DKC – Chapter 959

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Chapter 959 – Behind was a force that chased after her (8)

Su Luo felt, that recently, her luck was simply really bad.

With great difficulty, she had stolen it, and with great difficulty, she finally took out the book, but inside it was completely blank!

Were the Heavens playing with her?

Just when Su Luo was about to curse the Heavens, Zi Yan suddenly cried out in surprise.

Su Luo’s attention was immediately attracted over.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo asked.

“Take a look at this page, carefully examine it. Doesn’t it seem as if it was smeared with medical juice?” Zi Yan handed the book over to Su Luo.

Su Luo took it back.

This book was colorless and odorless, really looked like a never-before-used book.

But, when Su Luo carefully touched the page with her fingers, her fingertips felt something peculiar.

This kind of feeling was extremely subtle, practically negligible.

However, Su Luo really could feel it.

“This was smeared with medical juice.” Su Luo nodded with certainty, “But what medical juice was applied that is both colorless and odorless?”

Moreover, it had even almost fooled her.

Zi Yan thought for a while and said: “Back then, I saw these kind of books that hid the original words in my master’s study, so I was able to guess it. As for what medical juice was used……”

Zi Yan muttered to herself for a while before saying: “I remember Master had casually mentioned it at the time, but this memory of mine……”

Su Luo looked at her with a burning gaze: “You slowly think about it, don’t be anxious.”

“How about you give me some suggestions.” Zi Yan wasn’t an apothecary and wasn’t very familiar with herbal medicine.

Su Luo thought for a while, then especially chose some clear medical herbs and suggested it to Zi Yan.

When Su Luo mentioned Pure White Grass, ZI Yan’s eyes slightly lit up. She excitedly slapped the stone on the ground: “That’s right, it was precisely Pure White Grass! Master had once said, take the roots of Pure White Grass and mix it with the leaves of Immortal Flower Seed, and it could make a type of medical juice. This medical juice could wash off this kind of invisible medical juice and make the original text appear.”

“Pure White Grass and Immortal Flower Seed……want to go to the Dark Forest to look for them?”

The Dark Forest was somewhat far from here.

“No need.” Zi Yan said smiling: “I remember asking Master about it then, Master had said that the top of this Swallow Cloud Mountain had Pure White Grass and Immortal Flower Seed. Back then, Master had picked it from here.”

“Fortunately, you remembered.” Su Luo smilingly said.

“I only remembered this prescription, didn’t expect that I would actually use it. Looks like my luck isn’t so bad.” Zi Yan proudly shook her head.

The blue elf at her side also immediately shook its head, looking dignified and strong.

Su Luo was provoked into laughter, she took out an orange crystal stone to tease the blue elf.

When the little divine dragon ate a crystal stone, there was always a loud crunching sound that made a person’s teeth sour from hearing it. Don’t know if this blue elf could ingest it.

Before Su Luo could place the orange crystal stone close to the corner of its mouth, it had already excitedly spit out bubbles, with eyes giving off starry light.

Seeing it walk towards herself with two short legs in a swaying manner, Su Luo was immediately amused: “Really cute.”

“That’s right, moreover, it’s also very smart! Along the way, if it weren’t for its help in replenishing my spirit power, I would have been done for long ago.” Zi Yan rejoiced endlessly. “Speaking of it, I really need to thank you….”

At that time, there was only this treasure in the cave, furthermore, it was Su Luo who found it and cut it out. Yet, Luo Luo had given it to her without the slightest hesitation.

From that moment, Zi Yan had considered Su Luo her most trustworthy friend.

“At that time, there were so many lumps of stones, you couldn’t just sit anywhere and only sat on it. It can clearly be seen that your affinity with it is not shallow.” Su Luo didn’t claim any credit for herself, “Moreover, with regards to me, this blue elf isn’t very useful.”


Author’s note:
26 updates completed. Tomorrow I ought to be able to release Nangong……Ought to be able to right……

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