The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques – 2

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The Little Witch’s Sure-fire Techniques Vol01 Ch02

Fire Witch’s Sure-fire Technique——Effort!

Edison once said that a genius is made up of ‘one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration’. To become the genius entertainment reporter, Koizumi had personally paid 99.9 percent effort!

Senya Kaoru’s concert was to be held in the lobby of Jiari Hotel. The admission time for reporters was at eight pm, but Koizumi had arrived early at half past six. The room was filled with fans and staff and when the admission time finally came lol, she was the first to enter the reporter’s area, seizing the best position to observe the shooting!

With nothing blocking the camera lens, its field of vision was wider than ever.

Takahashi laughed, being at the front was always the best, with no other photographers and reporters constantly blocking the view panel. This red-haired brat was pretty clever, she had let him stay at home while she waited and had found such a good filming position.

He handed her a hamburger, “Koizumi, you ought to eat something.”

Koizumi was moved to tears, “Thank you Takahashi-senpai.” She uncovered the wrapping paper and munched down on the hamburger. Yeah, it smelled so good and she was hungry. She had been rewarded for her efforts and it seemed that Takahashi-senpai had changed his views about her. Victory! (Note: Having a partner who appreciates and trusts you means that you can work happily without much worry.)

The lights dimmed.

Rhythmic music.

The spotlight was blue as a handsome figure appeared in the centre of the rising stage. In the blue light, the man’s silhouette gave a dizzying, suffocating effect.

The fans screamed!

They waved their glow sticks crazily!

“Senya Kaoru!”

“Senya Kaoru!!”

“Senya Kaoru!!!” …Their cries were as passionate as fire and rapidly swept across the huge crowd of fans!

A dazzling beam of light suddenly flew up the darkness then exploded like fireworks booming in the night sky!

Senya Kaoru!

In the light, he took his silver guitar and calmly stood at centre stage. His slender, graceful stature was worthy of being known as the ‘Heartbreaking Prince’, for his eyes were cold, dark and freezing like ice. A trace of mockery played on his lips, cruel and harsh. His looks were like the most deadly dagger in the world, one that stabbed the hearts of every girl.

“Senya Kaoru, I love you!” One girl screamed out loudly. Perhaps it was because of the squeeze in the crowd, she fainted soon after and had to be dragged out by the staff.

Tch, what a pity, she had wasted such an expensive ticket. Koizumi recorded this down, while feeling sorry for her. There was no point in yelling to Senya Kaoru. He’d probably dismiss her as a mosquito.

Senya Kaoru sang a total of five songs.

Koizumi studied him, as snowflakes began to fall and flutter in the backdrop behind him. Eh, she hadn’t realised that he actually sang ‘really well’.

While doing her homework, she had once heard all of Kaoru’s albums three times in a row. Although his songs had been nice, she hadn’t taken them to heart. This was because technology these days were so advanced that even a pig’s grunt could be made into a popular, catchy tune.

She had only been to a teen singers live concert a few times before and she had gotten goosebumps every time. Once, at the singer Tamajo’s concert, she had been so shocked that she had rushed out, ran past five streets, then continuously vomited for half an hour. She felt that the Tamajo’s talent was wasted because she was best suited for horror films. However, when the CD was released, her singing was actually quite graceful. Sigh, sound engineers were really good at this stuff these days.

She had always thought Senya Kaoru’s songs were also the result of editing. It wasn’t really her fault thought, as his looks were spectacular. In the entertainment industry, looks were inversely proportional to musical talent.

Tonight, listening to Senya Kaoru’s songs up close really shocked her, as none of it was ‘fake’.

When he sang slow songs, his voice was as gentle as a Dutchman’s pipe opening at night and it seemed to colour the words he sang. During upbeat songs, his voice was full of enthusiasm, causing the fans to erupt with excitement.

Koizumi shook the script in her hand and suddenly felt that Senya Kaoru was more than just popular in the entertainment industry. Not only was his looks good, but his voice was good too. She had underestimated him.

She couldn’t help being in a trance.

I am a person who walks in the night
No star, no lights, no one understands
The coldness in my expression
Oh, I’m really lookin’ for the direction
To guide me in your eyes

I want to be the child by your side
Laughin’ with you, cryin’ for ya and sleepin’
By your side without the blankets
When ya tuck me in bed
I want to be a bad kid and
Get ya to scold me but nah
You can’t do anything ’bout me

I wanna be a child by your side
Listening to ya say ya love me
Never leavin’ me behind
No, please don’t leave me
I don’t wanna be a person
Who walks in the night

Senya Kaoru sang in his low voice. His eyes were dark and exotic as if something was flashing in his thoughts.

Koizumi’s heart went ‘ba-dump’ once!

Wow, he really did have an extraordinary charm. She had seen many beautiful women and men before, but this was the first time she’d even been so captivated by someone.



…Cameras flashed as reporters took as many photos of Senya Kaoru’s current expression. Hirakawa from Burst Weekly happily cried, “Tomorrow’s cover is solved. Kaoru’s expression is so dazzling today!”

“It’s like the expression of someone in love…”

“I’m going to faint!”

Ten pm. End of Senya Kaoru’s concert.

The war of the entertainment reporters had just begun!

At the exit door, various media reporters battled for the best position. Once their cameras were ready, their microphones in hand, the reporters were prepared for an ambush! The moment he opened the door, he’d be caught by the ‘human net’ and him, the ‘fish’, wasn’t about to be let off so easily without answering a few questions first!

Security guards? Too weak! Then, what if he lost his temper and hit a reporter? If he did, the headlines the next day would be, ‘Senya Kaoru Hits Innocent Reporters’!

Find a clear path and run away? What a joke, these reporters had lasted through countless wars; they wouldn’t be so slack would they? Senya Kaoru’s BMW and the Yoshisumeragi Recording Company’s car were already surrounded by reporters, so leaving that way was impossible.

Haha, the reporters sure were pleased. Even if he was the famously distant Senya Kaoru, there was no way he could escape.

“Senya Kaoru came out!”

The horn of battle sounded!

A golden light lit up in the eyes of the entertainment reporters as they charged towards Senya Kaoru! The security guards had weaved a tight circle around him but they could do nothing against the reporters, who dodged with an agility that could even put NBA players to shame.

“Did Tsuka Sakura really come to your studio during your recording?!”

“Have you broken up with Shimizu Hishi yet?!”

“CBS new singer, Miyano Yoshie, announced that she has always had a secret crush on you. What are your thoughts?!”

“It was rumoured that you were gay. Does Yoshisumeragi Company’s warning to you have something to do with that?!”

“Have you ever been sexually harassed by the Yoshisumeragi Company president, Adachi Kaku?”

…The questions were thrown like bombs towards Senya Kaoru.

Throughout the attack, Senya Kaoru’s expression remained icy cold. He frostily glared at the entertainment reporters who couldn’t hide their excitement. Standing straighter, he spat disgustedly, “Scram!”

The entertainment reporters turned blue.

Damn guy for looking down on them! Which star was as cruel to reporters as him? Those reporters with just a pen in hand could easily make someone more than red-hot popular, but at the same time could easily make someone sink into the black depths! To insult them, he shouldn’t expect to thrive any longer in the entertainment circle, should he?

The reporters gritted their teeth.

The detestable Senya Kaoru was like a perfect egg, for the reporters couldn’t smell anything fishy about him. They could never find enough evidence to scandals that would make his life living hell.

Senya Kaoru’s secretary, Kamiki, broke into a cold sweat. He flashed awkward smiles at the reporters, saying, “Haha, his daily schedule is too tight so he’s not in a very good mood at the moment. Please don’t take his words to heart and bear with it. Please forgive him too, children aren’t always the politest…”

“Just scram you damn people!” Senya Kaoru roared again.

Kamiki felt his legs go soft and collapsed to the ground.

By now, the entertainment reporter’s faces had become a miserable green. They tightened their circle! If he wanted to go, he’d have to inspire tomorrow’s headlines first!

“Who’s better on bed, Tsuka Sakura or Shimizu Hishi?”

“Is Adachi Kaku pleased with your body?”

“I heard that you’ll be acting in three films at the same time very soon?”

…Senya Kaoru was pushed shoved to the left and right by the entertainment reporters. The questions continued to pile on like insults and soon, his forehead seemed to be throbbing and he had clenched his fist. It seemed that he’d snap if this continued any longer!

The entertainment reporters were excited! Good, Senya Kaoru was angry now. The reporters wanted him to hit them! When that happened, he’d be sent off to court! A whole month of news would be solved then, as they planned to tightly bite onto him and not let a single piece of juicy news slip by!

The night seemed to solidify.

Senya Kaoru’s fist made a squishy sound…as the entertainment reporters continued to provoke him with the most exciting story in mind…Senya Kaoru’s eyes were like the lightning before the storm…ready to attack the reporters’ grinning mouths…when——suddenly——the roar of a motorcycle pierced the night sky and screeched towards the crowd of reporters!

It was loud enough to puncture their eardrums!

The sound of the accelerator!

The daylight-like glare of headlights!

The roaring, thunderous sound headed towards the reporters!


The reporters panicked and rapidly scrambled away on both sides! The story of a celebrity’s private life was precious and scandals fetched an even higher price but for the reporters, both were forgotten as their lives were in danger!

They all hurriedly dodged out of the way——and the motorcycle stopped in front of the sullen figure of Senya Kaoru. The rider was wearing a shiny silver helmet and she grabbed his hand and screamed, “Let’s go!”

Senya Kaoru rapidly hopped onto the motorcycle!

Vast darkness.

The motorcycle disappeared in the bustle of the streets.

All of the shaken reporters raised their cameras to take photos and they almost cried tears of blood when they realised that the motorcycle had already disappeared.


Mountain Peak.

There weren’t many stars, just a few which shone brightly.

The moon was as bright as silver.

She took off her silver helmet, revealing bright red hair, shining in the moonlight.

“So exciting! Great adventure!” Koizumi clutched to her chest, laughing breathlessly.

Senya Kaoru kept his face neutral; his eyes staring at her quizzically.

Koizumi smiled and waved it away. “Thanks for your co-operation. If you kept your bad temper up and didn’t get on the bike, my perfect operation plan would have been spoiled.”

Senya Kaoru was silent.

She cocked her head, leaned towards him and winked. “Oi, you can’t be scared silly right, saying nothing…Why aren’t you asking why I did this? Aren’t you curious?”

His face looked like one of a person who detested doing chores, who had just washed a bowl. “That was dangerous!”

Her eyes widened and she had a curious smile on her face. “Wow, you finally talked to me. I thought you were as cold as an iceberg for years, like saying a word would cost your life.”

His expression instantly became one of disgust, then one of distance.

Under the moonlight.

Koizumi leaned against her motorcycle and grinned. “Don’t be like that, it was just a joke.” She patted her motorcycle and chuckled, “It wasn’t that dangerous as I only removed the silencer. Although it sounded terrible, I wasn’t moving at a very fast speed and it’d have stopped if I braked.”

(Note: Fire Witch’s Sure-fire Technique——Speeding motorcycle stunt! Barging in and out to save people at sensitive moments always gains their trust! To pull of this technique, not only was superhuman courage and a lot of practice needed, suitable teachers were needed as well. Sigh, for a moment she remembered Ming Xiao Xi who had left her behind…)

Senya Kaoru eyed her warily, “Why did you do this?”

She gave him a sneaky grin, “I wanted to save you of course. I mean, I saw you being attacked by that huge crowd of reporters. Your handsome yet grim face just infuriated everyone and it seemed like you needed help. Then, I felt like I had to be the heroine and save ‘damsel in distress’, though I guess the ‘unlucky prince’ would be more suited for you?”

“Koizumi!” He couldn’t help yell at her.

She was shocked, “Have I told you my name before? How do you know that my name’s Koizumi?”

Senya Kaoru avoided her eyes, “You…reported in that press conference with that name.”

Realisation dawned Koizumi. “I see,” she laughed, a little ambiguously. “There are so many people at a press conference, yet you remember my name. Don’t tell me you…”

She really liked tease him, the cold Senya Kaoru. He looked pretty cute when his face was slightly pink.

But he was a little angry as he said, “Don’t talk such nonsense!”

“Ok.” She covered her mouth, pretending to be a good girl.

“You…your hair is very eye-catching,” he explained.

She smiled, pointed her red hair, and nodded.

No, she couldn’t put up with it any longer. This Senya Kaoru was so cute, much different from earlier this morning. She chuckled to herself.

They looked out at the mountain views.

A myriad of house lights, twinkling like an ocean of stars.

Koizumi smiled cutely, eyes even brighter than the stars.

Senya Kaoru gazed at her.

He felt his chest explode in warmth and his heart miss a few beats. His chest felt a bit hot and his palms were slightly sweaty. His breaths became panicked.

He took a deep breath and the stars twinkled in his eyes as he asked, “You only wanted to help me, that was all, right?”

Koizumi tapped her chin to ask whether she could talk or not.

He glared at her.

She quickly put on a smile. “Yeah, I just wanted to help you. Look, they were trying to make life difficult for you by asking all those funny questions. Even I was angry with them so it’s no wonder that you’re always fed up with them.”

Senya Kaoru’s frown seemed to be brushed away by the wind.

Her eyes were smiling too. “I may be a reporter too, but I wouldn’t ask all those questions to annoy you. In the future though, could we co-operate?”

He felt a wave of unhappiness.

“I am, of course, an entertainment reporter after all, so——” her smile was a bit embarrassed, “finding and creating news is my job and ahh——”

A camera appeared in her hands like magic and the shutter went off with a ‘click’, successfully capturing a photo of Senya Kaoru!

Senya Kaoru was furious!

Koizumi quickly closed the camera and accelerated on the motorbike. In a blink of the eye, she was already at least five metres away from the wrath of Senya Kaoru!

Her hand was still on the accelerator when she shouted to him, “I’m sorry. Being alive means doing many involuntary things. Please forgive me.”

“You’re despicable!” Senya Kaoru shouted at the ‘outrageous’ reporter.

The moon and stars glittered behind the mountain.

The motorcycle was still on, but Koizumi didn’t leave.

She shouted from a distance. “I just want one news story only, the title something like ‘Despite Being Surrounded by Entertainment Reporters, Senya Kaoru Miraculously Escapes’. It’s not gossip or a scandal and it’s simple. I can’t have hurt your feelings!”

“But you took my picture!”

“Oh come on, it’s not like you’re naked, no need to be so nervous!” Koizumi’s frowned slightly, “Posters with your photo on it are all over the place. I just want a slightly better one with you on the mountain, so that your popularity would increase even more.”

He didn’t speak.

The feeling of being manipulated made him shiver.

Seeing the lonely figure of Senya Kaoru under the moon, Koizumi felt a little bad.

She secured her camera on her motorcycle and slowly inched towards him.

Standing beside him, she looked up. “Hey, you still angry?” She pouted, “It’s just a picture. Just count it as a present for me, for saving you from those reporters, ok?”

He sneered, “Saving me was only to create a better scoop, not because you actually wanted to save me.”

Eh, did he just get cleverer?

Koizumi bowed, pretending to be guilty. “Yeah, I want stories, but I hurt you. I just want Tangerine Weekly to get a foothold. You don’t understand that a small reporter like me has much difficulty in surviving. If I can’t dig out any good news, I’ll get fired immediately!” As she spoke, tears started to fall. “Actually, it doesn’t matter if I tell you the whole story: I can make up news as well. But, I don’t want you to see such lies when you read the magazine because you’d think I was a liar and you’d be upset! By telling you all this personally, I want you to understand that I don’t mean to lie to you!”

Senya Kaoru was silent for some time. “Then, if I were to disagree…”

Koizumi clutched to his hand. “Please, I beg you. This news article won’t hurt you, but it’ll help me. I beg you, please help me, ok?” She shook his hand, “Help me, I’d be grateful to you!”

Her palms were hot, as warm as the sun.

Finally——Senya Kaoru nodded his handsome face.

The stars started blinking.

Koizumi blinked as well.

Fire Witch’s Sure-fire Technique——Tears and begging! This trick is like magic and can heart-warm a crowd. You should try it too!


Tangerine Daily front page news——‘Despite Being Surrounded by Entertainment Reporters, Senya Kaoru Miraculously Escapes!’ In addition to an exclusive set of coloured photos!

The newcomers once again surrounded the Koizumi who just came out of her boss’ office, chattering excitedly. “Koizumi, you’re amazing. All of the other publications could only pull out a boring story full of text, yet you managed to get a series of photos! Amazing!”

“Look at this photo, the one where Senya Kaoru leaps onto the motorcycle…Ah, it looks like a romance between the rider and him!”

“No, this one, this one. Senya Kaoru hugs onto the rider’s waist, he looks even more like a serene beauty…Eh, don’t they look like an eloped couple?!”

“And this is the most exciting one! On the mountaintop, stars glittering, and Senya Kaoru’s eyes are so warm and gentle, as if looking at his first love. Ah, my heart, why am I so happy just looking at him…”

“Senya Kaoru has always been cold and distant. How did you manage to dig out these photos?”

The newcomers eagerly waited for her to speak. “Tell us, how did you do it?”

Koizumi raised an eyebrow and sat down on the couch. She chuckled, “Very easy.”

They listened up.

“I knew that there’d be a motorcycle appearing around that time, to pick Senya Kaoru up so, I got Takahashi to prepare to take the best photos at any time. The other reporters couldn’t get anything as it was too sudden, so they lost their opportunity.” She swapped her cross legs and had a very pleased-looking smile on.

Rie raised a hand to ask, “How did you know that there’d be a motorcycle?”

Oh yeah, how did she know?

Koizumi coughed and stood up. “Well, intuition of course. Intuition tells me what will happen.”


What was with this answer!

The newcomers stood up and glared at her.

Koizumi grabbed her handbag and ran away. “My intuition tells me that you people are very angry! I’m going to work, so you girls won’t punish me!”

She stuck out her tongue as she ran. She couldn’t help it for if she was found for saving Senya Kaoru, she would be the biggest traitor in the media industry and a public enemy!

Forgive her, for being alive, means saying little white lies occasionally.


Senya Kaoru’s studio.

Senya Kaoru was on the other side of the glass, practising his singing. His sound engineer, Aoyama, looked at Kamiki strangely. “Don’t you think something’s different about Kaoru these days?”

Kamiki leaned against the wall and touched his chin, “You think so too?”

“Yeah, he seems…” Aoyama paused to think of the right word, “a lot more human.”

“Yeah, his expressions aren’t as cold as an iceberg as much these days. His eyes are much more emotional.”

“He daydreams too!”

“Especially in front of the cell phone he recently bought!”

The two men started to laugh.

“Do you think that he’s in love?” speculated Aoyama.

“Love?” Kamiki’s eyes widened and stared at Senya Kaoru, who was softly singing. He slowly added, “Now that you mention that, it really does feel like it.”


“It’s about time for him to have his first love.”

“Dunno if it’s his first though,” Aoyama giggled.

Kamiki laughed too, “Who knows, he won’t answer when we ask anyway.”

“Yeah he won’t…” Aoyama’s thoughts got more interesting, “Kaoru might be a virgin actually.”

Kamiki’s mouth dropped open. “A virgin? Kaoru?” Geez, was the superstar Senya Kaoru a virgin?! That would make the girls in the world scream like mad!


A loud shout!

Yoshisumeragi Company’s ace recordist, Ishibuchi, snickered at the two men. They were in work!

Aoyama and Kamiki lowered their heads in shame.

Ishibuchi glared at them and continued working.


A sudden burst of music.

Ishibuchi was furious, “Whose phone?!” Cell phones weren’t allowed to be taken in during the recording process. Disturbing halfway through was unforgivable!

Aoyama and Kamiki fumbled in their pockets in panic. They were all sweating when the said, “No…not mine…”

Their phones were all shut off and it was the wrong ringtone anyway.

“…Mine.” Senya Kaoru’s voice wafted in from the other side of the glass.

His slender fingers were on a silver cell phone. He placed it close to his ears, his mouth smiling. “…Yep…I have time…Ok…” he said in a gentle voice.

Aoyama and Kamiki exchanged looks.

Senya Kaoru always had a foul temper but he had always been serious when it came to work. Answering the phone during a recording was a first.

“Got it…See you in half an hour…Ok…”

Senya Kaoru closed his phone and shut his eyes. He took a deep breath as if he had never known that the air in the studio was so fresh.

Happiness enveloped his body, every part of his face jumped with delight. He looked so happy that light seemed to flood out from his body. Aoyama and Kamiki were too shocked to breathe.

He walked towards Ishibuchi and bowed, “Senpai…”

Ishibuchi waved his hand and interrupted, “I’m a bit tired too so let’s call it a day!”

Senya Kaoru bowed in thanks and rapidly left the studio.

Aoyama and Kamiki stared at Ishibuchi for the difference in treatment.

Ishibuchi stood up and looked in the direction where Senya Kaoru had disappeared. He laughed, “He’s still falling huh, have a happy time too.” He had been sitting in the sidelines in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years and he knew that it was rare for an artist like Senya Kaoru to have a pure relationship. He hoped that he’d be happy.

It took a while before Kamiki came back to his senses and dashed outside. “Kaoru! You can’t go! You still have to do that TV advert in the afternoon——!”

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