Hitomishiri Onna 9

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Chapter 9: Intruder


“What the?!”

“What just happened?!”

It took all we had to brace ourselves against the magic pouring out from Al like a thick, muddy stream. It was the first time I had seen such magic. We went through magic training at military school, but I’d never been subjected to such a large amount of magic. …I wouldn’t last if my body had to contain this much magic all the time. And despite the continuous waves of magic, I didn’t see any sign of it abating. At this rate, it’d be dangerous for me and Jörg to continue being subjected to it, not to mention what might happen to Al if he didn’t stop soon.

Jörg somehow managed to resist the intense amount of magic and tried to get closer to Al, but the magic was so dense he couldn’t take a single step forward. And it was all I could do to remain standing.

“Al! Jörg! Solis!”

“Young masters, are you all right?”

Michella and Mother’s voices sounded far away. With that much magic suddenly being released, I was sure they were instantly aware of what was going on, but they couldn’t get any closer either. Or rather, they were probably instilled with fear at the sight of such heavy magic.

There wasn’t anything we could do, and I involuntarily clicked my tongue. Al had already lost consciousness, and was lying limp on the bed. …Al was worried. I could tell that he was conflicted inside and about to cry. I, who could only rely on others now, desperately wished: Please, someone please save him!

And in that moment, the wave of surging magic stopped.

Neither my brother nor I could guess what had just happened, and our mouths were both left agape. No one dared speak, but the voice that broke the silence belonged to someone I didn’t know, someone who didn’t recognize the situation for what it was.

“Ahー, I felt a craーzy huge magic and came runningー. Uhー? You all appear to be slackjawedー. It’s ruining your good looksー, you little devils.”

That person had come in through the window, then patted Al’s head while looking at us, smiling intrepidly while laughing. They wore a black cloak that covered much of their body, but I could tell their body was fairly slight. They had light indigo-colored flowing hair that fell down to their back, and golden eyes and shone like a cat’s. Their light pink lips wore a flippant smile.

“…Who are you?”

The first to recover was my brother who quickly made for the sword sitting at his waist. He drew the sword, pointing it towards the intruder. This person was definitely a shady character. I got that they somehow stopped Al’s rampant magic, but why? No one knew. But still, that black cloak… They were normally worn by bandits and thieves to hide themselves in the dark, and wore it deliberately for that purpose.

Both Mother and Michella wanted to rush to Al’s side, but that stranger was closer, and neither of them knew what might happen to Al if they moved. I thought the deadlock would continue for a while, but it was unceremoniously broken.

“Al! Altis! Is he safe?!”

It was Father, and he entered the same window behind the intruder.

Father simply pushed the intruder aside, as if they were merely in the way, to check on Al’s condition. Once again we all looked on, dumbfounded at the situation. The intruder immediately wiped the smile off their face and looked to be pouting. Father was probably the only one who had any idea what was going on, but neglected to fill anyone in as he fussed over Al’s complexion.

Although he was tired, he gave Mother a smile after seeing that Al’s complexion had gotten better. Even Mother let out a sigh of relief upon seeing that.

“…Al’s going to be fine. You really saved him, thank you Mädquila. If you weren’t here, the magic might have started eating away at Al’s body.”

“No need for thanksー, Ryan. I always end up owing you one anywayー. It’s not such a biーg deal. Alsoー,  as expected of your sons, Ryanー. They haven’t even become adults yet and they’re already pointing their swords at meー. Y’knowー, lately no one has challenged me to a fight, I got a little excitedー.”

The intruder called Mädquila casually talked with Father, their eyes continuing to shine as they spoke.

This was all 5 minutes before Mother finally lost it, and snapped at my Father for not explaining anything.

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