The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist — V 2 Ch 2 Pt 1

Heya everyone!

I changed the named of “Guild Port”—the town with the Guild Association Headquarters in it—to “Gilderport”.

To bring this to the attention of the readers who only follow this out of the series I translate:

I decided to go through with opening a Patreon account. I can’t say I know what to expect here, as this is the first time I’ve used Patreon, but I filled out the page to the best of my ability and tried to—as a friend put it—make it feel like “This is Ziru’s Patreon!” Yep! If you’re interested—heck, even if not—please go and check out the page!

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Please note that the new Schedule of the Week will be posted ~10 minutes after this post goes up

Will be mentioning something about my Patreon in the schedule!

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