DKC – Chapter 972

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Chaper 972 – Nangong Liuyun (7)

Su Luo stood frozen in place, looking at Yunqi in disbelief.

When he personally killed her, how could he still say something like this so confidently?

Nangong Liuyun’s gaze casted towards Su Luo.

The instant he saw Su Luo, his eyes flashed slightly.

Before, he believed in what Zi Yan wrote about a third wheel trying to steal Luo girl, he took his anger out on her, so after arriving here, he was focused on destroying his opponent that he deliberately did not look at her.

That face was full of being peeved, but now, this…

When Nangong Liuyun saw Su Luo’s face, he suddenly felt alarmed, he immediately tossed Yunqi to the side.

He quickly walked towards Su Luo, stopping three steps away from her. His bright as star like eyes looked at her in daze, for a long time he did not speak.

A little divine dragon was standing on this young lady’s shoulders, this was definitely Luo girl.

But… Nangong Liuyun with great difficulty swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This lady was simply too beautiful, nearly making him lose his senses.

At this time, in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, Yunqi could go to hell for all he cared, he was only looking at Su Luo now.

“You….” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes looked slightly nervous, and looked at Su Luo a little anxiously. he called out cautiously in an inquiring manner: “Luo Luo?”

Su Luo simply wanted to roll her eyes. This man seriously didn’t recognize her?

Su Luo unhappily nodded her head.

This expression, these eyes, this was definitely his Luo girl!

“Your face… how…” Nangong Liuyun’s face was no longer calm, ink-black pair of eyes twinkling like stars.

“Do you like it?” Su Luo asked without answering.

She narrowed her eyes halfway and smilingly looked at him.

Nangong Liuyun nodded his head hurriedly: “I like it! Of course, I like it!”

“Luckily I become beautiful, if I become ugly, you wouldn’t like it.” Su Luo intentionally provoked him.

Nangong Liuyun hurriedly waved his hand to deny it: “How could I? No matter what Luo girl’s appearance changed into, this king will it!”

At this time, Nangong Liuyun had a very seriousness expression, simply like a small kid, where did all of that aggressive intenseness of a king go?

Zi Yan watched until her eyes was straight…

This child like person in front of her eyes, was really that third, Third Senior Brother who never let people get near to him?

Zi Yan rubbed her eyes and rubbed it again, until she was finally sure the scene in front of her was not a hallucination.

Yunqi’s eyebrows unconsciously rose up.

Those two figures, one tall and one short, stood facing each other.

The man was incomparably handsome, the woman was devastating beautiful.

The two people were like a celestial couple, with inseparable loving affection lingering around them.

Such a beautiful picture of a celestial couple.

He watched them with a gloomy gaze, for a moment his expression became enigmatic……

At this time, Nangong Liuyun’s initial shock had passed, afterwards his eyes filled with worry.

His white, long, slender fingers stroked Su Luo’s face. He looked at her tenderly and with concern: “Actually, the Luo Luo before was already beautiful.”

“Hm.” Su Luo expressed her agreement. She also liked that small delicate face.

Nangong Liuyun organized his words, and used the most tactful tone to say: “This king had never disdained your appearance, why would you be so depressed over it?”

“Huh?” Su Luo’s forehead wrinkled, not really understanding.

Nongong Liuyun sighed with endless heartache: “Using a knife on your face must really hurt right? Was it really necessary? This king likes you the person, no matter how you looked, this king will always like you.”

Su Luo finally understood what Nangong Liuyun was trying to say with his tactful words.

So this guy thought that she felt inferior about her looks compared to his. And afterwards she had plastic surgery?

Su Luo’s pair of eyes ignited into flames, little by little, the flame spread in every direction.

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