DKC – Chapter 965

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Chapter 965 – To disclose information (6)

Therefore, affected by a flash of inspiration, the little divine dragon switched places and smashed towards his forehead…

Hence, another man in black quickly fell to the ground.

This matter happened in a split second.

Although the little divine dragon had killed off two people, but the rest of the thirteen black-clothed people used this opportunity to charge at Su Luo!

These black-clothed people were very strong.

Five of them were fifth rank, five were sixth rank, and there were still three at seventh rank!

Such incredible strength, if it were anybody else, they’d just commit suicide on the spot, how could they have fought them?

But not Su Luo!

Now, the Variant Acacia Tree had already started to move.

The three seventh-ranked men were the quickest to rush over.

The knives they lifted up were ghastly and threatening, issuing a feeling of fear that was irresistible.

The Variant Acacia Tree could bind one away, but not all three of them at once!

Just at this moment, Su Luo moved!

She flew up quickly.

Mid-air, her sleeves waved, firm with a cold expression, she looked like an arriving goddess.

Three long double-edged swords hacked towards her!

But at this critical moment, all of the Variant Acacia Tree’s green vines rushed towards Su Luo, bundling her up in a green cage.

Long double-edged swords hacked down, hitting the green vines.

The green vines were tough and firm,only sustaining a minute amount of damage.

Anger flashed through the eyes of the three seventh-ranked black-clothed men.

Originally, they had planned on directly beheading Su Luo in place, who knew that midway, such an unexpected event would happen (1), really hateful!

What was even worse was that unexpectedly, this Cheng Yaojin (1) thing was really tough-skinned, there was no way to chop it up!

Just when these three black-clothed men were distracted, Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space firmly locked up one of the three seventh-ranked black-clothed men.

Because no one knew that, after being locked up by the green vines, Su Luo could still quietly come out.

Nobody could have imagined, that Su Luo would have such a nature-defying tool as the Nothingness of Space.

Nobody could have imagined, that Nothingness of Space could penetrate through obstacles.

Therefore, when everybody thought that Su Luo was still in the green vine cage, when they had their double-edged swords raised to chop at the green vines, Su Luo had already snuck up behind one of the black-clothed seventh-ranked person’s back.

Moreover, using Nothingness of Space to surround his body, thus slowing down his speed.

“Slash——” came the sound of a dagger.

The sound of metal slicing through flesh was very distinct.

Therefore, this seventh-ranked man died immediately.

Yunqi stood in the shadows, his eyes burningly fixed on Su Luo.

His face would switch between cloudy to bright, with a very unstable mood. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

After Su Luo successfully sneak-attacked a seventh-ranked black-clothed man, she immediately turned around, wanting to retreat.

But there were many black-clothed people with safety in numbers, all of them displaying a high level of skill.

This time, numerous strong hand seals attacked towards her back!

“Slam slam slam—— ”

An endless tirade of violent striking sound resounded.

So many strong hits combined into one extremely strong force, the surrounding atmosphere was terrifying and was shaking violently.

If anybody were to interfere, he or she would definitely be crushed into a meat pie.

In the mountain forest, countless number of birds and beasts were shocked by this, they fled in all directions, some were so scared that they fell off the cliffs into the abyss.

This powerful combined attack was sent towards Su Luo’s back!

In a flash, the horizon became cold, the earth shook, countless rocks tumbling down the cliff.

“Bang Bang bang——“

At this time, they were fighting on the edge of a cliff.

Following the numerous rocks that tumbled down, the cliff immediately contracted a lot.

Because Su Luo flew up quickly, so she did not fall down when the cliff disintegrated.

But that formidable strong force now struck toward her back.

A force strong enough to shake the heaven and earth, fiercely smashed towards Su Luo.

At this time, Su Luo had nowhere to run, so she only could take the hit.


A violent striking sound echoed.

Su Luo’s back was hit head-on!



1) An unexpected event would happen: The more correct translation would be ‘who knew that midway, Cheng Yaojin would unexpectedly appear.” Historically, Cheng Yaojin, was a Chinese general from 7th century who, apparently, was always at the right place at the right time by accident. Now, popular culture picked it up and used it to indicate that something came along the way unexpectedly and disrupted the plan.

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