DKC – Chapter 952

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Chapter 952 – Behind was a force that chased after her (1)

Su Luo hid in the darkness, dropping her heartbeat to the lowest frequency.

There were several strong experts in this group of people dressed in black, such powerful strength was not something she could deal with.

Therefore, Su Luo hid herself very deeply, not giving off a trace of noise from movement.

This group of black-clothed people’s speed was very fast, almost in a blink of an eye, they shot into the imperial palace. They disappeared in the darkness of the night.

A cold smile slid across Su Luo’s eyes.

Going to the imperial place to find me? Honestly, it was too late.

This lady will leave a step before you guys.

Su Luo noiselessly jumped out of the imperial palace. Her nimble leopard-like body, after a few jumps, had already flown far away.

This moment was the darkest time before dawn, therefore, the streets were really quiet, there was only the blowing sounds of the wind by her ears.

The bright moonlight dimly slanted down, covering the ground with a layer of saffron-colored light.

Among this area of saffron-colored light, Su Luo’s figure jumped and fluttered on the very high roofs.

After a few jumps, she nearly covered a distance of several hundreds of meters.

Not long after, was the city gate up ahead.

The city gate was about thirty meters high, a normal person would definitely not be able to climb it.

The city gate had always been able to restrain the common people. With regards to people who cultivated, the city gate would always be merely a decoration.

Su Luo, with one jump, her figure lifted up like a swallow. In the blink of an eye, she was already standing on top of the city wall.

However, didn’t know if it was because Su Luo’s luck was really bad, when she had just stood on the city wall, she didn’t even have time to get a panoramic view of the city before she was discovered by someone.

“Ah, there is a person!” The guarding soldier with good eyes saw Su Luo’s black silhouette, immediately starting to shout out loud.

Su Luo was speechless, directly sending a palm strike over, and this person swayed around before passing out onto the ground.

It was inadvisable to stay in this place! Su Luo had already decided in her heart, so she turned around like a legendary giant bird and spread her wings, leaping off the city wall.

This time, Su Luo dared not be so careless, holding back a breath, she rushed forward.

In this breath, she ran for nearly a full two hours.

When she turned her head to look again, where would there still be even the shadow of Western Jin’s imperial palace?

When Su Luo left, she was running towards the north. By the time she stopped, she realized she was already deep in a forest.

From the east, the marble white color of dawn appeared. Gradually, the sky brightened, the vague line of sight already becoming clearer.

Su Luo was just thinking about resting, and to carefully think about the path she was going to take from now on.

However, before she could take out the delicious food she had stored in her space and take a bite, she could faintly hear the fierce sound of fighting coming from up ahead.

At this time, the little divine dragon suddenly popped out of her space and shot towards the place where the fighting sounds were coming from.

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo’s expression pulled back slightly, and stuffed the BBQ meat back into her space. She followed behind the little divine dragon and stole towards the place where the sounds came from.

“Awoo, awoo….” A very familiar scent! While the little divine dragon was running, he looked back to say.

A very familiar scent? Could it be that the person fighting was a friend of hers?

There weren’t that many people she was familiar with….

Su Luo couldn’t think of who it might be, but she had clearly accelerated her footsteps.

The fighting sounds from up ahead became more and more intense, clearer and clearer…

Not long after, Su Luo had already arrived at the battlefield.

She didn’t directly rush out, rather, she hid on top of a tree with lush leaves and branches.

Peeling back the wide leaves, Su Luo’s gaze landed on the battlefield.

However, this glance made her expression turn ice-cold. It gave birth to her anger and the hands at her side clenched tightly into fists.

What the little divine dragon said wasn’t wrong, on the battlefield, it really was someone she was familiar with.

Moreover, both fighting sides were all people she was familiar with!

A group of people dressed in black was attacking a young lady from all sides without a care for their lives. Yan Xia’s, that old witch, evil intentions really wouldn’t die!

From the author:
——Don’t be anxious ha. Nangong will really appear soon…this time I’m not lying.

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