DKC – Chapter 945

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Chapter 945 – Mother’s secret (2)

Old emperor’s facial expression was stamped with awkwardness that was very prominent.

How could he tell the girl before him about his hot-headed deeds from back when he was a hot-blooded youth.

Ha, as a youth, he had done a lot of things things such as murder and robbery.

Only because of bad luck, he ran into goddess Yan Hua. Then, he was captured and enslaved at her side for three months.

“Uncle Ouyang?” Su Luo waved her hand in front of him.

For someone of his old age, it was abnormal for his face to become as red as pork liver, abnormal, very abnormal.

The old emperor, in order for Su Luo to not ask about those awkward incidents from his past, hurriedly changed the topic. He turned back to tell her some gossip: “The Master of Purgatory City was very good to your mother. Uncle had personally seen that Master of Purgatory City waiting for your mother on top of the snowy plateau for seven day and seven nights. However, because your mother had to meet a mysterious person, so she couldn’t go.”

“Oh?” Su Luo continued to asked full of curiosity, “and then what happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards, I heard that within a range of several hundreds of kilometers of that entire snowy plateau, an intense avalanche occurred. After this, the mountain went through a structural change, and it was also a permanent change.” The old emperor rubbed his short stubble, with a cadence, told the climax of the story.

“So insane?” Su Luo was dumbfounded from hearing this story.

The old emperor saw Su Luo’s dumbfounded expression and couldn’t help but to rub his chin in a complacent manner, “In short, that originally tall and imposing snowy plateau, afterwards, had become the Heavenly Lake.”

At this time, Su Luo slowly spit out a breath of air.

That venerable Master of Purgatory City’s reaction was really fierce, also, his temper was insane!

But then again, as the Master of Purgatory City, who in the world could be his match? Being a little wild and tyrannical was only natural.

“Then, as for that third person?” Su Luo propped up her chin, her quick-witted, beautiful eyes turned.

“That third person was the mysterious person I just mentioned earlier.”

“The one who caused the calamity where the snowy plateau became the Heavenly Lake?” An interest for gossip flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

“Yes, that’s the one, your mother couldn’t make the appointment because she had to receive him as a guest.” The old emperor heaved a long sigh upon recalling this memory.

“Who is this mysterious person?” Su Luo looked at the old emperor with luminous eyes.

The old emperor thought for a while, finally shaking his head: “His whole body was wrapped in a black cape, I never saw his face, as for his identity——”

Saying up to here, the old emperor’s expression suddenly seemed a little nervous.

He looked around, seeing that there really was nobody else in the room, and only then did he lean close to Su Luo’s ear and whisper a few words.

“Gui Ci?” Su Luo murmured.

“You damaged kid!” The old emperor assumed a stern posture and glared at Su Luo, “How could these two words be spoken out loud?”

Su Luo’s pair of beautiful eyes blinked a few times, innocence was written all across her face. She followed the old emperor’s actions from before and looked around. Afterwards, she scooted closer and asked in a low voice: “Can’t say it out loud?”

The old emperor also lowered his voice, seriously and sternly nodding his head: “This is an organization of assassins, a very, very, very terrifying organization of assassins. Even Purgatory City doesn’t dare to rashly provoke them, understand?”

To make a monarch of such an imposing country be so afraid and even make the legendary Purgatory City not dare to provoke them, this organization of assassins called “Gui Ci” was seriously strong.

The old emperor, afraid that Su Luo had not learned the lesson, once again instructed her seriously: “A hundred years ago, Northern Mo’s royal family offended “Gui Ci”. In one night, the entire royal family was completely wiped out in the royal palace, not even dogs were left alive. The original family, including several branch clans and direct descendants, were all wiped out, not a single person was left alive!”

Speaking of this, even the old emperor’s heart would tremble…

Because, it was too brutal and bloody of a horror movie.  

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