DKC – Chapter 933

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Chapter 933 – Ouyang Yunqi (1)

The corner of Ouyang Yunqi’s mouth raised into a tender smile, his gaze watched Su Luo in a deeply engrossed manner.

That kind of expression, truly had ample destructive power.

Su Luo turned her face away, completely not looking at him.

However, Ouyang Yunqi’s gaze always seemed to glance at her accidentally. With his glance her mood become complicated. Raising her eyes, Su Luo glared at Yunqi very fiercely.

Receiving Su Luo’s annoyed gaze, a tender expression slid across Ouyang Yunqi’s eyes.

“Hehe——” The little Princess Yulin’s both hands were clasped on her cheeks, she took a look at Su Luo with very round eyes, then took a look at Ouyang Yunqi, “I just knew it! The two of you definitely have a problem!”

“As a child, go to the side.” Su Luo didn’t want to stay here foolishly and lifted the little princess Yulin, and walked towards the side.

“I’ll make the fish soup.” Ouyang Yunqi laughed at Su Luo. Without waiting for her to respond or consulting anyone, he went to one side started bustling.

The little Princess Yulin, knocked against Su Luo’s arm: “In the past, third older brother wouldn’t have taken the initiative and it’s just me that had eaten food he personally cooked. Yun Luo, your reputation sure is great.”

Su Luo helplessly stroked the little princess’s head: “What is this little head always thinking about the entire day, saying entirely nonsenses words.”

“I didn’t say any nonsense!” The little princess Yulin, pouted her little mouth.

Seeing Su Luo staring at her with displeasure, only then did she turned her face away wordlessly and silently.

“Now this is called well-behaved.” Su Luo praised in a patronizing manner.

The little girl turned her head back, smiling mysteriously at Su Luo: “Hee hee, in any case, you will be my third brother’s wife. It’s inescapable!”

Just as these words dropped, the little girl then let go of her foot and ran far away. Even if Su Luo wanted to chase she couldn’t catch up.

The little princess Yulin, quickly ran to Ouyang Yunqi’s side. Seeing the pot that was emitting steam, she took a deep breath: “It’s so fragrant! Third older brother is the best!”

“Go, call Yun Luo over to drink some soup.” Ouyang Yunqi had a smile in the depth of his eyes.

Originally, Su Luo didn’t want to go, but the little princess Yulin was pulling at her hand, and stubbornly pulled her over.

“Come, drink a bowl of fish soup while it’s hot.” Ouyang Yunqi ladled out a half bowl of fragrant fresh, concentrated fish soup, and placed it on the dining table in front of Su Luo.

Su Luo didn’t actually sit down and instead coldly said, “How can a palace maid have the qualifications to have a meal together with Your Highness and the Princess? This servant had better stand and wait upon you guys.”

Ouyang Yunqi’s hand stopped for a moment, then he laughed: “You’re a palace maid? If that’s the case… Yulin, are you willing to part with her, whom you cherish?”

The little princess Yulin, raised her head from the fresh, concentrated fish soup. The corner of her mouth was still moistened with a layer of the white soup.

“As for to part with her?” Truth be told, she really liked Yun Luo, but if her third older brother opened his mouth to ask…

Su Luo didn’t want to stay at Ouyang Yunqi’s side. She couldn’t wait to get away from him, how could she voluntarily deliver herself to his door?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pushed out a stiff smile and sat down without allowing him to explain. She lifted up the bowl of fish soup and with a ‘gulp’ sound, she finished drinking it.

Although she really didn’t want to admit it, she had no choice but to say that the fish soup Ouyang Yunqi cooked was fabulous. It was extremely delicious.

No matter how much a person’s appearance on the outside changes, their cooking skills were unlikely to change.

If it’s said that previously, Su Luo was thirty percent certain that the person before her was the Yun Qi from the modern era, then now, she already was sixty percent certain.

Only, she was unsure of Ouyang Yunqi’s current thoughts. Therefore, all she could do was to reject what she should reject. What she couldn’t reject, she would endure it silently.

Spirit Dance Steps… A hidden light flashed across Su Luo’s eyes. As long as she could seize the Spirit Dance Steps’ secret book, she will immediately leave and get far away!

At this side, Ouyang Yunqi saw that Su Luo had drained the cup in one gulp in a bullish manner that was still as graceful as a tree peony, the corner of his mouth exposed a faint, bitter laugh.

“Come, try this sashimi.”

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  1. admiralen says:

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    Also really disappointed in her for not planning his murder already considering the stuff he did to her…

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    And the little princess is enjoying it as well and adding fire as soon as she can haha!!

    If it wasn’t for the Spirit Dance Step Su Luo would soooo quit it and I can’t wait for Yun Qi to be flat rejected by Su Luo or learn that she’s already over him and has Nangong now huhuhuhu

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    Though its only a bunch of assumption, its the best I’ve got. It is fun looking at their bickering reactions lol

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