? You want three million? You think you’re some kinda angel?”

The young girl hung her head low while being scolded. Her fingers drawing circles. Then, she timidly said with a very lovely voice, “My dad’s sick. I need money, so…..”

“I don’t care if your family is sick, the most I can give is three hundred thousand.” The baldy fiercely said.

“No… No… This is my first time… Furthermore… It’s because my father is sick, that’s why I…” The girl’s voice was very sweet. Just hearing her pleads, my heart went out to her.

“A little slut like you dares to bargain with me? So what if it’s your first time?” The brutish baldy that raised his hand looked as if he was going to slap the girl’s face.

“Pa~~” A loud bang. The young girl raised her head and found that the baldy’s hand was caught by a guy, and that uncle’s face revealed signs of pain.

That’s right, that guy was me, Lin Xiang.

Even though I had no idea what they were talking about, what I did know was that they weren’t related. Besides, I didn’t want to see a girl getting hit.

“Bullying a girl, do you even consider yourself a man? You’re already this old, and you even went so far as to hit a 16 or 17 year old girl, in the middle of the streets no less. Do you have no shame?”

“Little brat, what does that have to do with you? I’m her customer, I do what I want to do.” The baldy wanted to pull back his hand but sadly, I couldn’t feel anything from that weak strength of his.

Her customer? This girl is a saleswoman? Was it because her father got sick that she came out working at such a young age? This is really pitiful.

“In that case, you can get lost. I’m her customer now.” I swung my arms around, and that baldy nearly fell. After he steadied himself from flailing around, he shouted at me, “You smelly brat, you’re her customer? Fine! You virgin of a brat can be her customer, I’m leaving.” He pointed towards the girl, “You can now go after this brat, little slut! I’ll see how much money he can give you for your dad’s treatment.” After yelling at the girl, who had her head hung low, the baldy left with a snort.

I gave a disgusted look at the baldy, and counted my lucky stars: I was glad that he left quickly, if he didn’t, I really would have to beat him up…

I turned around and looked at the girl, who was still keeping her head down, and asked, “ What are you selling?” Even though I have no interest in her product, from their conversation just now, I understood that her father was sick, so I decided to lend her a helping hand. After all, she was a filial daughter, to work for the sake of her father.

“I’m…. I’m not doing sales, but if you’re talking about sales, I guess it counts as well?” The girl’s head hung low, her supple hair covered her face. I could only see her pure white chin, and her slightly tilted lips.

“Ack…. Your answer really got me confused…. How about this? Whatever you are selling, I’ll buy it.”

“Really?” The girl lifted her head. Her skin was like fresh fallen snow. Her face was adorably cute. Below her long lashes, her eyes were bright and electrifying. In addition, her somewhat full lips were rather seductive. The most strikingly were her breasts. I could only describe her as “out of this world”.

Many people thought that girls who looked like the main heroine in mangas: big chest, small waist, pretty and adorable face, did not exist. In reality, the girl in front of me was just like a heroine in manga. Hers seemed bigger than Silent Water’s and Satsuki’s, and maybe even bigger than Meiko sensei’s?

W-wait! What’s wrong with me? It’s my first time meeting this girl and I’m checking out her chest? Aren’t I too perverted?

Because of my guilty conscience for harboring these thoughts about the girl, I immediately replied, “Really, I’m speaking the truth.”

“Bu… But it’s three million…” The girl was a little doubtful of me having that much money.

“Well.. It’s true that it’s a bit expensive, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind telling you this, I, er, I have no parents.” That’s right, I lost my parents for over twenty years (that is, if I added both my memories, and the memories of the other “me” together, it would be over twenty years).

“I’m really sorry about this, but why… help me? So it really was because…” The girl looked at her chest, looked at me, and mumbled to herself, “But there are plenty girls out there who are bigger and are cuter than me. Even if I’m a Intermediate Magician, isn’t three million a bit too much?”

“Well… Even though I don’t understand what you’re thinking, I just want you to know that since I’ve lost my parents, I understand the pain of losing them, and I envy people who still have theirs. So I don’t want you to lose your father. That’s all.”

“You… you really are a kind person….” The girl was very emotional. Clear liquid glistened down from her large and beautiful eyes. The girl was crying. I knew she was very grateful, but whenever I see a girl cry, I get flustered. In a panic, I blurted out, “Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go to the bank. Do you have a bank card?”

“Mn, mn, mn. I do, I do.” Ecstatic, the girl wiped away her tears and began to smile. I was stunned when I saw her previously tear stained face light up in a brilliant smile. This girl…. was really pretty. I felt like… protecting her….

‘Want to protect her?’ Freed spoke.

‘How’d you know?’

‘We both know whatever you might be thinking. Do you know why you and I communicate more often than you with Yalide?’

‘Um… I don’t know.’

‘It’s because we can tell what you are thinking and know that subconsciously, you didn’t quite trust that ‘frivolous’ Yalide. Hahaha.’

‘Damn Freed! What are you laughing at? Also, brat, you really disappointed me. You kept cursing me today, calling me frivolous in your mind…. Yours truly had lived for who knows how many millions of years, and have been dead for millennium. How could you even call me ‘frivolous’?’

‘Now, let’s all ignore that crazy black dragon. Let me tell you, your disgraceful way of checking her out, and your feeling of wanting to protect her, they all stemmed from our love and concern for those who worship us.’

‘What do you mean? Those who worship you?’

‘Ah…. Sorry! Let me give you a simplified explanation. Actually, the girl is blessed by Fortuna, the goddess of fortune. Um… this is really a bit hard to explain. Anyway, her… I don’t really know how to say this. Her situation and ours are similar. We lend you our power while we inhabit your body, but we retain our consciousness. In her case, even though her body possesses the power from Fortuna, Fortuna’s consciousness is no more. Do you understand what I mean? This girl is the embodiment of the goddess’ power itself.

‘What are you saying? This girl is the embodiment of the power itself?’

‘Forget it. I knew you wouldn’t understand. My guess is that when she was young, the girl might have had a brush with death, and the goddess of fortune, Fortuna, gave her own power to the girl so that the girl could live on. As a result, Fortuna’s power and the girl has become one. In other words, the power became part of the girl. Understand it now?’

‘Oh….’ I replied, kind of understood the explanation, kind of not. Following up with a question, I asked, ‘So, that Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, is a god?’

‘Just because someone is called a goddess, does it necessarily make her a god? In that case, just because Sister Feng1 is named after the phoenix, does it make her as pretty as one?’

‘That’s strange. How do you know about Sister Feng?’

‘This has to do with my time wandering through different time and space. A person’s fate can vary depending on the time and space. Take for example, in this time and space, you may be a bum, while in a different time and space, you could be a thriving entrepreneur…. All these various futures, all hinge on the choices that you are making right now…. That woman who is called Sister Feng, she has left me with a very strong impression because she is such a tragic figure. In every time and space that I have been, her looks… well, you know. In addition, remember what I have said, about how one’s future hinges on the decisions that one is making right here and right now? Well, that Sister Feng’s fate was decided the moment she was born.

‘Why? It’s not like she had to become Sister Feng… Wasn’t it because she had made a decision somewhere along the way that had resulted in her becoming Sister Feng?’

‘Uh…. Actually, the decision wasn’t made by her, rather her parents… since they were the ones who had decided to give birth to her….’

‘….’ I was lost for words. Fate is indeed a terrifying thing.

‘Anyway, we’ve digressed. . . . For the sake of your future, I would recommend that you not subconsciously stare at a girl’s chest while speaking with me. People will get the wrong idea.’

Only after hearing Freed’s words did I finally realized that while I was lost in thought talking to Freed, my gaze was on that girl’s chest the entire time….

I tried to smooth it over with my most brilliant smile and explained, “Ah~~ my bad, I was just thinking of something else”

“Something else?“ The girl’s voice became louder…. Embarrassed, she then took a look at me, and bashfully added, “As long as you pay me… I won’t break our deal….”
“Ok….” Even though I didn’t understand what she meant by that, it seemed like I wasn’t hated by her…. I thought for sure that she would hate me since I had been staring at her enormous….


“It went through, it went through! Now father can continue his treatment. Weird? Four million? Did you make a mistake?” The girl looked at the screen on the cash machine and was surprised that the balance read four million one thousand.

“Huh? Oh! I probably pressed the wrong number by accident. What’s done is done, so don’t worry about it.” I laughed.

Actually, I had keyed in four million on purpose. My reason was that if her father’s treatment already cost three million, what were they planning to do with the post-op therapy? I couldn’t bear to see this girl trying to make another sale and getting beaten up.

“How can this be….” The girl seemed a bit reluctant. She was brooding over the fact that I had clearly given her more than she had asked for. She was a really good girl.


After several futile attempts to return the money, her big, bright eyes darted about, and as though she finally understood my intention, she gave me a bow. At this point, over the collar of her shirt, and by sheer coincidence, I saw a deep valley….

“I’m really grateful. You’re a really good person. My father should be able to recover now.”

“Ah, that’s fantastic! Oh, that’s right, when can I pick up the merchandise? Since it costs three million, I would want to know if the product is any good.” Come to think of it, what kind of product could possibly be worth three million? Spirit? When I asked about it earlier, she was too excited to tell me the details….

No sooner had I asked about the product than her face turned beet red, and she lowered her head as she bashfully replied, “Yes… Four million…. Even though I have no experience… I’ll definitely make it worth your while.” Her long and slender index fingers twirled around each other.

Even though I didn’t know what my merchandise had to do with her having no experience, since she said that it would worth my while, I figured that it should be a terrific product, right?

“Really? Then give it to me now, I need to go back home soon.”

“Then… let’s go to a hotel nearby…”

“There’s no need to be secretive, you can just give it to me here.”

“Right here?” The girls raise her voice several octaves higher.

“That’s right? What’s the matter? Is it not possible?” Why the heck did she respond so dramatically?

“B… But… There are people around.”

I looked around me, and indeed, there were quite a lot of people around. From the looks of it, I had really bought something so valuable that I could get robbed in the middle of a busy street….


“This would do, come…” The girl’s voice was trembling .

“Where are we going? Aiyah, stop messing around! Just give me the merchandise now. I’ve got to get home; it’s getting late.” I was surprised to see that the girl looked reluctant as she leaned against the wall.

“You… Not only do you want to do it outside, you also wanted me to initiate it? This…” For some reason, the girl looked a bit dejected. “I don’t care anymore…. I already got paid, and he isn’t like those other men….” As she was whispering to herself, she walked towards me, her eyes were twinkling with tears. Then, she extended her arms, and reached toward my pants?

“Hey, hey, hey! Y… You… What the heck are you doing?” I was stunned by the girl’s behavior.

“What the… I was just following what you suggested…. to initiate….”

“Like I said, what are you trying to do? I’m only asking you to show me the merchandise.”

“How am I supposed to take it out? You a weirdo?” The girl seemed a bit angry.

“Just take it out like so.” As an example, I took my house keys out of my pocket.

“But… That thing… How should I take it out?” The girl said, looking dejected.

“Huh?” Something that she couldn’t take out and show me, what on earth could that possibly be? I was beginning to get curious, “Erm, listen, could you tell me exactly what you are selling?”

1 Please see No.3 Sister Feng at Top 10 China Internet Figures 2010.

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