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The Lazy Sage

Alternative Name: Monogusana Kenja
Author: Kuroko
Artist: Shabon
Category: Japanese Light Novel, Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo
Status: Ongoing
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Translator(s)/Translation Group: HaruPARTY
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In a world where a variety of peoples live, Elves and Beastmen, even Fairies, there are those that are hated――Mixed Breeds. Acht, a girl with memories and knowledge of a past life on another world, is such a hated creature. Avoided where she walks, unable to stay at an Inn, and no potential places of employment in her future. A life with a mountain of problems, she tries to overcome it with the knowledge from her former life, but when she does… A research loving Royal Magician, a black-hearted Prince, even a Pirate Captain; a bunch of troublesome people begin to call her a “Sage” and follow her everywhere! A reincarnation fantasy about a pessimistic girl and her misfortunes.


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5 Responses to The Lazy Sage

  1. ludagad says:

    This is an interesting read so far *_*. Especially since there’s a shop selling otherworldly stuff, from Earth maybe? xD Curious how it’ll develop.

  2. Subur says:

    Who picked this up??

    • alyschu says:

      Sorry for the late reply, someone was talking about picking it up at the time, but now that I looked into it, he/she never went through! I have deleted its picked up status from Purgatory. Still currently open for pick up!

  3. asiannewbie says:

    looks really interesting. i look forward to the updates ^^

  4. Zenne says:

    Read the teaser 2 months back..Updates please..Thank you.:-)

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