DKC – Chapter 891

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Chapter 891 – Nearly disfigured (1)

Although Fairy Yan Xia said she temporarily won’t kill Su Luo, but she had no plans to let Su Luo go.

She waved her sleeves, and a flame flew into the medicinal cauldron.

In an instant, the flames spread out.

“Old witch, didn’t you say you will let me go?” Su Luo angrily shouted out loud.

“Dream on! This mother said that I won’t kill you yet, but I never said I would let you go!” Although Fairy Yan Xia was furious, but her mind was still very clear.

Before her words had faded, Fairy Yan Xia extended her hand to press Su Luo’s head down. Afterwards, she grabbed a cover made from an unknown material and covered the medicinal cauldron.

Inside the cauldron, it was originally brightly lit, but instantly became dark.

“Loathsome girl, be content. The medicinal herbs inside this medicinal cauldron is hard to find. Even if I sold you, I wouldn’t be able to buy a single stalk of the herbs. Now, you have the opportunity to absorb it.” Fairy Yan Xia coldly snorted a few times, “It’s a pity that there is no Red Acacia Seed inside, otherwise wouldn’t you, this girl, directly be promoted to the level of Advanced Apothecary?”

Unfortunately, the medicinal cauldron was shut off, so Su Luo did not hear this.

Under the medicinal cauldron, scarlet red flames leapt about and spread. The scathing flames burned very fiercely, jumping about.

The endless flowing flames were used underneath and did not enter into the medicinal cauldron.

Fairy Yan Xia did not leave, instead, she sat down on one side with her legs in lotus position. Her eyes closed and entered into a state of cultivation.

At the same time, she also had the intention of guarding Su Luo.

Because, she wanted to see Su Luo’s appearance in the first instant.

Now, inside the sealed medicinal cauldron, it was pitch-black, and you couldn’t see your own fingers in front of your face. The temperature inside rose continuously.

And Su Luo sat in the center of the medicinal cauldron, naked.

There was a lot of medicinal liquid and it reached just below her collarbone.

Along with the rise in temperature, the pitch-black as ink medicinal juice gradually started to boil.

Compared to water, the medicinal juice’s boiling point was much higher. Simply impossible to imagine.

Now, Su Luo only had one feeling, and that was pain.

Stuffy, hot and painful… The pain continuously battered her brain.

Even though the temperature was high, but Su Luo was of the fire element system, therefore, this temperature was still within the range Su Luo could endure.

However, following the passing of time, the temperature inside the cauldron became higher and higher.

Huge bubbles began to appear in the black-as-ink medicinal juice, making bubbling noises.

In the beginning, Su Luo could still endure it, however, towards the end, her white-as-snow skin began to redden and become swollen….

Su Luo’s consciousness started to become fuzzy.

That old witch wouldn’t really want to boil her to death right?!

Just when Su Luo was in a daze, she thought about the situation when she was on the barren hill on the isolated island.

At that time, she was trapped inside the cave of flames. The temperature around her was frighteningly high then. She had entered for less than quarter of an hour before she fainted from the heat.

At that time, what did she do?

Su Luo’s brain suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“The stone!”

How could she have forgotten this servant that had earned great merit?

As a result, Su Luo immediately extended her hands inside her space to fish it out. After fishing around for a long while, she finally found the stone hidden in a pile of weeds.

“Tch, you only thought of this little grandpa now, really useless!” Little Sky arrogantly cast Su Luo a glance. His eyes were full of provocation.

“I simply wanted to test my own endurance.” Su Luo said, without her heart jumping nor her face turning red.

Su Luo placed this stone within the boiling medicinal liquid, and the effect very quickly appeared.

The temperature inside the medicinal cauldron gradually lowered. In the end, it was like the water in a hot spring, neither cold nor hot, extremely comfortable.

Immersed within this cozy temperature, Su Luo felt all the pores on her body loosen.

Just at this moment, she felt her mind become unprecedentedly clear, free and alert.

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  1. potato999 says:

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  2. potato999 says:

    Well here she is finally able to fish in troubled waters and gain some benefits. Maybe the old guy in the stone will be able to tell her about the benefits of the medicine. Good for her.
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