SLKD – Volume 1 Chapter 6

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Volume 1 Chapter 6 – Dragon God, the Color Pink, and the Cold

“I’m back.” I opened the door and Silent Water came out to greet me.

“Welcome back.” Silent Water said. She then took the plastic bags and backpack from my hands to carry.

“Oh~ Thanks, Silent Water.” Silent Water really was too courteous.

“It’s… no big deal.” Silent Water said, embarrassed.

“Master… What happened to your face?” Silent Water asked.

“Oh~~This… I wasn’t careful and fell.”

“Really… you need to walk more carefully.” Silent Water said and then touched my face with her hand. A sharp ice-cold feeling suddenly permeated my heart. The swelling on my face disappeared.

“En, I will.” Ah~ Silent Water is truly thoughtful and caring.


After I finished eating, I quickly took a bath and then collapsed on the bed. At this moment, my cellphone’s ringtone rang. I opened my cell and saw that it was a text message from Satsuki.

–’Idiot, remember to properly treat your wound.’

‘Got it, my princess.”

–’Idiot…you really are an… idiot.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m an idiot.”

After the text message was sent, I tiredly fell asleep.


“Boy!” That annoying voice was back.

I opened my eyes and discovered that the two pugnacious dragons appeared in front of me again.

“Freed. I mean it, don’t fight with me again today.” The black dragon said.

“As long as you aren’t annoying.” The white dragon snorted.

“What? You’re actually complaining that I’m annoying?” The black dragon opened his eyes wide, extremely wide.

“You are annoying.

“You want to f*cking fight?”

“A fight it is, you think I’m afraid of you?”

The two stupid dragons started fighting the moment they arrived, I was a bit angry. I yelled at them: “Are you guys finished? Hey, forcibly entering into a person’s dream and disturbing their sleep, don’t tell me it’s so you could let me see you guys fight?”

The dragons who were already prepared to fight, after being scolded by me, unexpectedly didn’t have their usual high and mighty attitude. They promptly bent and bowed their heads: “Right, right right, what you said is right.

“So, quickly speak, what are you guys?” Since they stopped fighting, I wanted to know why I continuously saw them in my dreams for the past three days.

Then, the black dragon puffed out his chest, I knew what he wanted to do: “Don’t you give me a long f*cking introduction, get straight to the point.”

The black dragon let out all his air at once and then weakly said: “Yes…”

“I am called Yalide and he is called Freed. We were originally God’s mounts.”

“Wait, wait. The Dragon God from the legends, there are actually two?” I always believed that there was only one.

“There are actually two.” The white dragon stroked his whiskers and said: “I am the Scion of Light and he is the Scion of Darkness. Before God’s death, we were his mounts, but after his death, the perfect order of the world began to crumble. At that time, the Underworld gradually developed into the Demon World.

Underworld? I’ve never heard of that before.

“The Demon World was originally called the Underworld; it was the place where the spirits of deceased humans were sent.” The white dragon saw the confusion on my face and explained.

“Ah~~ It was placed under my supervision.” The black dragon proudly said.

“Hmph~ You still have the nerve to say that.” The white dragon gave the black dragon a cold stare, and then continued to say: “We each had supervision duties, I watched over Heaven and Yalide watched over the Underworld. Then one day, millenniums ago, the places under our supervision that were originally neat and orderly, was once again thrown into chaos. Over in the Underworld, an enormous crack appeared. Yalide ordered a group of spirits to investigate, but didn’t expect that none would return. Afterwards, from within the crack, crawled out countless beings that you now call demons.

“En… Although it’s a bit different from what was written in this world’s legends, but it actually happened like that.” I called to mind the contents of what was written in the legends of this world.

“We named the crack, ‘Demonic Spring’; it’s a place that was an accumulation of resentment from deceased humans. Those resentments were caused by the materialization of the spirits that Yalide dispatched.” Said the white dragon, looking at the black dragon again.

The black dragon laughed ashamedly.

“Afterwards, the demons started to tyrannize the Underworld and kept multiplying. In the following generations, the Underworld which was originally the place where the spirits of deceased humans resided had become a habitat for demons — the Demon World.” The white dragon sighed.

“So it was like that.” I nodded my head.

“Then, Freed and I sacrificed ourselves and sealed some powerful demons back into the Demonic Spring.” The black dragon said.

“Hey! Wait, wait. So you mean, it wasn’t that you annihilated them, like what’s written in the books?

“Us? Though we did have enough power at the time to eliminate them, but we got caught in their plans from before and suffered heavy injuries; moreover, they were also a lot stronger than we imagined them to be. You should know the amount of resentment that humans have. The amount of hatred, jealousy and what not was too many to count. Not to mention, in the times of antiquity, your human wars, how many lives did they claim? How much resentment did they cause? Sealing them despite our heavily injured condition can already be considered pretty good.” The black dragon said.

“So it was like that. In that case, what should we do now?

“You don’t need to worry. Naturally, since we gave up our lives to seal them, we had a backup plan. The black dragon proudly said.

“Oh? What’s the plan, don’t tell me that the seal is eternally unbreakable?”

“Obviously not, the plan we have is even more advanced.”

“How much more advanced is it?” It was actually more advanced than an eternally unbreakable seal? What was it? Dragon gods sure are impressive.

“It’s exactly that… their seal’s removal will free them one by one starting from the weakest to the strongest.”

“Wow! It’s that formidable?” Being unsealed one at a time… “Formidable my ass, aren’t they still being freed from their seal?” I yelled at the black dragon.

“Hey, it’s very formidable alright. In this way, we can fight them one at a time.” The black dragon said.

“Fair enough, what you said does makes sense. In that case, how low is their lowest level? I thought carefully about it, this method actually isn’t so bad.

“Heh, Demon King level.” The black dragon said, disdainfully.

“F*ck, Demon King level? Are you joking?” Shit, the Demon King level that humans thought was the strongest was actually their lowest. Then what’s the highest level? Once they come out, wouldn’t the entire world be annihilated by them?

“I’m not joking. We sealed them over a thousand years ago, so you can think about it, in the chaos of war that have occurred in the modern times, haven’t a lot of people died as well? So, the high level demons from before, right now no matter how low level they were, they too would have become King class, right? As for King class…at this moment I’m afraid have already become Super King class?”

“……” What the black dragon said was right, since the Demonic Spring is a place that is an accumulation of human resentment, then from before until now, they have definitely become even stronger.

“You can relax, kid.” The white dragon started to talk and said: “You possess our power, your existence is the demons’ nightmare.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” I’m the demons’ nightmare?

“Listen, you possess my power. The power of light… can purify demons. At the same time, you possess the power of darkness, that can assist you in stopping the demons’ dark powers from devouring your soul. Perhaps, even converting it into becoming your own power.” The white dragon said.

“No wonder, I was hit by a superior demon’s fire and my soul wasn’t burned away.” Now, I finally figured out from that time that Su… Su something, I forgot. Anyways, I was immune to its magic.

“However, even if you can’t be swallowed by darkness, it still cannot prevent the physical harm that the darkness may bring.” So it’s like that, no wonder I felt a burning feeling at that time. It turns out that in the end I didn’t get burnt because I converted it into my own power…

“I understand.” Fortunately, I encountered that fire demon, it only used a magic attack, not a darkness arrow and the like.

“In addition, by all means you must not let anyone know that our souls are residing inside your body.”

“I understand.”

“Also, regarding the matter of the Sacred Fire.”

“Oh? Sacred Fire?” Is he talking about that silvery white colored flame?

“That, however, requires burning your soul, in order to use that instant kill move to exterminate demons.”

“Ha?” After I heard that I got scared a bit.

Burning the soul? Then, if overused and the soul gets burnt away, wouldn’t I drop dead?

“Just saying, that is something that I invented, hoh.” The white dragon proudly said.

You’re proud of what? That move of yours is a suicidal move, you’re actually proud of that?

“Freed, don’t be proud, with that harmful move of yours, you’ll die sooner.” The black dragon took the words right out of my mouth.

“But…” The white dragon still wanted to say something, but got stopped by the black dragon.

“Alright, the amount of time we have to talk to you today has already come to an end. So, see you again tomorrow.”

After the black dragon finished speaking, I woke up. I scratched my head, looked at the faintly floating lights outside the window blankly and muttered: “That dream’s got more and more realistic.”


After I ate the breakfast Silent Water cooked I headed off to school.

Inside the classroom, my classmates were still active and noisy, but I didn’t see Yamada, probably got admitted into the hospital.

I sat down at my own seat, discovered that my desk-mate ———— Satsuki, that girl, actually didn’t come.

What happened to her?

—————————————— After school

Since Satsuki didn’t come to school for the entire day today, I wasn’t in the mood to attend class. Even though from the start I never really seriously attended class.

Fortunately, there wasn’t English class today, so I slept for the whole day.

I planned to go to her place to see what’s going on with her.

I arrived at Satsuki’s home, that gigantic and beautiful house.

“Excuse me, is anyone home?” I yelled.

“Excuse me, is anyone home?” I yelled a couple times with no response. I originally planned to ring the doorbell, but discovered that the door wasn’t locked. There was a slight opening.

Don’t tell me it’s a case of burglary?

With that kind of thought, my mind suddenly got alarmed.

I lightly pushed open the door, there was silence inside the house, there were only two pairs of shoes at the entrance, one pair was the pair that Satsuki wore to school, and the other were a pair of wooden slippers.

Extremely suspicious, I lightly took off my shoes and tiptoed inside.

— Living room, no indication of rummaging.

— Kitchen, there was a pot of water boiling.

Satsuki’s house was really big, I entered many rooms and didn’t discover anyone. Just as I arrived at the final room in the corridor, I heard, “En~~~ah, en~~~”, like the sound a midget makes when they’re unable to reach something that’s placed too high.

Could it be that someone covered her mouth? At this very moment, I suddenly had a bad premonition, I immediately opened the door …..


Before my eyes was a snow-white scene, there were two tiny peaks protruding out and on top of the peaks were tiny pink peaches…

“Ah~~~~” Satsuki let out a squeal and immediately used a blanket to cover her snow-white body.

What happened?? My brain is in complete chaos… I… saw Satsuki’s…

I immediately jumped out and shut the door: “Sorry, Satsuki.”

Satsuki’s sobbing voice came out from inside the room: “Uuuuu ~~~ Lin Xiang, why’re you here?”

“Because… you didn’t come… to school, so… I came to your house to find… you, I… called for so long, no…body answered, there… fore, I thought… you were… in trouble. Who would’ve known… you were here wiping your body?” Satsuki’s incomparably snow-white figure appeared in my mind once again, I didn’t expect Satsuki to actually have such a good figure.

Not good, not good, I felt like I was about to have a nosebleed.

But, seeing that Satsuki wasn’t in any trouble, the original worried feeling in my heart lowered by a lot.

“ Jeez…. before coming…. you should have called me first.” Satsuki at this moment seems to have already stopped crying.

I quietly opened the door: “Sorry… I forgot.”

Satsuki had already put on her small bear pyjamas: “It is just a cold, I’m fine now.”

While speaking, Satsuki softly stood up. However, she lost her footing….

I quickly ran forward to grab hold of her: “Really, what are you doing?” Speaking of which, Satsuki’s body feels really soft.

I touched her red forehead: “You have a fever?”

Satsuki’s forehead was really hot.

“Don’t have, don’t have.” Satsuki wanted to push me away but she had no strength.

“Still insist that you don’t have a fever? You don’t even have the strength to push me away.”

“That’s…. because….” Satsuki’s face was really red. Furthermore, it was pretty hot as well. No matter how you look at it, it should be a fever right?

“Okay enough, quickly lie down.” While speaking, I carried Satsuki to the bed and covered her with a blanket.

“Are you hungry? I shall go and cook some porridge for you to eat.” I touched Satsuki’s forehead, it was really red and hot.

Satsuki looked at me dazed for awhile, afterwards she simply nodded and covered her head with her blanket.

“In that case I’ll be borrowing your kitchen for awhile.” There wasn’t anyone in Satsuki’s house? This is such a big house. What happened?

Furthermore this girl is also sick, did she catch a cold? Should be due to her crying yesterday, right? I remembered a television program that said that people who cry are more prone to catching a cold.


When I came to Satsuki’s house’s kitchen… I didn’t realise it before but this place was pretty messy, so I went to tidy the place up. Afterwards, I used her house’s pressure cooker, put some rice inside, and went out to buy ingredients.

The pharmacy was close to Satsuki’s house so I was able to quickly buy the medicine. When I came back, the porridge was almost done. I added some salt, some cauliflower, and the bowl of light cauliflower porridge was ready.

“Here, drink some porridge.” I took the medicine and carefully brought the porridge to Satsuki’s room.

Satsuki sat up, and complained: “I already said that this is just a cold.”

“Cold? Aren’t you having a fever?” I put my hand onto Satsuki’s forehead again. Then, her face grew red and hot again: “Still saying no?”

“That’s because….”

“Because of what?” I took the bowl, used the spoon and scooped up some porridge. Afterwards I blew for a bit and moved the spoon towards her mouth: “Open wide.”

This girl, what happened? Her face is growing redder? If it’s the usual her, I wouldn’t have worried, but now she’s sick. This wasn’t good.

Satsuki looked at me and then slightly opened her mouth. I put the spoon in and afterwards, pulled it out: “Have you become a fool? That you even want to eat the spoon as well?”


“You what? Can’t even finish your sentence? Jeez, what happened? Weren’t you fine a few days back? How’d you catch a cold? Didn’t you say idiots can’t get sick?

“You’re the idiot, stupid Lin Xiang.”

“Haha, you’re so cute. Once you get angry, you speak normally again.” Once again I scooped some porridge, blew it and put it beside her slightly thick lips.

“Nag… gy…” Satsuki took another bite.

Naggy? This girl, she’s talking with pauses, so her fever must have risen?

“Take the medicine after you’re done eating, understand?” I point towards the medicine on the table

“Okay…” Satsuki replied obediently.

“Speaking of which, where’s your family?”

“Them? Mom and Dad went on a business trip yesterday. They will be back in four days. Grandfather and grandmother passed away a long time ago…”

“Is that so? Sorry to hear that.” There was a big difference between Satsuki’s family situation in this world and the previous world. In the previous world, her grandfather only passed away last week, whereas her grandmother was still very healthy. Her parents wouldn’t leave her alone in the house even if they have to go on a business trip….

“It’s…o… kay.”

“Here, eat this quickly and get well soon.”

“I already said….” Satsuki didn’t finish what she was saying and just looked at me.


“No… nothing. This…. feeling…. isn’t that bad.”

“Huh? Did the fever burn your head? That you would even say that getting sick wasn’t so bad?”

“Humph~~~ Your brain’s the one that is burnt! Stupid.”


“In that case, I’m going back, bye.” It’s already pretty late, I’ve forgotten to give Silent Water a call so I need to hurry back; if not she would worry.

“You’re… leaving?” Satsuki seems a little reluctant.

Yes, although you’re sick, there wasn’t a reason for us to be alone in the same room right?

“Don’t tell me you want me to stay?” I faked an indecent expression as I look at Satsuki.

“If you…. insist on stay… it’s not like I will refuse….” Satsuki actually wasn’t angry?

Even though I accidentally saw her changing… I know we have a mutual understanding of not bringing that embarrassing incident. However, the sun was almost about to set. I know I won’t do anything to her, but wasn’t she afraid that I would do something to her?

“Jeez.” I use some strength as I pat her head, and messed up her hair: “A man and woman alone together, I can’t guarantee nothing will happen.” While speaking, I pick up my bag and leave the room.

“Wait.” Satsuki calls for me.

“Is something wrong?” Satsuki’s face is very, very red.

“Tomorrow… accompany me… to buy magic books.”

“Okay.” I nod my head and turn to leave.


“Is there anything else?”

Was this girl scared? However… a girl, alone in the house, no matter what, would be afraid…. But Silent Water was alone at home as well….

“No…nothing…else.”Satsuki turned around and returned to her room.

“Satsuki… if you’re afraid of being alone, then think of Takahashi-kun, and you won’t be that afraid anymore.” I had no other solution. Satsuki was only a friend. Even if it was fine for me to stay, i would still feel a little inappropriate no matter what.

Satsuki didn’t say anything and I just stood there for awhile. Since I was unsure of what to say, I didn’t say anything until the end: “In that case, I shall take my leave. Satsuki, you must come to school tomorrow. Today, without you there… it feels like…. something was missing.”

After I finish speaking, I went home.


When I just reached home, I saw Silent Water worriedly stood in front of the door:”Silent Water?”

“Master ! ?” Silent Water’s troubled expression disappears when she sees me.

“Where did you go? Silent Water was very worried.”

“Sorry, Silent Water. Something happened today so I was late. Did you stand here and wait for a long time?

“Its not that long…”

Not long? Silent Water, you’re really bad at lying. When I left Satsuki’s house, I called home but no one answered. I remembered I taught you about the phone’s function before.

I went to the market to buy some food, which took around 15 minutes. Walking back takes another 20 minutes. In that case, she stood waiting here for at least half an hour?

Suddenly, I felt very apologetic towards Silent Water. I pat her head: “Let’s… make dinner?”

“Yes!” Silent Water happily replied.

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