DKC – Chapter 903

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Chapter 903 – Moment of life or death (1)

Should she make a move?

She was sure she could kill this person with one move, without making any noise, but——

What would she do after that?

Even if she could get rid of all of these people and their corpses too…

Then what about afterwards?

If she did it like this, besides revealing her own position, there were no other benefits, whatsoever.

Just when Su Luo was tangled and undecided, unexpectedly, a voice Su Luo was familiar with came from the deck.

“Do not let any nooks and corners slip by. Search carefully!” This voice, even if she turn to ash, Su Luo would still recognize it.

Yan Xia, that old witch, she had actually chased after her onto this ship too.

There were so many ships coming and going. Yet, she just so happened to purposely pick this ship.

Su Luo clenched her fists firmly.

This time, she absolutely could not make any moves. Otherwise, considering Yan Xia, that old witch’s, sharp perception, she would definitely be found.

It seemed that leaving by riding on this ship was impossible.

Thinking up to now, Su Luo’s figure moved slightly. She noiselessly jumped off the ship, her entire body buried in the water.

The water rippled with tiny bubbles, and very quickly, the water’s surface resumed its original tranquil state.

No one had seen Su Luo’s disappearing act.

However, were there really no traps underwater?

Fairy Yan Xia’s methods were cruel, how could she overlook such a huge loophole?

Su Luo, while in the water, found out that this wasn’t a good way to get out either.

Su Luo had originally thought of hiding at the bottom of the ship.

However, she sent some spirit force out and the situation within a range of several hundred meters appeared in her mind.

At this time, just under this ship, there were no less than three martial artists waiting in ambush.

Su Luo could not help but secretly rejoice.

Rejoice that in a moment ago, when she went into the water, she had been cautious and careful. That she didn’t act impulsively. Otherwise, as long as she had made even a little bit of sound, the people under the ship would have noticed something peculiar.

Su Luo quietly slipped towards a distant place.

It wasn’t because she couldn’t kill those three people, rather, because Yan Xia, that old witch, was just above her head. She didn’t even have enough time to hide, how could she dare to make a sound?

The river was very wide.

Su Luo had decided in her mind. From this side of the river, she would swim towards the other side.

Although Su Luo was cautious and solemn, prudent and taking precautions, but she didn’t swim very far, before she saw an unfamiliar shadow rushing directly towards her.

This person was dressed the same as those people under the ship!

Su Luo had thoughts of evading, but the distance between the two people was very wide.

Before Su Luo could evade, that person had raised his head, clearly having already seen Su Luo.

He opened his mouth wanting to shout, but Su Luo was already a step ahead. She used her palm to hack the back of his neck!

“Snap——” There was a slight noise and this person was already dead.

Don’t blame Su Luo for using such a ruthless method.

Now, the situation was desperate. A slight bit of inattentiveness would attract the pursuit of Yan Xia, that old witch. Therefore, Su Luo absolutely would not give these people even half a chance.

“This corpse…” Su Luo’s eyes narrowed halfway.

These people were patrolling back and forth underwater. If she just randomly threw the corpse as she wished, it would quickly be discovered by someone. By that time…

Suddenly, a light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.

Humph, humph. Didn’t the old witch want to catch her? Then, when she infiltrates into the old witch’s ranks, see how she would catch her!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a slight sneer.

Without saying anything further, she pulled off the corpse’s clothes and covered herself with it.

As for this corpse——

She conveniently threw him into her space.

At this time, Su Luo was dressed entirely in male clothes. Her hair was also combed to the style used by the man before. At a rough glance, she really did look like that person.

Let alone mentioning that this was underwater. One’s sight was already very fuzzy, so it was even harder to see clearly.

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