DKC – Chapter 941

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Chapter 941 – Western Jin Imperial Palace (3)

Seeing as the little princess, Yulin, was young, her words carried no harm.  She really dared to say whatever she wanted.

Senior concubine Li’s complexion immediately stiffened, appearing somewhat unsightly.

“Your Majesty, look at the little princess…” It’s not that senior concubine Li likes to argue with the little girl, but the words that little girl said were simply too insulting.

What’s with she wasn’t even worthy of carrying Yun Luo’s shoes? She was the stately senior concubine, the assistant manager of the imperial harem!

Outside of senior concubine Li’s expectations, the old emperor did not defend her this time!

The old emperor tilted an apathetic glance at senior concubine Li: “Yulin is still young, yet you’re arguing with her?”

Implying that she wasn’t virtuous and magnanimous enough.

Inwardly, senior concubine Li’s heart became extremely angry. Both her hands gripped the handkerchief tenaciously. Grinding her teeth, she squeezed out a stiff smile: “Yes, your concubine knows she is wrong…”

Finished speaking, she turned and glared ferociously at Su Luo.

It was all because of this loathsome girl of unknown origin! If it weren’t for Su Luo’s appearance that threatened her position why would senior concubine Li herself fall into such an embarrassing and sorry circumstance?

Senior concubine Li always pushed the blame onto someone else, she never thought that she might have done anything wrong.

The glare continued until Su Luo felt slightly uncomfortable. Who did she cross, or provoke? This senior concubine Li really liked to pick on a pushover to pinch.

However, she was merely a powerless senior concubine. In Su Luo’s eyes, she was someone to be ignore and disregard, therefore Su Luo did not feel like taking any notice of her.

However, the more Su Luo ignored her, the more concubine Li felt she could climb all over her.

After the tension in the atmosphere eased somewhat, suddenly senior concubine Li’s eyebrows moved, a plan took shape in her heart.

“Your Majesty, concubine has a proposal. Don’t know if concubine should say it or not?” Senior concubine Li smiled seductively without restraint. Her every frown and smile was gentle and beautiful.

Previously, the old emperor had embarrassed her. Now, he shouldn’t criticize her again, so he indifferently asked: “What’s your proposal?”

One could only see senior concubine Li laughed with a ‘hehe’ sound, that pair of long and narrow almond-shaped eyes swept back and forth between Su Luo and Yunqi.

Only after attracting enough curiosity and attention, did she smile and say, “Your Majesty, don’t you think His Highness, the third prince, seems a bit too lonely?”

The old emperor had a total of ten sons. The first five, besides Yunqi, had all taken in enough main concubine and side concubines to fill the entire sky.

Only Yunqi was still a single, unmarried person.

Senior concubine Li said while smiling, “Your Majesty, although His Highness, the third prince, is in no hurry to get married. However, he should at least have a concubine for his residence, right? Even if Your Majesty isn’t thinking for the Third Prince’s sake, you ought to think on behalf of the late Empress Yuan.”

Senior concubine Li currently was the most favored concubine in the imperial harem. She had originally boasted about herself as having an incomparable appearance, but after seeing Su Luo, then she knew what was called to feel ashamed from being inferior.

Adding to that, she could not clearly discern the old emperor’s expression, thus she mistakenly took Su Luo to be her greatest threat.

If her invitation did not work, then she would send her away. These were senior concubine Li’s thoughts.

However the moment she said those words, everyone present immediately fell silent.

The corners of Su Luo’s mouth even hooked into a faint sneer.

Give her to Yunqi as a concubine? Only senior concubine Li would say this kind of insult out loud.

However, at this time, the little Princess Yulin’s pair of quick-witted, beautiful eyes suddenly looked at senior concubine Li as if she was looking at an idiot.

Yun Luo didn’t even want the main concubine position, yet you’re suggesting for her to be a mere side concubine? Has this senior concubine Li stayed in the imperial harem for so long that she had became a fool?

The emperor’s eyebrows wrinkled in a nearly undetectable manner.

Yunqi was even more speechless.

All around them became completely silent.

For a moment, the atmosphere was extremely strange.

Senior concubine Li didn’t know what taboo her words had violated. Seeing everyone dumbfounded expressions, she couldn’t help but force out a hollow laugh.

“Yun Luo’s background is that of a palace maid. Giving her to His Highness the Third Prince as a concubine is indeed somewhat of a climb up… However, since she’s this beautiful. His Highness the Third Prince, wouldn’t decline, right?” Senior concubine Li smiled toward Yunqi.


Authors’ note: Nangong was forgotten by the author while writing...

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