The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques – 4

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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Ch04

Dressing rooms.

Senya Kaoru leaned against his chair and closed his eyes, letting his stylist do the work.

His new stylist, Hoshino, sweated while working with excitement!

His chance had come!

Senya Kaoru’s head designer, Mubi, took pride in his work. No matter what bold designs were used on the singer, the outside world was always pleased with it! Ah, Senya Kaoru’s face and attitude were like an unpredictable kaleidoscope; through the hands of the stylists and make-up artists, countless stunning appearances of him could be born!

Hoshino grabbed a can of hairspray and let his inspiration run freely.

Tonight, he had to make Senya Kaoru——Shine!

Shock the audience!

Someone’s phone began to ring.

Senya Kaoru opened his eyes and took out a silver-white cell phone from his bag.

Hoshino was surprised at this. His hand shook and the hair in his hands changed into a very funny shape.

Crap, Senya Kaoru really was lady’s man. He had been as cold as an iceberg just then, but now he was as gentle as a boy in spring. If he hadn’t been there all along, Hoshino wouldn’t have believed that he was the same person.

“Kaoru right?”


“I’m Koizumi!”

“Yeah, I know.” This phone was specifically bought for her. Only she had its number.

“Have you been using the cream?”

“Yeah.” Three times a day, according to her instructions.

“Haha, such a good boy.” She was laughing, “I’ll invite you out to eat next time.”


“The cream worked right? You didn’t have any pimples right?”

“None at all, it worked well.”

“That’s good.” She sighed in relief.



“…Where are you?” Was she far away?

“I’m outside the Beniitadaki Stadium as there’ll be a super big concert for several of the best singers. I’m waiting for a chance to catch the best location and grab the best news!” She said into the phone, eyes following the celebrities who entered the stadium. “Most of the singers have already gone in. There’s basically nothing to do, so I just felt like talking to you on the phone.”

Senya Kaoru couldn’t help look out the window. Was she——still outside?

Realising that she was nearby made his heart speed up.

“Koizumi, have you had something to eat yet?”

“No,” she laughed, “there’s no time to eat. The singers appear one by one, so I have to chase them one by one. There’s hardly enough time to catch my breath you know.”

Senya Kaoru frowned.

She’d collapse of hunger; it wasn’t good for her health.

A slap-like sound interrupted his thinking as Hoshino pasted something on his left cheek. Stunned, he muttered ‘eh’.

“What’s wrong, Kaoru?” She was a little worried.

“Nothing,” Senya Kaoru gestured ‘sorry’ towards Hoshino. “Are you going to eat something soon?”

“No, there’ll be more stars coming soon and I can’t leave until the whole concert’s over.” Koizumi laughed bitterly, “I can’t leave as it’s my duty to not leave.” Not only was wisdom and inspiration needed to become a successful entertainment reporter, strength and stamina were required too.


“Senya Kaoru! You ready?!”

The organisers of the concert shouted from outside.

Senya Kaoru hurriedly covered his phone.

But Koizumi heard it anyway.

“Kaoru, are you busy? Then I’ll hang up.”

“Fine.” He felt a bit frustrated for some reason.

“See you!”


Senya Kaoru closed his phone and seemed to be in a trance.

That was when Hoshino gasped in joy, “Awesome! The most dazzling singer is now born!”

Senya Kaoru stood up.

He was dressed in a bright red changpao and a white fox was wound around its high collar neck. His hair was as loose as grass and dyed silver and blue. His face glittered with silver-white powder and his eyes were so dark, like a ghost. His lips were the darkest possible shade of red, while rhinestones were attached to his eyebrows and a flame pattern was printed on his left cheek.

Hoshino clutched to his chest, moved to tears. “Outstanding product! This is a really cool and unique design indeed, no other design could even compare to it!”

There was only one person in this world, Senya Kaoru, who was worthy of being stylised by him!

“Are you pleased? Don’t you think you’re pretty?”

Hoshino continued to ask.

Senya Kaoru eyed his reflection and replied, “Very good.”

The more outrageous the better.

This way, no one would recognise him.

Senya Kaoru left the dressing room and pressed down a few buttons on his cell phone. “Is this XXX Restaurant?”


Late at night.

Koizumi stiffly flopped onto her bed. She was exhausted and she didn’t even have the strength to lift her little finger. But it had been fairly rewarding, for tomorrow’s article was solved.

The aspiring singers these days wanted to be famous as soon as possible and a lot of the female stars’ skirts seemed to getting more and more transparent and sometimes they didn’t even wear underwear. Other celebrities pretended to be friends with others or kept fidgeting, in order to arouse public intention.

It was strange that although their actions could be made into a story, not many media reporters had interest in writing about them. Likewise, the public never seemed to have interest in those types of articles, as if they weren’t stimulating enough to bother reading.

That’s why everyone focused on the big celebrities. Their trivial actions were even more valuable than the scandals of the newest singers.

Particularly towards Senya Kaoru, whose popularity soared above the others.

The mysterious Senya Kaoru.

Ever since Senya Kaoru debuted, he had always been tight-lipped towards the media. His personal life, origin and even his age still remained a secret. There had been countless reporters who had tried to dig out his story, but all of them had failed.

He had always had a bad attitude towards reporters and had bluntly refused to talk about his personal life every time. Once, all of the reporters tried to publicly shame him, but the public remained mesmerised by him and every one of his songs continued to rank among the top selling singles in the country. Finally, under the pressure of the market, the media had to stop their attacks and chase after Kaoru. The ‘public shaming attack’ came to an end as a complete failure.

Stubborn Senya Kaoru. Why did he guard his personal life so carefully when there was nothing important about it?

Koizumi hugged her pillow to her chest.

And sighed.

Her heart felt a little chaotic. She wasn’t sure what she was doing was right. If she did them, she wondered if it counted as betrayal and what were the consequences.

She took out a sticker from her pillow.

Kaoru laughed like a child and happiness danced in his violet eyes. His pure and innocent smile was undoubtedly full of trust.

Did this count as betrayal?

Her thoughts were messy.

The phone vibrated once.

She jumped up.

A brief text——‘You’re tired, sleep well. Kaoru.’


She covered her head with her pillow and rolled on the bed.

Oh come on! She didn’t want him to be so nice to her, or she’d feel bad! Why was he so nice, why was he so caring, why did he wait for her under the sun for so long, why did he get a restaurant to send her lunch… why?!


She cried into her pillow!

Fire Witch’s Surefire Technique——Ruthlessness!

Her resolve was now being challenged!


Something very strange was going on!

Since morning, all of Senya Kaoru’s presents from fans were purple. There were purple roses, purple lavenders, purple campanulas, purple stars and purple dolls…Vice-secretary, Hirose, who had been taking the purple gifts off his fans, could no longer stand not knowing. He eyed Senya Kaoru who was busy writing lyrics and muttered, “What day is it today? It seems that everyone agreed to give you purple gifts. Is purple a very popular colour at the moment?”

Senya Kaoru didn’t look up. He replied in a vague voice, “Purple is good.”

Hirose was stunned and he staggered, his face almost the same colour as the big purple bear he was holding. “Sen…senpai, did you just answer me?” Uwah, did his idol just answer his ‘nonsense’? And did he say it was good? There really was something weird about today, wasn’t there?

Senya Kaoru ignored him; he was back to writing his lyrics.

Hirose clutched onto the big bear and curiously studied Senya Kaoru. He was bathed in sunlight and he seemed to be lost in thought, while holding his guitar. Sometimes something flickered in his eyes and sometimes he’d smile. Hirose thought back to the rumours that circulated within the company. Was he really in love? Only those in love would act in such a strange way. It was true that the iceberg-cold Senya Kaoru had become gentler, more human like. Ah, the power of love…then, the door opened.

Kamiki walked in with a funny expression on his face, a magazine in his hand. He approached Senya Kaoru and leaned on a table. His smile was strange as he asked, “Kaoru, you like purple?”

Senya Kaoru looked up and stared at him

Kamiki opened the magazine and laughed. “You like your eyes best and you like to observe people who pass by. You don’t like animals because you find them too dirty and you don’t like Korean celebrities because they wear too much make-up…”

The sound of his laughter.

Senya Kaoru felt his heart sinking.

Kamiki studied him, “Is the interview real? Don’t you hate interviewers asking you questions? Or did the publisher just make up this stuff?”

Hirose interrupted, “Senpai just he liked purple. It’s probably all true.”

Kamiki was even more curious now. “Kaoru, did you really get interviewed? Strange, I never noticed.” But, that was good nonetheless. Being positive towards reporters wasn’t a bad thing as revealing irrelevant things occasionally would satisfy the public curiosity.

Senya Kaoru took the magazine off Kamiki!

Tangerine Weekly!

The eye-catching title on the cover——‘Koizumi’s exclusive interview! Senya Kaoru finally exposes his private life! The megastar who debuted three years ago finally opens his heart!’

His face turned pale.

His heart felt as if it had been drilled through. He closed his eyes.

“Tangerine Weekly’s Koizumi sure rose to fame pretty fast. She has already made dozens of interviews, top headlines and written the best articles on latest gossip and scandals in the past month. No wonder they call her ‘Fire Witch’! She seems to be able to manipulate all of the celebrities, for example, she even managed to get an exclusive interview with the aggressive Shimizu Hishi. You could say she has written an article on every one of the singers already.” Kamiki continued to praise her, “Each generation succeeds the next. I have high expectations of Koizumi and I’m sure she’ll become a popular figure among the entertainment reporters’ circle.”

No, Kaoru had never cared about the gossip articles in the magazines Kamiki had given him before. Kamiki hadn’t been shooed away like usual.

Wait, why was Kaoru’s face as pale as a piece of paper?

Kamiki asked him nervously, “Kaoru? Are you alright?”

Hirose grabbed onto Kaoru. “I think senpai isn’t feeling too well, I hope it’s not some terminal illness. Should we call the ambulance?”

Kamiki eyed him.

Stupid kid, the moment someone called the ambulance, Kaoru would become the focus of a media siege.

Senya Kaoru shook them off.

Tears formed at the corners of his eyes.

He bit his lip and walked towards the door. His body was in pain and he only had enough energy to breathe in then breathe out.

Kamiki and Hirose exchanged looks.

They had no idea why Senya Kaoru looked like as if he’d just been hit, or why he emitted a strong, mournful atmosphere.


Someone’s phone rang.

Kamiki and Hirose relaxed. They knew all about Senya Kaoru’s ‘lucky phone’. Whenever it had rung in the past, he always turned into a happy-go-lucky boy.

Senya Kaoru stood a little straighter and stiffened.

He took out his cell phone. A harsh light reflected on the silver case and his ringtone’s merry tune seemed to mock him as if to say——“You’re a fool, you’re a fool.”

He threw it away with all his strength!

The phone crashed into the wall and broke!

His ringtone came to an end.

An eerie silence in the workplace.

And the door slammed shut!


Koizumi finally closed her phone.

Suddenly, as if all of her energy had been suckered away and had left a gaping hole in her chest.

The Tangerine company newcomers who had surrounded her hadn’t noticed anything. They were still cheering excitedly. “Koizumi is amazing! You managed to melt down the iceberg-like Senya Kaoru and were able to get so much personal information!”

“Senya Kaoru too, no one has ever succeeded before! Koizumi really is a miracle maker!”

“Koizumi! Tell us, how did you do it?!”

“Don’t say it was intuition again!”

“We’re not as stupid as that!”

The newcomers laughed happily and eagerly awaited her answer.

Koizumi’s mind was a mess. Her throat felt dry.

She forced a smile, “Very easy.”

Eh?! Easy?!

She laughed bitterly, “By being ruthless.”

The newcomers were so shocked that they forgot to blink.


What was she hiding?

Koizumi slipped out from the building. She sighed.

Never mind.

Even if she had to go up a mountain of knives or through a sea of fire, she knew she had to find Kaoru. She had to explain herself and hope he wouldn’t get too angry. Was this desire a bit too luxurious?

And, was she really that ruthless?

No way, she hadn’t done anything wrong; she had only given the public some minor details about a certain celebrity.

But, why did she feel so disgusted with herself?


Her feet collapsed and her head narrowly missed the ground as she fell.


Koizumi’s report was like a trigger as it finally broke Senya Kaoru’s refusal to accept private interviews. A fight had ignited among the entertainment reporters and they aspired to see who could dig the most data out of his mouth. Publishers sent even more reporters to study him!

But, Senya Kaoru seemed to be ever more secretive. It seemed that he had learned the art of escape and could come and go in the shadows without a trace.

It had already been five days.

Despite the reporters who closely guarded him, all of their efforts came to nothing.

Even Koizumi hadn’t seen half of Kaoru’s shadow in the past few days and he wouldn’t pick up his phone, so she still hadn’t explained herself to him. When she happened to see Senya Kaoru on TV, she felt herself freeze all over.

She was sure of one thing, that he was angry.


This couldn’t go on!

Standing still wasn’t part of Koizumi’s life!

She had to catch Senya Kaoru tonight!

Senya Kaoru was due to finish his recording at nine and knowing his character, the staff wasn’t going to stop any later than that. According to the Law of Conservation, moving freely is crucial and now, he had to find a secret passage to leave through.

She knew all about the TV building as she had once studied detailed plans of its exterior design and its interior plan. Now, she had done a simple ‘exchange’ of information. First, she ruled out the possibility of Senya Kaoru leaving from the main entrance (there was a large group of reporters standing there and waiting). She also ruled out the possibilities of him leaving through the side doors (it was an open secret that many celebrities left through a side door and there would never be less, if not more, reporters waiting here). The only remaining exit would be the door for the building’s other employees. One led directly to the underground parking lot well the other, haha, happened to lead to the bustling streets.

Which door would Senya Kaoru take?

Koizumi wasn’t sure.

Finally, she decided to use Fire Witch’s Technique——Inspiration!

Intuition, in other words.


It was somewhat bright, out on the streets.

The items in the shop windows were appealing.

Most of the pedestrians had just finished work and were in a good, leisurely mood.

Koizumi sat on a bench, under the street lights. She clutched onto a cup of bubble tea, refusing to look away from the little door.

Nine sixteen.

A boy in his late teens scurried out.


Koizumi’s intuition was right! Ha, she was a reporter made of 99.9% effort and 1.1% inspiration. Who could challenge her, the genius reporter?!

Koizumi pounced towards him in delight, “Kaoru——!”

Ah, she had——finally——met up with him!

She was so happy that she was temporarily speechless!

Senya Kaoru froze and slowly raised his eyes to meet hers, the eyes of the red-haired girl. He hadn’t expected to see her. He had thought he would never see her again.

What was she doing here again? Wanted to trap him yet again?

Koizumi eyed him curiously. His make-up hadn’t been fully removed and its outline seemed to make his eyes look more indifferent, deeper, darker and colder. Strange, how could someone change so easily in appearance and attitude in such a short time? She still liked the smiling, happy Kaoru.

Without thinking, she blurted out, “Kaoru, are your eyes really black or purple?” But it was too late, her curious instinct had already kicked in and it was too late to take back.

Senya Kaoru sneered, “Planning to use my eyes as your next headline huh?”

“Hehe, I didn’t mean it like that.”

She really wanted to kick herself. She had started off badly, very unprofessionally.

She grinned, “Kaoru, I’d like to explain.”

“Is there any point?” He asked disdainfully.

“Yes! Yes!” She nodded rapidly.

“I’m not listening.”

He spun around and started to walk away. She was definitely going to explain in sweet talk, which wasn’t worth listening too.

“You can’t go!”

She grabbed his arm!

“Let go!”

He threw her off!

“I’ll tell everyone you assaulted me!”

She warned him with a smile, an evil light in her expression. “If you don’t sit down and listen properly, I’ll go ahead and accuse you. The police will come and people will make a crowd to trap you. Oh, you’ll be tomorrow’s headlines as well!” Oh wow, she couldn’t help praise herself at her quick thinking. It was worthy of being the best thought among all the entertainment reporters in the world.

Senya Kaoru eyed her warily.

He didn’t understand how she could threaten so shamelessly while smiling like an angel.

But, she happened to say what he hated the most.

Under the streetlights.

On the bench.

Koizumi clutched onto Kaoru’s hand (because she was afraid he’d run) and in the eyes of the other pedestrians, the two looked like a sweet couple.

She handed him the bubble tea, her smile like blossoming flowers. “You must be thirsty, so have something to drink. Videoing under the streetlights should be very comfortable.”

Kaoru didn’t say a word.

“Why aren’t you drinking? Don’t you love bubble tea?” He had always given her this drink.

When did he ever say he liked bubble tea? She was the one who liked it…Kaoru muttered, “Just get to the point.”

Straight into the point?

But she wasn’t ready yet.

Koizumi sat a little straighter. She tidied up her thoughts and unwittingly put the straw into her mouth and drank up some of the bubbles in her tea. She thought for a moment then boldly smiled. “Kaoru, I’m actually very nice to you.”

That was her explanation? Kaoru almost spat up blood as he looked at her.

“Well, you’re the most popular singer and the moment. Everyone likes you, everyone wants to know you. In other words, everyone wants to be your friend. Being friends means knowing a bit about you. But, for some reason, no one knows what you like thus causing even more communication barriers. I gave away some very minor details that have broken some of those barriers so that more people can become your friend. See, I’m very nice to you, aren’t I?”

Koizumi broke into a sweat.

She had started rambling, but then again, it was better if he was so confused that he’d forgive her. She secretly eyed him. Uwah, his expression was so angry yet so cold. Had she not succeeded? She wanted to cry, someone help her…

Kaoru’s heart hurt.

“That’s your explanation?” Did she think he was some idiot?

Koizumi brushed away her sweat, “Did you understand? I meant…”

“You were lying to me all along.”

“…” She looked down, guilty.

“That scene with Ishizuka was your self-direction too, right?” He seemed to be covered in ice now, “You got him to insult me then came out to ‘save’ me, right?”

“No!” Koizumi jumped up, “I did not! How could I get someone to insult you? Besides, I really didn’t get Ishizuka Jiro to attack you! Feel free to check Ishizuka Jiro’s data! I swear on my honour, I did not lie to you!”

He glared at her. “You knew who I was from the very beginning.”

“Well, hehe…” Koizumi smiled embarrassedly, “Yes, I knew you were Senya Kaoru.”


When he had removed his makeup, his black contact lenses and put on plain clothes, very few people could recognise him.

“Hehe,” she laughed proudly, “as a reporter, I should do everything within my abilities. I studied your villas, found your entrances, then waited for three days and three nights and finally saw a teenager that looked a bit like you. I wasn’t convinced that he was you at first, but then I kept on seeing him. Finally, I realised that he was your other appearance.”

“And then you stalked me.”

“Hehe.” She couldn’t meet his eyes anymore, “I couldn’t just rush in and introduce myself, I had to wait for the best opportunity.”

“And then you created that incident.”

“I didn’t create it, I told you.” She whispered in protest, “I was only being the hero and saving the damsel.” She almost glared at him for not being grateful for that.

Kaoru breathed in. “Why did you pretend to not know me?”

She glanced up at this and her smile was brighter than the lights. “You’re wrong! I never lied to you about that! Think back, when you asked me ‘do you know me?’ I asked back, ‘should I know you?’. Of course I must know you, I’m a reporter. How could I know not the super popular Senya Kaoru? I didn’t lie to you about my identity either; I told you straight off that I’m Koizumi from Tangerine Weekly. See, I never really liked to you, you were the one who…”

“Yeah. I. Was. The. Idiot.”

Kaoru’s face was very pale. “You dug a trap and I fell in. I bet you thought it was funny.”

That’s…Koizumi tugged her hair in frustration. “I didn’t do it for fun but because…”

“Yeah. You got close to me because of your work, because you wanted to get news off me.” Kaoru’s heart hurt so much that it had become painful to breathe. “I was a tool to increase Tangerine Weekly’s sales.”


Koizumi looked a little helplessly at him. She did not dare to approach him for it seemed he’d collapse if she poked him.

A century seemed to pass.

The cup in Koizumi’s hand had been squeezed out of shape and the tea was beginning to stain her fingers.

She sighed, “Kaoru, I am an entertainment reporter. Finding news and writing articles about my findings is my job. You are a singer, so you would do your best to sing songs. I didn’t actually want to do this, but I couldn’t help it. You wouldn’t answer my questions even if I asked them at the press conference. I only wanted to…”

She lowered her eyes and smiled bitterly. “Yes, I lied to you and nothing would change about that. I did all sorts of nasty things to you, so you probably won’t trust in me anymore. Kaoru, I apologise for all the things I did to you. Please forgive me!”

She bent down and bowed apologetically.

Senya Kaoru frowned at her. “In order to achieve your goals, you wouldn’t mind doing anything, right?”

Koizumi stiffened.

“You can deceive others, threaten them, apologise and cry. To make interesting news, you wouldn’t mind doing anything, right?” He growled, “Your work is so sacred that you can freely manipulate others at will?”

She was shocked by what she heard.


She clenched down on her teeth, clenched her fists and she was so angry that the veins in her forehead began to show. Her eyes were furious as she screamed, “Enough!”

Everyone on the street was surprised and turned to look at her.

Only to see a red-haired girl erupting like a frog.

“What have I done that’s outrageous? Have I committed arson or murder?! Did I fabricate my articles?! I just published some trivial things, nothing special! A secret? I can tell anyone on the street what colour, what flowers, which animals I like, which things I like to eat…what’s so special about that?! Would you die if I told other people about stuff like that?! It’s only because you’re a celebrity and everyone’s interested in you. Your details have value!”

Her eyes were infuriated now. “You’re a celebrity, a public figure. Every one of your moves is recorded under a spotlight. It’s because the public likes you, that they buy your work. Your fame could be easily forced down by media propaganda, you know! Each celebrity’s data is usually shown to public anyway; do you know how strange it is that yours aren’t?! If you weren’t a celebrity, I would never have bothered about you!”

She waved her fist. “It’s so obvious that I hurt you, but it’s not like I owe you anything! Even if I misled you a little bit, I’ve apologised, so go get the bloody police if you want! And, I hurt you?! If I really wanted to hurt you, I could make even more sensational news than this! Why didn’t I do that though?! That’s because we’re friends! I, Koizumi, am a loyal friend! I would never betray a friend!”

The night felt so weird.

The stars, above the streetlights, looked rather bleak.

The people on the street almost laughed at the quarrelling teenagers.

It was so nice to be young…Teenagers’ mouths moved so fast when they were arguing.

Koizumi panted rapidly.

Her heart pounded.

She nervously eyed the frosty-looking face of Senya Kaoru. Oh no, she had done Fire Witch’s Sure-fire Fail Technique——Blaming the Target! It would never work, so she never used it.

Kaoru seemed to be immersed in ice water.

Freezing ice water.

So cold that it froze his blood.

His frozen blood had caught in his throat. He was unable to talk and it was so cold that he felt helpless and distressed.

How could she just give up?

Fire Witch’s Super Sure-fire Technique——Persistance and Perseverance! Those who want to be successful, must keep this in mind!

She hugged him from the back and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Then, she humbly begged, “Tell me, what must I do to make you stop being angry?”

Kaoru’s cold body stiffened once more.

He spat out, “Unless. I. Die.”

Oh come on! Koizumi’s face crumpled, how could he be so cruel?

Her arms had lost their strength and her head went limp against his back. In a soft and weak voice she asked, “Is there really no hope” She paused, “I~~Are~~we~~still~~friends~~?”


Kaoru’s expression darkened.

Koizumi looked as if she was about to die. “Haven’t you ever heard the saying that ‘a friend one day is a friend for life’? You can’t be that heartless, right?”

He threw off her hand.

And didn’t look back at her.

Koizumi sighed.

It wouldn’t work…so——!

Don’t blame her for being ruthless!

Her eyes lit up. She blocked Kaoru’s path and an evil smirk appeared on her face, “As we’re no longer friends, then I don’t have to be so nice anymore.”

She took something out from her bag and shook it proudly. “What’s this? Oh, it’s a big sticker of you. Ah, so many interesting expressions, you have such pretty violet eyes. Oh, such a nice smile here too. Once these photos are published, don’t expect to walk in public unrecognised from then on.”

Senya Kaoru was furious!

He tried to snatch the sticker. “You’re bloody shameless!”

“Hehe,” Koizumi smiled apologetically. “I didn’t want to do this, but there’s no other way I can get news off you. Sorry ok, please forgive me, being alive means doing lots of involuntary things.”

Senya Kaoru understood.

If she was her friend, she’d be able to openly get what she wanted from him. If not, she would threaten and blackmail him.

He finally realised why everyone called her, ‘Fire Witch’.

She really was a demon.

Late at night on the streets.

Senya Kaoru turned into a man of ice.

Koizumi’s smile was more ecstatic than ever. “Don’t forget, I have many more photos made into stickers like this…But, don’t worry. I won’t publish them unless you co-operate with me…”

Fire Witch’s Top Sure-fire Technique——Ruthless…to be successful, even high prices must be paid!

Translation Notes:

  • 99.9% effort and 1.1% inspiration: This doesn’t even make sense to me…though it probably means that Koizumi considers herself better than the normal 100%…
  • Changpao: A Chinese cheongsam for males. (The female counterpart is Qipao)
  • ‘Do you know me?’ and ‘Should I know you?’: This play on words doesn’t even make a lot of sense in Chinese. The crucial word (in translation) is ‘must’.
  • Law of Conservation: Not the real law of conservation, but the male lead, ‘escaping’ is very important.
  • Sticker: You may have already noticed it, but it’s most likely a big wall sticker, like a poster.

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