DKC – Chapter 895

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Chapter 895 – Unexpected happy surprise (2)

“I told you what to do, you wouldn’t listen. And after you heard it, you don’t know how to do it. You tell me, aren’t you an idiot?” Little Sky looked down on him.

“…” I’m not stupid! The little divine dragon glared.

“Then come knock against me, even idiots know how to do it.” Inside the stone, Little Sky had both hands behind his head as a pillow, with one leg folded over the other. He laid on the raging flames and said lazily.

Little Sky could not control the stone, so he could only get the little divine dragon to control the ball of light to hit the stone.

The little divine dragon, half-believing and half doubting, looked at him. He wrinkled his brows and tilted his head to think.

“I think that when your melon head understands what I said, humph humph, she would have already been burned to death!” Little Sky used some fierce words as medicine.

“Awoo awoo!” The little divine dragon made a fist and angrily glared at Little Sky.

At the same time, the little divine dragon inside the ball of light, readily stepped on the ball of light, and controlled the sphere to slowly roll towards Little Sky.

Originally, the little divine dragon still did not understand, what capabilities did this lousy stone have to release him.

However, the moment the ball of light touched the little stone——

A scarlet red light suddenly shot towards the ball of light——

Immediately, the ball of light exploded, instantly giving off a mushroom cloud of flames. The blaze soared.

The ball of light that had trapped the little divine dragon was actually directly burned to ashes.

Only leaving behind the little divine dragon whose entire body was black from being burnt, like coal.

The little divine dragon’s clear monochrome eyes were opened really wide, and momentarily, he was stupefied.

“Isn’t this alright now? Really stupid.” Little Sky disdainfully rolled his eyes towards the little divine dragon.

Before, this repulsive little dragon had urinated on his body, and he still kept it in mind. So this time, he intentionally burned the little divine dragon’s skin.

The little divine dragon shouted ‘awoo awoo awoo’ in succession. He wanted to directly charge out.

However, Little Sky leisurely stopped him: “If you want to save her, then open that medicine chest.”

The little divine dragon stopped and doubtfully glanced back at Little Sky.

“It’s merely to open the medicine chest, even idiots know how to do it.” Little Sky once again added a psychologically attack.

“Awoo awoo awoo——” I’m not an idiot! The little divine dragon glared.

“If you’re not an idiot, then open it, the longer you delay, the more danger that loathsome girl will face.” Little Sky unhurriedly said.

“Awoo awoo awoo——” If even idiots can do it, then why can’t you do it? The little divine dragon suspiciously looked at the opposite party.

The originally calm and composed Little Sky who wanted to show off, never imagined that this natural airheaded, little, repulsive dragon would actually one up him. Immediately, he was choked off.

Little Sky blushed in embarrassment and suddenly turned over to sit up. He flew into a rage from embarrassment: “Do you want to save that loathsome girl or not?”

“Awoo awoo awoo!” I want to! The little divine dragon fiercely nodded.

“Open that medicine chest.” Little Sky humphed twice.

If it was not for the fact that they were on the same boat, he would never meddle in other people’s business. Little Sky arrogantly turned his face away.

The medicine chest had a secret button. For a moment, the little divine dragon couldn’t find it. Being anxious, he smashed a fist towards it, and suddenly, a hole appeared on top of it.

“Spendthrift…” Little Sky gnashed his teeth and sighed.

The little divine dragon, by no means, was a spendthrift. He carried the medicine chest and placed it in front of the small stone.

“First, throw in that red one.” Although Little Sky was still as arrogant as before, his expression was a little more serious and solemn than before.

Little Sky moved his mouth and the little divine dragon moved his paws. These two coordinated flawlessly together.

This medicine chest was stolen by Su Luo from that old witch Yan Xia. Inside, were extremely rare divine medicinal herbs.

A total of four stalks of herb, every stalk was chilled inside the white jade ice box.

The little divine dragon used his paws to fetch the red one, and according to Little Sky’s words, he threw it outside of Su Luo’s space.

If Apothecary Leng saw the little divine dragon’s actions, he would absolutely blow his top from heartache!

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