DKC – Chapter 950

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Chapter 950 – Mother’s secrets (7)

Fortunately, Su Luo was very familiar with Yun Qi’s behavior and habits.

Otherwise, she would suffer a calamity at this time.

This red sandalwood box wasn’t something that could be opened easily. There was a special trick to open it.

In this place, to stay here for a step longer would result in more danger.

As a result, Su Luo placed the red sandalwood box in her space. She turned around and was about to leave.

However, when she turned around, she was immediately struck dumb.

Standing right behind her was Yun Qi, dressed in ink-black robes.

Under the hazy moonlight, his facial features were incomparably handsome, especially that pair of eyes. So bright, they were nearly too harsh to the eyes.

He just stood where he was calmly, his gaze fixed on Su Luo, unblinking and full of adoration.

Su Luo couldn’t help but frown.

Coming to someone else’s territory, stealing their stuff, and getting caught red-handed by the other party at the scene. This circumstance was far from good…

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth squeezed out a stiff laugh, forcing ‘ha ha’ sounds: “What a coincidence. It turns out you are also here as well.”

Saying this, Su Luo wanted to brush past him.

At this time, whoever didn’t leave was a fool.

However, Su Luo, who was caught red-handed, how was she able to leave just because she wanted to leave?

Just when Su Luo was about to brush past Yun Qi, Yun Qi’s right hand, with one move, grabbed hold of Su Luo’s right hand.

The strength in his hand was too great, fastening around Su Luo’s wrist extremely painfully.

Su Luo raised her eyes and glared back at him: “Let go!”

“No!” Yun Qi obstinately held on to her hand tightly, somewhat increasing the strength in his grip.

Su Luo was in so much pain that she grimaced and humphed twice: “Ouyang Yunqi, I order you to let go!”

“Only if I die!” Yun Qi’s complexion was gloomy, his gaze was like a sharp sword thrusting towards Su Luo.

“That secret book is more important than your life?” Su Luo raised her eyebrows, “When did your life become this cheap?”

Previous world, in order to preserve his life, he would rather sacrifice her instead, okay?

There was a trace of gloominess and having been wronged expression in the depths of Yun Qi’s eyes. He clenched his teeth and took a deep breath: “If I said there were difficulties that made me keep secret the motive in regards to the matter in our previous world, would you believe me?”

Su Luo suddenly raised her eyes, she looked toward him with a burning gaze.

Yun Qi lovingly gazed at Su Luo. There was an unprecedented earnestness in the depth of his eyes.

Just when he thought Su Luo would believe him, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, slowly curved into a taunting sneer.

“I don’t believe you.” Su Luo used all her strength to shake off his hand and directly walked out.

That dagger had accurately thrust into her heart without the slightest deviation. He even dared to say that he had to keep the secret the motive, that he had difficulties?

What f*cking difficulties! Just because he had difficulties, he had to kill her?

For a moment, the depths of Su Luo’s eyes were moist; she felt that she was extremely wronged.

Seeing Su Luo leave so quickly, suddenly, the words she had said in the throne room yesterday appeared in Yun Qi’s mind.

A sweetheart… She already had a sweetheart, so she wasn’t patient enough to even hear his explanation?

The veins on Yun Qi’s forehead stuck out, his eyes narrowing.

Yun Qi had a strong premonition.

If he let Su Luo leave today, then he would lose her completely.

The moment he thought this, Yun Qi took quick steps to walk forward and pulled Su Luo, who had walked out explosively, to a stop!

Su Luo turned her head around and was just about to curse him several times. However, before she could open her mouth, Yun Qi’s right hand had tightly held onto the back of her head.

His other hand tightened around Su Luo’s waist, sending her fiercely into his embrace.

“Yun Qi, what do you want…” Before the two words ‘to do’ could leave her mouth. Su Luo felt a dense shadow attacking towards her!

Yun Qi leaned over. His red lips covered her soft lips, an intense kiss like howling winds and torrential rain sprayed downwards.

“Oh——” Inwardly, Su Luo was extremely angry!

She brandished her fist and smashed it ruthlessly towards Yun Qi’s chest.

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