SLKD – Volume 1 Chapter 9.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 9.5 – Silent Water Short Story

“Hello!” When I was staring blankly at the small stream, he ran in front of me and greeted me.

I won’t be able to forget this scene for a very long time. He was the one who eliminated the demon who killed my father and mother. He was the one who, at the time when my magic power was depleted, gave me his incomparably strong magic power. It was he, who gave me a home where I could settle down.


My parents and I originally lived in the Demon World. Our family of three lived very happily. One Sunday (a week) ago, that diabolic demon —- spirit hunter Genuoduolasu, appeared before us.

My father, who was omnipotent in my eyes, was easily injured. Afterwards, in order to give my mother and I time to escape, he sacrificed himself.

At the time we arrived at the border of the Human World and Demon World, due to the excessive fatigue of opening a crack in space, my mother was overtaken and murdered by it. All that remained was me, who was all alone. When I was staring blankly at the small stream, he ran in front of me and greeted me.

Just when I wanted to respond to him, it appeared. The fear it gave me was really too much; I felt my two legs tremble, as if I couldn’t walk anymore. He, without saying anything, dragged me and ran. Right when we ran to the place called a “factory”, he was hit by its flame. I could only look on helplessly and watch his soul energy gradually become weaker as it was burned by the flames.

However, in less than 2 seconds, his soul energy returned. What was even more unimaginable was that later, he unexpectedly extinguished its flames. You know, the flames of fire attribute demons can’t stop burning, so how could it be extinguished by a human? This also wasn’t even the thing that amazed me the most. What amazed me the most was that he clearly had time to flee, but he nevertheless stayed in front of me and helped me ward off its flames. Furthermore, he ultimately also killed Genuoduolasu…

If it were before and my father asked me: is a regular human capable of defeating a superior demon? I would say no, but looking at him, with his weak spiritual energy, truly defeat the demon who killed my parents and moreover, only needing one move — a white flame; a move that gave me a sense of familiarity from the heart and also shock…

In the moment that he embraced me, his incomparably strong magic power poured into my body. I’ve never felt such powerful magic power before. It was completely inconsistent with the spiritual power that was emitted from his body; it was so strong and irresistible…

After arriving at his house, he cooked something called Plain Noodle Soup for me to eat. It was the first time I ate such incomparably delicious food. The soup tasted completely better than the “Almis Sweet Spring Water” that the water spirits in the Demon World regarded as a treasure…

Mother said to me before, that male humans are extremely fond of females who grow up beautifully; those male humans always wish to take advantage of females. If, in the future, I had to choose my own master, I must consider the opposite member’s manner of speech and conduct. He told me to bathe, I originally believed that he wished to bathe together with me and was somewhat uncomfortable. However, I had completely not expected that I was the one who one-sidedly misunderstood his intentions; he was an honest person…

When I finished bathing, he had came back with the clothes he bought for me. He switched on a box that was called a Television and watched it for awhile before heading to the second floor. Suddenly, I felt a powerful magic. From the floor above me, I started hearing lots of crashing noise. Awhile later, that magic vanished: I ran upstairs to check and found that his room was like the trees in “Ilila” jungle that randomly grew and intertwined with the other trees. A complete mess. I asked him what happened here, and he told me he was careless and tripped. Suddenly, I have a feeling of respect towards him. With just a fall, he was able to produce this much destructive power, it made me look at him suspiciously, having doubts about him being human….


There was still one more thing that Mother said, and that was that all male humans like to “sleep” with females. “Sleeping”, this sort of thing, I knew about it. Mother had told me about it before, since human spirits are a very rare species, my generation needs to make contact with humans, and form contracts with them to ensure the continuation of the next generation….. So I wanted to confirm that he was an upright man. When it was time to sleep, he brought me to his room and I jumped onto his bed, hugged a very soft object (pillow), and closed my eyes to see if he’ll do anything. In the end, he did something. He poured a glass of water and placed it beside me. Afterwards, he gently covered me with a blanket and left and the room…..

First Day:

Not sure why but after waking up, I felt uncomfortable when I didn’t see him. However, there wasn’t any reason for me to run to his room and look for him, so I went downstairs and tried to imitate his cooking from yesterday…. After he woke up, he ate my cooking and felt very happy. He even praised me. I’m not sure why but this made me very happy.

He had left for school. In this empty house, I’m don’t know what to do so I helped him clean the house. His house was very dirty (This is a misunderstanding, in actual fact, Lin Xiang is someone who love to be neat and tidy. It’s just that he didn’t have the time to clean his house.) After spending a long time cleaning the house, I started doing the laundry. While holding his clothes, I became slightly dazed as I looked at it. Afterwards, I could not help but do some unbelievable things. I started sniffling his clothes…. After sniffling, I quickly put down his clothes. It’s not that his clothes were smelly, it was just that his smell was making my body hot. After I washed his clothes, I drew the water out from it, and just like this the clothes became dry…..

By the time I was done with this, it was already noon. I warmed the food he cooked for me and ate it. After eating, I switched on the box that’s called Television and looked at the pictures inside. But I still felt that time passed by really slowly……

In the evening, he came back. After seeing me wear the clothes he bought for me yesterday, he blankly looked at me. It made me feel embarrassed as my whole body started to feel warm. Afterwards, he said I was beautiful. This caused the water in my initial warm body feel like it’s evaporating. I only felt my head was getting dizzy so I quickly hid in the room beside me.

After some time, my breathing stabilized and that’s when I discovered that I actually hiding in the bathroom. This is somewhat embarrassing. I sneakily came to the kitchen and the him that’s currently cooking saw me and gave me a smile that’s as warm as sunshine. He asked me to come into the kitchen, and taught me how to cook…..

After cooking, he asked about my situation today. I told him what I did today, but, the thing about his clothes… was obviously left out. I really can’t bring myself to speak about it. After hearing my narrative, it seems that he was able to understand my boredom today so he took out his magic hands and patted my head. Not sure why, but I really like it when he touches me. His touch makes me feel so warm, makes me forget about the pain of losing my parents….

After eating, I watched some television programs with him. Not sure whether it was because of the television programs or not, I kept feeling that the show was very enjoyable, and the time passed really fast. In a short while, it was already time to sleep….

Second Day:

After waking up in the morning, I secretly went to his room to see him. At that time, he was sleeping so soundly.

After he ate the breakfast I made, it was time to separate from him again. Going to school and all, is it really that fun? Afterwards for the whole day, I watched the television show that’s related to school. There was an anime show on, where the main character was mostly in school. I gradually understood the usefulness of a school, and why students went to school…..

At night, he’s back. There’s an injury on his face and he told me was wrestling. As I was reducing his swelling with my water magic, I was praying too; hoping that no one was hurt when he fell. I really hope that he didn’t hurt anyone, since the television said if he hurt someone, he’ll be going to a place called prison. (In fact, there was 8 person who was injured due to Lin Xiang’s “Fall”.)

Day Three:

Today, it was already way past the time that he should be back. The sky was slowly getting dark as well. He’s still not back yet, so I worriedly stood in front of the door and waited for him, praying that nothing happened to him. I didn’t know how long I stood there but finally, I saw him at the mirror of the junction… Even though I didn’t know what happened to him, but as long as he’s fine, it’s more important than any other things.

Day Four:

Since I used some magic power when I was doing the housework, I used quite a lot of magic power, so I woke up later today. Also, my complexion wasn’t too good today and my hair was a mess. In order to let him eat breakfast earlier, I didn’t have time to take care of it. Coming to the kitchen, I saw that he was currently cooking something; I rubbed my eyes and realised that he really was here. Only until he greeted me, did I realised my hair was in a mess. I quickly ran towards the bathroom…..

I asked why was he up so early and he actually told me it was an apology for making me wait yesterday night. Actually, this wasn’t really needed? Just as I was lost in my thoughts, he suddenly embraced me and my mind went blank. Afterwards, I felt his strong magic power….

In the afternoon, he came back home while bringing an Earth Element dog spirit.

This is his house, and he even asked for my opinion. Asking whether he can keep that Earth spirit at home, is this his way of accepting me? Then when will he engrave the magic mark on me? (Simply put, it means forming a contract. A contract is made by kissing the contracted spirit. Afterwards, a certain spot on the spirit’s body will have an exclusive marking of its master.)


He answered a call and ran out, looking very anxious. From the anxious looks he had, something must have happened. Dusty and I wanted to follow him but he wouldn’t allow it. He had a very serious look. Usually, he would have an impatience look but I know his heart was filled with patience. However, I’ve never seen him have such a serious look. This made me realise that something must have happened.

I needed to abide to his order, so I can’t follow him, but I can’t let him get hurt, so I must follow him. While in a dilemma, I wasted about twenty something minutes before deciding with Dusty to look for him. Luckily, Dusty was a dog spirit, so it can sniff the air and know which direction he went in….

By the time we reached there, he was already injured. Looking at the him who had collapsed onto the ground, my heart felt it was fiercely pulled by something. Looking at the guy in front who had changed into a demon and listening to his possessive words, my mind didn’t seem to be able to think of anything. I am very angry….

By the time I recovered, that demon guy was already gone. I struggled as I dragged my body to the house of the girl on his back. After he put that girl down on her bed, without saying a word, he pulled me into his arms and that strong magic power flowed into me once again. It felt like only a moment had passed, until he let go of me. At this moment, my magic power had fully recovered. Furthermore, I even felt that my ability had increased. If he gives me his magic power every time, my magic power will probably increase….


“Alright, Silent Water, I’m going to school.” He heartily lifted up his schoolbag and said that to me with a smile, breaking off my train of thought.

“Okay, please be careful on the road.” Eight days have already passed by. Faced with the affable and approachable him, I honestly don’t know what I should say. I just felt that meeting him was truly wonderful.

He gave me so much, but I had nothing to give back, so I can only sweep the floor, prepare meals, wash the clothes and so on; repaying him by doing the things that I’m capable of accomplishing. Undoubtedly, the things I’m doing are so little and not equal to 0.0001% of what he has done for me; however, they are nevertheless capable of making him extremely happy.

He, is my master, and his name is Lin Xiang.

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