DKC – Chapter 961

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Chapter 961 – To disclose information (2)

Thinking of this, Zi Yan looked at the extremely daring Yunqi full of worship and gave him a thumbs up: “Ouyang Yunqi, you really have the greatest amount of courage!”

Dared to steal food from a tiger’s den? Zi Yan simply admired him to death.

Yunqi slanted a shallow glance at Zi Yan, and didn’t mind her words at all.

In fact, he simply did not know about the matter of Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun being together. Moreover, he also didn’t know how strong Nangong Liuyun was at present.

Su Luo coldly smiled at Ouyang Yunqi: “In the end, what do you want to do?”

Ouyang Yunqi, sure enough, was as two-faced and cunning as he was from her previous life.

Through a box with the Spirit Dance Steps, he actually came to the top of Swallow Cloud Mountain a step before her.

This person’s schemes could be considered without holes, his shrewd plans were all top-notch. Su Luo, with one carelessness, fell into his trap.

Yunqi swept an indifferent gaze at Zi Yan who was listening in with great interest: “This young lady, can you give us some privacy?”

Zi Yan opened her eyes wide, this Ouyang Yunqi was trying to get rid of her, so he could speak to Su Luo alone?

Zi Yan ignored him and looked towards Su Luo.

Yunqi’s gaze was fixed on Su Luo: “Before, on top of Cloud Fall Mountain…”

Yunqi deliberately lengthened the words and looked at Su Luo with a ghost of a smile. He had confidence and certainty in the depths of his eyes.

A thread of resentment flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Ouyang Yunqi, you win.

Su Luo stared at Yunqi, her expression unchanged, in a tranquil tone, she said to Zi Yan: “You should first step back and give us a minute.”

Zi Yan immediately felt wounded inside.

She still wanted to listen for a little longer so she could report back to Third Senior Brother. If it was only Yunqi trying to drive her away, then fine, but now, even Luo Luo was trying to drive her away…Between these two people, it was really strange, okay?

Zi Yan dilly-dallied, but finally, she still walked some distance away.

However, when she arrived at a place with wind behind her back, she took out a white paper crane from her sleeves.

This really was her last one.

When she was being chased, many times, with dangers springing up and hovering on the verge of life or death, she didn’t have a chance to use this paper crane. Now, it seemed as if she had no choice but to use it.

Zi Yan took out a goose feather pen, and with swift brush strokes, she wrote down some words on the wing of that crane.

“Warning! A male third wheel has appeared! If you don’t come soon, your wife will be taken away! Hurry!!!!”

In order to give emphasis, to show that the current situation was extremely critical, Zi Yan continuously used numerous exclamation marks.

After she finished writing, Zi Yan scanned it once, to ensure that information which needed to be divulged were all written down. Afterwards, she blew a breath of air at the paper crane.

The paper crane suddenly came to life.

Transforming into a white crane half the size of a person.

The white crane slapped its wings, and quickly shot towards a place in the distant horizon.

Seeing the white crane fly far away, only now did Zi Yan release a breath of air.

Third Senior Brother! What’s next will all depend on you!

Not mentioning the little trick Zi Yan did behind Su Luo’s back, let’s turn our gazes back to Su Luo.

After getting Zi Yan to leave, Su Luo glared at Yunqi: “Ouyang Yunqi, in the end, what are you planning to do?”

Yunqi smilingly looked at Su Luo, he searched for a rock with a clean surface and sat down. At the same time, he patted the empty space next to him, and with a graceful and gentle tone, said: “Come, sit down and let’s talk slowly.”

Su Luo glared at him in disapproval: “Ouyang Yunqi, say it, what do you want?”

Yunqi raised an eyebrow while giving a smile that was not quite a smile: “ Luo Luo, you have lost your cool.”

Su Luo directly glared at him.

Yunqi smiled again: “Do you still remember? The stuff I taught you when you were young. During negotiation, a person who loses their cool in the beginning will often lose.”

Su Luo conceded, a lot of her knowledge and skills were personally taught by Yun Qi, it was the things that remained after he had finished playing with it.

However, confronting him, Su Luo would always feel utterly discomfited, and lose her cool.

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  2. Eunie says:

    Goooooood fucking job Zi Yan!! No matter what life threatening happens no one must disturb the ship of NL and SL!!!! Gaaaah… a few more chaps and we’ll all be released from the deprivation of not having NL lols. Though really I’m excited to see what that yungqi will do once he sees a veryferocious beast with killing intent and ready to skin him alive for touching what’s his😂😂😂😂😂

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